The Waffle FF Finally Exposed

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Nov 152010

At last, the Irish people have found allies to save them from criminality and treason, in the most unlikely place.  Finally, the incompetent, self-important, empty bullshit of this Fianna Fáil government has been called for what it is by people who don’t give a rat’s arse about hick fools like Biffo and Yehudi.

No, says the ECB, we don’t believe you Cowen, you fat bullshitter.

No, says the IMF.  We don’t believe you, Lenihan.  We don’t believe an ape who thinks his family owns the government.

Who believes this crowd?


Not the people of the country they have destroyed.  Not their European partners who now see them for the hollow flim-flam artists they are.  Not the financial press.

They don’t even believe their own lies any more.

These hollow men have had their day, and a very bad day it was.  A bad day indeed.  The crooks and chancers who swarmed around Bertie Ahern and Charlie McCreevy like flies around a pair of turds have now brought not only Ireland, but the entire Eurozone to the brink of collapse.

Is there no limit to their gobshitery?  I fear there isn’t.  I greatly fear that we in this little island have given birth to the worst idiots ever seen in European politics.

Chancers. Con-artists.  Wafflers.  Bullshitters.

A confederacy of dunces.

For years, Waffle FF was able to bluster its way around Ireland, intimidating and shouting down all who dared to question its  wisdom.  For years, FF carefully groomed its financial benefactors by granting them favours.  It gave the Roche brothers control of all the quarries in the country, and obligingly tore up all the railways so that they could sell road-making materials to the Councils from the quarries they used to own.  It built motorways to each side of a river so that cronies could build toll-bridges and collect a fortune.  It encouraged the same cronies to set up illegal banks in their offices so that crooks like Haughey could hide their bribes.

In later years, Lenihan’s idiot aunt sold off our vital telecommunications infrastructure just as the internet was about to explode, and in the process shafted thousands of small Irish investors.

Ahern and Burke gave away every last puff of our natural gas for nothing, except perhaps the undying gratitude of Royal Dutch Shell, and who wouldn’t be glad to have that?

That’s Fianna Fáil.  A criminal conspiracy.

And that’s Ireland, a land that never recovered from the disaster of the 19th century.  A land terrified to fight back against those in authority , until now.

The cloak has fallen away.

From now on, it’s possible to point at these cretins and call them what they are.  Fools.

Why not?  The rest of the world is doing it.


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    Powerful stuff Bock. You summed it up perfectly. Keep up the good work.


    Waffle FF: Nice wordplay.
    Apart from that it is a nice wordplay I hope I won’t be considered a spoil sport when commending not to (seriously) compare the ones with the others.
    Just to make sure: This does not imply I would not sentence your Berties & Biffos to at least 10,000 years of severest swearboarding.




    Powerful indeed. Waffle FF – very good (the pun, not de party)


    Ah Bock I think you underestimate the power of certain sections of the population to ignore all you have said above and vote them in again! The aforementioned Willie will waltz in to the strains of Schubert with the freshly trimmed schnurrbart.


    Just to confirm the “Willie Factor”. He phoned me (public servant) to make representations about some minor decision to decline a so called “benefit” to on of his constituents. Very small issue. Cannot say further as it would identify me. I just said “I cannot belive your constituent believed he contacted you in relation to this and I cannot believe you (Willie) have the time or inclination to phone me personnally on this appeal”. “Ok” so says Willie, “you won’t change your mind then”? Exactly I say. Ok so says Willie. He knows he is fucked. Unfortunately the people will still probably elect him, but I will not participate in his charade. Anything he wants, he will not get from me. Mist


    Well done Mist. You do your job, and he should do his. If he wants to work in the council/social welfare office, he should applied long ago. I cannot understand people going to him instead of going through the proper channels.


    Maybe there is something to the Waffle comparison, although of course not on that scale.

    When Ponzi Maddoff was being exposed, some commentators said that he should be charged with murder. Even though he didn’t actual kill anyone (that is known, at least), he did cause several known suicides by financially ruining those people, and caused a great amount of poverty for many others, especially to non-profit foundations that couldn’t fund their humanitarian projects anymore.

    So maybe it’s similar here. Your allegedly corrupt leaders – they must have caused similar suffering and possibly suicide amongst your citizenry, no? Have them charged by the Hague for treasonous war crimes – against their own people.

    Maybe an external, conditioned bailout will help you get rid of some of these guys (and I see girls also).


    So we’re officially fucked and the bailout is coming, sooner rather than later ……

    However, he fact that the EU/IMF will almost definitely be called in in the next 24/48 hours means that FF’s grand scheme is also fucked – the one where they planned to pass the budget, go to the country in the spring and then leave the new government call in the EU/IMF, thus tainting them with that legacy.

    Stage 1 in the demise of FF was their unexpectedly winning the 2007 election, so for once they have had to face the consequenaces of their actions while still in power; stage 2 will (hopefully) now follow, where they will be the ones to call in the EU/IMF.

    The Soldiers of Destiny indeed …

    “Whom the gods will destroy, they first make great …” (well, in FF’s case one shouldn’t cheapen that word, but it really means arrogant, and they have that quality in spades …)


    Red Mist illustrates clearly why their day is not over. Unless we reform the political system in such a way as to prevent clientalist crap like this we’ll continue to have a bunch of jumped up county councillors in the Dáil.

    O’Toole’s book (“Enough is Enough”) isn’t a bad manifesto and I’d recommend it to anyone, his previous one (“Ship of Fools”) described how we got here quite well.

    There need to be consequences for politicians and civil servants who make poor decisions, looking after the constituency should not be part of a national politician’s remit and corruption should be punished to the full extent of new and effective laws – mind you we’re dependant on the current crop of cretins to instigate these policies so we’re fucked


    You know the really fucked up thing about it, is that Biffo and his crew lay awake at night not because of the damage they have done to our nation, but the damage they have done to “the party” I mean how fucked up is that. And any Limerick citizen who puts pen to paper and votes for Willy O Dea in the future, or any other member of F.F. should be ashamed of themselves. I appeal to all those die hard F F supporters, please don’t vote in the next election, if you cannot vote for any other party besides F.F. Do the right thing and give our country some hope for the future.


    Rob November said: “Ah Bock I think you underestimate the power of certain sections of the population to ignore all you have said above and vote them in again! The aforementioned Willie will waltz in to the strains of Schubert with the freshly trimmed schnurrbart.”

    Correct, Rob. They’ll be hammered at the next election and the coaltion will have to imbibe cyanide from the poisoned chalice. Then the great Irish gobshite public will vote FF back in – slightly rejigged – 4 years down the line.

    Gombeen Man

    Fianna Fail sind unsere Ungluck!!


    @ Gombeen Nation

    Maybe not, especially if they are the ones who have to call in the EU/IMF (see my post above). I honestly think the damage they have inflicted this time will be too much for them to recover from – for at least a generation ….

    But it’s not just the politicians – a country gets the leaders it deserves, in my opinion. Time will tell whether we will see a sea change in the political habits (and maturity) of the Irish electorate. That is really what’s required …. then we will have politicians worthy of the name.


    There’s a wonderful article in Britain’s Daily Telegraph in which Ireland’s minister for European affairs, Dick Roche, is shouting “Don’t Panic” to anyone who will listen. it certainly put me at ease. I think you’re all being much too harsh. What’s a budget deficit of 33 per cent of GDP between friends. And didn’t Cowan, the great leader, tell us all that it would all be sorted by 2014. Just think about how reassuring that is. So “Dont panic” and hang in there until 2014.


    To compare FF to lumps of shit is an insult to lumps of shit.

    One of the weekend RTE radio shows recounted an anecdote about a voter (some aul’ lad) who told a local politician that if they’d fix the pavement outside his house, they’d have his vote for the rest of his life. 90 plus years of that, stir in some mindless papacy and tribalism, and here we are.

    There was a great interview (well, funny in a sick way) on Morning Ireland (Monday). Some Eurocrat, in one of those eerily calm voices that have begun to appear from the EU (the grown ups are coming in). Poor befuddled Mary Wilson parroted the FF line about “We have enough money to last until June”.

    “But zat is not ze issue. Ze issue is zat you haff made a mistake by giffing a bailout to ze Irish banks zat you cannot afford.”

    “But would Spain be in the same boat if…”

    “Zis is notheeng to do vit big and little countries. You haff no chance of bailing out ze Irish banks. Ze losses are too big. You are, how do you say it, fooked?”

    “Thanks for that, Heinrich. Now the sports”.


    @dermotconnor ‘Now the sports’. Indeed.

    The grown-ups have arrived, as you say, and the FF/Greens are looking more an more like petulant teenagers.

    “It wasn’t us!”, “It’s not fair.”, “It’s not true!”, “Won’t”…

    “Ground me? All right then, I’ll do it, but I hate you! (Flounces off to face the electorate.)


    Its a bit of an insult to the German Army to imply those two fucking failures would ever have pulled on a uniform.

    Up until El Alemein the Germany Army was well nigh regarded as invincible. Those two fuckers aren’t even comprehensible.


    These two pricks look at home in the Nazi uniform because theyre of the same mentality. Lying is a family trait of Yehudis,but its caught up with him,same as his old man. Cunts should be in jail for the damage theyve done.



    I forwarded the link to this picture to Max Keiser, hope you don’t mind.



    Of course I don’t mind. The more people who realise what a useless crowd of donkeys are in charge of this country the better.


    I just can’t help seeing poor old comical Ali every time any one of the FF cunts opens their mouths.
    By the way have the banks been nationilised at this stage?
    it’s over 2 years since september 29th and, we still have no idea what state the banks are in.
    The bluff has been called and there is no more cards to be played. The suits from europe have gone through the books and have reported what a mess it is.
    Brian lenihan is at this time doing an impression of Oliver Twist, except he’s asking for more in French, he can speak some French you know.



    thanks, I forwarded it to Constantin Gurdgiev, David Mc Williams and Brian Lucey as well.

    The accuracy of this picture is truly relevant, and I said this ob DMcW site two days ago:

    As long as that solipsistic depleted mindset of whale blubber, the highest paid politician in Europe and his mandarins are allowed to continue to commit treason, Ireland is deprived from learning any lessons.

    Your picture at a glance may appear somewhat drastic to some people, but one has to let it work for a moment and think twice before judging it as inappropriate. – It is not inappropriate! –

    The reason I am saying this is because the FF ‘Mischpoke’ created a totalitarian bureaucracy in Ireland to cement their political oligarchy for decades by establishing over 800 quangos for party friends.

    However, I would insist that Goebbels was blessed with a more convincing rhetoric. (cynical grin)


    On a side note…. I believe since last year, that we are facing the meltdown of global financial systems, and i try to bring my thoughts on this to paper, which is somewhat a uphill struggle for me.

    The Euro Lie as well as the american predator capitalism in conjunction with ‘peak everything’ are the key triggers for this meltdown, the latter has just started…..


    Does anybody on this site actually know anything about the Waffen SS ?.To compare Fianna Fail to them would in modern terms be like comparing them to the SAS!!.Apart from word play I just dont get it.


    Relax yourself. Everybody on this site has read just as much as you have about the Wafffen SS.

    It’s just wordplay. That’s allowed.


    The Fuhrer in the bunker has to come to mind. Dreaming up counter offensives with non-existent reserves, putiing the next generation on the line, along with pensioners and imagining that new fronts can be opened and of course reminding the people what the Party has done for them . The ingrates! Ireland will rise from the ashes!


    Wordplay on its own merit is Tubridy level, but this is more than only wordplay, it is intelligent and provocative, provocation long overdue, to emphasize the totalitarian nature of FF mindsets, decision making behind closed doors, in total secrecy, avoiding accountability and refusing investigations, since more than 2 years and in the midst of a devastating heist caused by their most intimate party friends.

    William, think again….


    Not to dwell on the analogy too much, but seems to me that the Nazi analogy is usually used for more than just those things you mentioned, Georg. Things like genocide, world domination, racial supremacy, etc. Nazism is often too freely invoked to just imply extremism and fanaticism for just about anything. Maybe it’s a little overly extended here, too, although maybe it’s good just for the shock value of it. Or maybe, as Bock said, the word (and photo)play is enough.


    I have no idea as to why we still believe in party politics. For all your well written piece would lead me to think there is a difference in any of those parties. We have since the founding of the state any number of political parties. They come and they go with each one of them telling us how they will make things better.
    They get into power and then they continue on the same route of the inept people which were replaced. There are none of our politicians of any use to our society. The people in power at any given time in our government are landowners, publicans, barristers, and con artists. Even RTE has been a tool of employ for those who would program us in their goals. Even the supposed working class which have achieved fame in their hallowed halls of government are none better than those they would decry ere they they become the new elite.
    There are no sides in this debacle, there is only them and us. This is not a match between sides. This is real life and it is about to become even more real. I have been cheated by those thieves of all hues. My father has been cheated by those criminals. Now it would appear they would steal from my children and grand children.
    Our successive governments of all hues are none other than liars and thieves, and now as they have no working class to steal from they find the gig is up and there is no one to pay the bill for their thievery.


    Nice one boss,
    And a hint of Laurel and Hardy to boot in the pic.
    Really shows those cretins up for what they are.


    Some1LovesU — If these fools were portrayed as Nazis, we might have cause for concern. The reality is that they’re simply dimwits.



    all valid and true!

    We need more – cough cough – Bukowski/Kafka-esque style Bock’s to ruffle feathers instead of Hector-Scattergun pseudo comedian BS deafening intellectual silence for breakfast.

    I live in the digital outback in NW Ireland, and except the obvious gobshites which you easily identify, the overwhelming majority of people here are incredibly nice folks!!!! Before I moved here nearly seven years ago I was in Fitzpatrick Territory, new-money-know-it-all Greystones, Dublin suburbs. I hated every minute. Ok, this is nothing but a personal rant/experience. I am only saying this for one reason….

    What “we” are represented by, the Gobshites who refused elections and are governing without any ethical mandate, they are not even Irish as far as I am concerned, they are traitors of everything that I was honored to learn to be Irish! They are elitist con artists and scum bags, and believe it or not, they were perceived as such within Europe since long….

    BUT…. they do not represent the Ireland that I know…. not by any standards…. and in that respect they are like the Nazis in Germany they did not represent Beethoven, Goethe, Joh. Sebastian Bach… you name them….

    just my 0,2 cents


    just wondering… Bock’s breakfast show…. Bock on a national pirate radio station from 7-10am…



    Bock – maybe I’m misunderstanding, but didn’t you portray them as Nazis in both the wordplay and the Photoshopping? If dimwits are how you wanted to portray them, then maybe Tweedledee and Tweedledum would be better, or two Laurels sans Hardy (he was the smart one).

    Georg – your nonrepresenting comparison is interesting, although again, I don’t think that that’s the main impression people get with the analogy. Also, what about the Nazis wasn’t Beethoven-, Goethe- and Bachian? They specifically pointed to the German arts (Wagner comes more to mind) to demonstrate their superiority. In that respect, they DID represent those artists. Again, what Germans should claim that they didn’t represent were their genocidal, racist and conquering goals – the usual imagery elicited by Nazism.

    But all of this is not at all to minimize the point of the tragedy and seriousness of your situation over there, apparently caused by your so-called leaders.


    I guess, I am not in the position to help you on your quest, I was 14 when I pestered my parents to get me tickets to Wagner’s Ring… and I witnessed the Solti interpretation amongst others.

    Scriabin as well as Schubert would be my personal preference… now that I am old…. ;o)


    did I mention Frank Zappa and Miles Davis?


    Interesting playlist you have there!


    Some1 — I portrayed them as the FF.


    Maybe an Idi Amin uniform for Cowen and Comical Ali uniforms for his sidekicks.To represent the delusional thinking and bullshit propaganga they have been pedaling.


    Bock – seems to me that you portrayed them as an obvious copy of the Waffen SS, both thru the word and abbreviation play and the uniforms, with FF conveniently rhyming with SS.

    I looked them up at Wiki – a very long article. Turns out that there were several types of SS (Schutzstaffel – Protective Squadron), and the Waffen version wasn’t directly involved with the Holocaust at all. They were just Hitler’s private army, or more precisely, “it was to remain the armed wing of the Party and to become an elite police force once the war was won”.

    A different one was in charge of the death camps:

    Interestingly, while they started out accepting ethnic Aryans only, by the end of the war they were comprised mostly of foreigners.

    Not to take the analogy too far, but if these two are WSS commanders, then who is your Hitler?


    Let’s not beat the joke to death, all right? I’m not likening them to the SS. I’m contrasting and comparing. Can we leave the analysis at that?


    Absolutely! : )


    Does anyone here recall a link provided by Captain Con a little time back, cant find precise post, This link brought us to an anonymous comment on the golemxiv-credo blog, It was a comment made by someone who had resigned from the banking sector citing ” lack of integrity ” as the reason.
    On the Guardians website, This same person using the moniker ” Whistleblower ” has posted what we all knew but with detail, It is essential reading.
    Heres the link but you have to scroll right down to the comments.


    Found this online as was compelled to post it here…

    Characteristics of Psychopath
    (Sociopath, Anti-social Personality Disorder)

    This is a fascinating clinical list. I leave it to you to apply these elements to any politician or talk show host you choose.

    1. Glibness/superficial charm.
    2. Grandiose sense of self-worth.
    3. Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
    4. Pathological lying
    5. Conning/manipulative
    6. Lack of remorse or guilt
    7. Shallow affect
    8. Callous/lack of empathy
    9. Parasitic lifestyle
    10. Poor behavioral controls
    11. Promiscuous sexual behavior
    12. Early behavior problems
    13. Lack of realistic, long-term plans
    14. Impulsivity
    15. Irresponsibility
    16. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    17. Many short-term marital relationships
    18. Juvenile delinquency
    19. Revocation of conditional release
    20. Criminal versatility
    (Hare, 1986)


    In a tetchy exchange with reporters, Cowen predicted that the Irish government would pass its cost-cutting austerity budget on 7 December which he said would be a “demonstration of the sovereign will of the Irish people.”


    My new one act play. Starring all the chief players. And Bono.


    Hey Klaus, Fine Geal will either vote in favour of the budget or abstain, either way the budget gets passed.

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