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We all partied, says Lenihan

It isn’t who partied that matters. It’s who ran away.

So we all partied, did we Brian?

No we didn’t.  The ones who partied were your cronies in Fianna Fáil, and the builders who own them, and the bankers your cabinet buddies were so friendly with, and the fat drunken prick who heads your government, and the slimy little anorak-man who led FF before the fat drunken prick, and McCreevy, the horrible, incoherent bookie’s runner who spent his weekends inhaling prawn sandwiches in Punchestown and the Curragh, when he wasn’t too busy making a fool of himself in a Santa hat.

That’s who partied, Brian.

A bunch of thick, greedy cretins who saw this country as something to be plundered.

Brian, I haven’t defaulted on any loans, so it’s none of your fucking business how I spend my money.  I didn’t crash the economy, and neither did any other borrower who continues to pay back what they owe, so don’t lay this fucking guilt trip on me, you sanctimonious arsehole.

The guilt is all yours for taking the mistakes off the bankers and laying them on the shoulders of Irish citizens.

And as for your opinion that we all partied, well you can shove that the same place as your call to patriotic duty.  It isn’t who partied that matters, Brian.   It’s who ran away.

You prick.

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Well except for a few Lativan hookers and a odd bottle of wild turkey.
Mind you the money didn’t come out of a brown envlope.

He’s a fucking numpty.
A few well respected economists/financial analysts said last night on Vincent Browne that he’s waffling at the moment. Complete and utter waffle. And they explained all the nonsense and explained logically what will happen if we don’t negotiate a structured default – (we’ll be fucked.. think Argentina)
And that shameless cunt Pat Carey, FF Minister of uselessness was just despicable asking Vincent what he earned when Vincent was putting pressure on him about his exhoritant salary and state “chariots” and expenses. Fucking shameless. Good man Vincent, told him what he earns.. and said it’s a 10th of what they earn.

They are absolutely shameless and just trying to pass the hot potato (their shame) onto the rest of us.
Go to 21:28 if you want to see the shamelessness of them.

Watch 27:55.. Carey says he’ll get a taxi next time he’s on the show. Damn right you muppet, cause you won’t be a minister with a “chariot”.

Oh they’ll be running away from the party all right and the shameless cunts will blame the next government for the shitstorm they left behind them.

Bock your comparision to a (deviant) priest preaching from his pulpit is spot on.. and to listen to them would be like letting a doctor whose only made you very sick for the past five years perform major surgery on you – spot on.

They need to be gone. ASAP. (fucking sheer contempt reducing the minimum wage)

So Brains. We all partied. How insulting. I bought a house in 2005. Paid almost 10,000 in stamp duty. How dare this bastard tell me we all partied! I have one house, one car,two teenage kids and a wife. Nothing else, except negative equity and the pin of my collar. This lying bastard has the gall to tell me I partied? Tax me to the hilt now and I will spend no more because I will not be able to afford it! Tax your way out of a recession? I don’t think so, ye shower of tools. Such a sell out of our country for so few. Hopefully the I.M.F. will uncover their buffoonery and we can all start afresh. Start at the top and cut,cut,cut? I really don’t think so.

@ Rob dittio, I paid 10K stamp duty in 05 on our home, scraped together from years of my wifes and my own savings, shes now on a 4 day week and I’m down so much work (self employed) it’s no fucking joke.
Tell you what party boy lenny, when they come looking the property tax they can fuck off. I’ll pay a property tax when I get something in return, like the hedges cut on our roads and the bins collected, not to bail out some shytehawk banker, same with water charges, we had to install a pump and large water container as the mains water supply is a joke, 1 bar of pressure, water wouldn’t rise up to the attic and is the colour of stout when there is a bit of rain, and is off most of the summer, all at a cost of approx 2K, so when you actually provide me with a decent mains supply I’ll pay it, in the meantime fuck of.

I had to check the battery in my hearing aid to see if it had run out, I just couldnt believe what I was hearing. This surely is the final insult. Now I do not buy into the option of defaulting. however there is a better way of getting rid of the millstone. I hasten to add that it is not my idea but is the brainchild of David McWilliams and it appeared in last sundays business post. Check it out, it is a very interesting idea. Now what to do about the the economy that is the crucial question. We need to stimulate it big tlme but how. The Governments 4 year plan is a bit of a joke and will only depress the economy even more. What I suggest we do is cut corporation tax to 10% and new investment will flow into the economy very quickly. This in turn will stem the flow of our very talented young people from emigrating. I know that this may annoy some of the bigger countries in the EU but really they simply do not have a case. The size of the EU economy as a whole is vast and our slice is merely crumbs so has no affect on them whatever and to say otherwise is nonsense. We have lost our sovereignty so it is time for courage and drastic action, are we up to it. What is your answer, stand up and be counted.

Does Brian Lenihan actually believe the words that come out his mouth? He’s a barrister – they are trained to say whatever they think is necessary to get the client off the hook. Truth doesn’t come into it – it’s a matter of what you can get away with saying. he can’t help himself.

“We all partied” means “FF is innocent”. Let’s run with that defence and see if the jury buys it. If not, we’ll try another story next week. We’ll cause enough doubt to secure an acquittal. Confuse the fuckers.

Castleknock College Boy rifles a euro an hour from the lowly paid. That’s visionary stuff from the Junta de Brians!

Being one of the many who departed during the boom time I came across this blog by accident and have been enjoying ever since, but I never posted.
Thing is though that Mr Lenihan has had the nerve to say we partied, I didn’t party my family certainly didn’t, but then again it was all such a blur from bust to boom to bust I must have missed it.
So while I wasn’t partying I was one of those sad little people reading and much like Mr Lenihan I have read the constitution as well he might want to have a look at that wording you know Prudence!!! Justice

Add to that being that he knows the law perhaps he could tell me if the ff brigade qualify under this heading

Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act, 2001
42.—A person who—

(a) commits in whole or in part any fraud affecting the European Communities’ financial interests,

(b) participates in, instigates or attempts any such fraud, or

(c) obtains the benefit of, or derives any pecuniary advantage from, any such fraud,

is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or both.

I wonder Mr Lenihan does this mean when you take a bail out are you in fact commiting a criminal offence.

Before it’s said I do realise that in certian sense’s the conviction of such a figure would be political suicide for the rest of Ireland but at this stage what have the Irish people got to loose. I also apoligise for the awful spelling but it was never my stong point.

There was a Party???!!!


But seriously folks, i have to take Jack the Lad aside for a moment. A structered default is the only way out for such a small country as ours. This red herring about the corporation tax is just that, all that is about is alllowing the corporate gangesters and swindlers to bring their money here to declare it and not be taxed in their home country. They then withdraw it to other offshore accounts. It is used just like a laxitive.

Dropping the rate or indeed raising the rate will not affect Ireland in any monatary gain, or indeed any real jobs for that matter. It is a casineo game for robbers.
We will default, sooner or later, sooner is better Jack.

It’s an absolute joke alright, can someone clarify something for me actually.
From what I can gather this bailout\loan\money set aside (bollocks) is going to the banks so that they can pay their European interests, these being psosibly the same people awe get said bailout from. Then we the taxpayer get the priviledge of paying the money back again? It’s probably not as black and white as that, but is it very far off the mark?

Sakimoto you ar dead right.
For 100,000’s of people the party was having a job, being able to pay the bills, and a future for their children.
It’s a bad sign when Gerry Adams is starting to sound like the most reasonable and truthfull voice on the radio.

De fan you summed it up in a nutshell

For 100,000?s of people the party was having a job, being able to pay the bills, and a future for their children.

Having a job, and a decent roof over your head, paying your way and a few quid extra to take your kids to the cinema now and then was ‘the party’ for the majority in this state. Something that is pretty much taken for granted in most if not all western democracies. Partied my hole. Fuck of Lenihan, just fuck of.

I apologise for the colourful language, but watching Lenihan slabbering about ‘Parties’ and bluffing his way through interviews has made somewhat angry.

See the fucking 4 year plan,talk about screwing the fucking poorest!!.And for the rich boys on thousands a week little or no pain.Its like a feudal society the peasants pay for the aristocracy.

Too right William, we are the serfs and we shouldn’t be questioning our masters.
At what point did we become the servants and our publically elected representatives become our masters, there’s something seriously sour about it all, surely the purpose of an elected government is that they are there to serve us, the real shareholders of ireland Inc.

@ De Fan
It’s a bad sign when Gerry Adams is starting to sound like the most reasonable and truthful voice on the radio.
Why is that a bad sign Mr De Fan?
And staying with the thread. Yes I had party’s,but they were usually with a few Friends over for some grub and a few refreshments. Or paying a tenner to watch Young Munster’s and a few scoops after. So fuck it your right Brian, its my own fucken fault!

Sakimoto if you belive that you are fucked. Remember who wrote our constitution De Valera and some fucking romeite and we live with there legacy. I’m with Bock they are all rats.

Oh Shit Bock forgot about that! I’ll drop 9 blankets into AIB on the way out to thomond park this evening to watch Young Munster beating Shannon. Did you know that Paul O Connell is togging out for Young Munsters this evening? Oh and by the way I’m paying cash for the pigs toes for the Poverty parties party.

Ah come on now. Give these poor people a break.

Brian Lenihan capped the salaries of the chief executives in the Bank of Ireland and AIB at €500,000 per year.

And they don’t even get bonuses on top of that!

Brian is right.

It’s only right that these people also get to share the pain.

“Paul O Connell is togging out for Young Munsters this evening”.. oh my. Where is he togging out?
That man is full of ‘manic aggression.. maniac aggression’
“Did you scare anyone, did you fuckin put the fear of god into anyone”
We need a man like that for the Two Brains at the moment I think. Mariam O’Callaghan wouldn’t put the fear of god into bloody Mary Poppins. “we all partied”. He’d get a slap if I were Mariam, to that nonsense.

Long John Silver
What I mean is that dispite the unholy mess the country is in. None of the leaders of the larger parties have clearly stated that they will burn the bondholders and start the cuts at the top.
I am starting to get a bad feeling that those who we replace FF with will continue with the same shit.

Sodacake with respect I would ask you to read my comment again for in it I said that we have lost our sovereignty and therefore being a subject nation we simply do not have the freedom to carry out a structered default. Any solutions we come up with will have to be within the constraints of being a subject nation , in other words we would have to get permission from our masters. This is something we will have to learn to live with. I know it is very difficult to get your mind around the fact that we are merely a protectorate of the EU, so freedom is always taken for granted until you lose it and we have lost ours. The struggle for independence will have to start all over again. The reason I picked on corporation tax is because our masters said that they would not touch that. I also pointed to an idea put out by David McWilliams is also something we could get away with , so have a look at that. So remember any solutions you put forward will have a very limited potential.

Imagine that LJS ………..burn em all. Like all rats in a corner they are dodgy. sakimotsan, good to see you are on side.

Sodacake In case you havent noticed we as a nation are at war. We are at war with the biggest bunch of swindlers , gangsters and sharks this planet can produce and is not the time for petty squabbles so let us respect each other and keep the debate on track, our very survival depends on it.

time for civil dis-obedience.

This is from Max Keiser and Max Keiser knows what he is talking about ……………………..

Until the Irish (Portuguese, Spanish, etc.) wake up and understand they are fighting a financial war, not a political war, they are guaranteed to lose big time. To fight a financial war you have to deprive the opposition of their finances. The most effective way to achieve this would be to crash JP Morgan (one of the banks funding the IMF that is stealing your money) by buying Silver and forcing JPM to write off their 1.5 trillion dollar loss – against a market cap. 1/10th that size; (i.e., go bankrupt). Or, you can wave your placards in the streets and pay taxes on non existent jobs to the IMF, while living in your IMF owned homes raising the next generation of IMF slaves – for the rest of your sorry lives. Irish banks had debts that were 2 X’s Ireland’s GDP. JP Morgan has debts that are 430 X’s the market cap. of JPM (65 trillion / 150 bn.). JPM has more derivatives debt on their books than the ENTIRE GDP OF THE WORLD. Do you understand why they need to gobble up your puny little country and steal the $20 bn. you have on your books? They are suicide bankers – blowing themselves and you up – for their ideology of bonuses, drugs and hookers. Your money will make a lot of drug dealers and prostitutes on Wall St. happy this holiday season as Wall St. pays itself a record 140 bn. in bonuses.

Wickedfairy. Any suggestions of structured, Non violent Civil disobedience ?
Was wondering if Taxes such as PRSI and PAYE are going into a Black hole as it is suggested they are, Is witholding of same any benefit ?
Whatever type of Civil Disobedience ensues, It is vital that it does not impact negativly on the people who are already feeling the pain.
I’m sure the Government are prepared and possibly even expecting some kind of backlash which is why whatever is done now has to not be the usual predictable backlash.
It has to be of a nature that is orderly and structured and most important very clear sighted in what it aims to achieve.

The bastards weren’t partying there, they went away to play golf with our elected American congressmen bastards in Malaysia. You paid for them, we paid for ours. If you’re not a multimillionaire, well, we’re all fucked. They can’t leave the planet though, I don’t think, so sooner or later we’ll get them.

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