The Waffle FF Finally Exposed

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Nov 152010

At last, the Irish people have found allies to save them from criminality and treason, in the most unlikely place.  Finally, the incompetent, self-important, empty bullshit of this Fianna Fáil government has been called for what it is by people who don’t give a rat’s arse about hick fools like Biffo and Yehudi.

No, says the ECB, we don’t believe you Cowen, you fat bullshitter.

No, says the IMF.  We don’t believe you, Lenihan.  We don’t believe an ape who thinks his family owns the government.

Who believes this crowd?


Not the people of the country they have destroyed.  Not their European partners who now see them for the hollow flim-flam artists they are.  Not the financial press.

They don’t even believe their own lies any more.

These hollow men have had their day, and a very bad day it was.  A bad day indeed.  The crooks and chancers who swarmed around Bertie Ahern and Charlie McCreevy like flies around a pair of turds have now brought not only Ireland, but the entire Eurozone to the brink of collapse.

Is there no limit to their gobshitery?  I fear there isn’t.  I greatly fear that we in this little island have given birth to the worst idiots ever seen in European politics.

Chancers. Con-artists.  Wafflers.  Bullshitters.

A confederacy of dunces.

For years, Waffle FF was able to bluster its way around Ireland, intimidating and shouting down all who dared to question its  wisdom.  For years, FF carefully groomed its financial benefactors by granting them favours.  It gave the Roche brothers control of all the quarries in the country, and obligingly tore up all the railways so that they could sell road-making materials to the Councils from the quarries they used to own.  It built motorways to each side of a river so that cronies could build toll-bridges and collect a fortune.  It encouraged the same cronies to set up illegal banks in their offices so that crooks like Haughey could hide their bribes.

In later years, Lenihan’s idiot aunt sold off our vital telecommunications infrastructure just as the internet was about to explode, and in the process shafted thousands of small Irish investors.

Ahern and Burke gave away every last puff of our natural gas for nothing, except perhaps the undying gratitude of Royal Dutch Shell, and who wouldn’t be glad to have that?

That’s Fianna Fáil.  A criminal conspiracy.

And that’s Ireland, a land that never recovered from the disaster of the 19th century.  A land terrified to fight back against those in authority , until now.

The cloak has fallen away.

From now on, it’s possible to point at these cretins and call them what they are.  Fools.

Why not?  The rest of the world is doing it.


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