Pope Rubber-Stamps Condom Use

I see Ratzo has taken up a new position on the use of condoms.  He’s softened his previously hard stance and now, it seems, you can use rubbers if you’re a male prostitute and you want to save the world from AIDS.   Or if you need to smuggle drugs into the Vatican.  Or if you want to conjobble with your granny.

But not if you want to avoid having babies.  You still have to pop out the babies because as everyone knows, there aren’t enough people on the planet.

It’s all about what’s going on inside your head, though, and in certain exceptional circumstances, you can put on the old armour.  Ratzo doesn’t define what he means by exceptional but I’d say the extreme Catholics in this country must be wondering what in the name of Jesus it was all about.

Do you remember these gobshites years ago telling us that condoms were dangerous because rubber has tiny holes in it big enough for viruses to get through?  Ratzo’s statement has knocked all that into a cocked hat and now they’re screwed.

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I am able to offer a competitive price on condoms in bulk. They are strategically embossed with the St. Peter’s seal, and have the slogan ‘oscula analum’ written in gothic script up the sides.

All sizes catered for, even O’Dea (microscopically assisted applicator included in 24-pack).

Apply to the email above.

Ratzo is seriously deluded if he thinks people give a fuck if he condones condom use or not.
There’s something like 98% of Catholics who’ve already used them.. so who the fuck cares. Deluded old fart.. Why don’t they just stay out of peoples’ private sexual business? Perverts.

The problem seems to be in countries where AIDS is widespread. Also, the Vatican has been blocking UN attempts to spread education on AIDS prevention through use of condoms, and perhaps that will change after his statement.

Yeah.. the sooner the old fart pops off the better in my opinion. He’s definitely worse than the last one John Paul number 2.

Lets hope this helps in the education and supplying of condoms to countries where the AIDS epidemic has only benefited from the church’s stance on condom use. They have effectively blocked education and supply for a long time…people have died needlessly while they sit on their thrones and “god speak”

Well, after all, the Pontifucks or Pontisex [sorry, if the spelling does lack of perfectness; never was good in Latin] Maximus in his dotage suddenly (sic!) became aware of that all those dirty altar boys might endanger the health of his Brothers in Love.

I am totally opposed to the use of condoms simply because I cant get the old bishop to stay up long enough to get one on.

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