Council of State to Meet on Banking Bill

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The President has referred the new banking bill to the Council of State for discussion. All former prime ministers are entitled to attend meetings of the Council  and tonight I received this pithy email from my friend Mr The Nut:

  • Why is Albert Reynolds able to take part in the Council of State when he couldn’t give evidence at the tribunal due to a claimed ‘cognitive impairment’ ?
  • Why is Bertie Ahern ruling on  a banking Bill when he hasn’t even got a bank account?

Two excellent questions, in my opinion.



Albert Reynolds

Bertie Ahern

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Joke shop.
More like, Council of windbags meet up for some naval grazing, brown nosing.
Topic for discussion: How far can we screw the peasants.

Bertie will probably put it in the register of members interests that he paid for a pint himself at the get together/ “discussion”. Don’t you have to speak coherent logical sentences to have a discussion? Wouldn’t you have to know something about the topic?

BA keeping a low(ish) profile lately? Appointed as chair of The International Forestry Fund in January – a British Virgin Islands company established as a joint venture between IFS asset managers Ltd of Ireland and Helvetia Wealth AG of Switzerland.

IFF eyeing up over 1 million acres of Irish forestry currently managed by Coillte, which thinks it’s a private company even though the EU disagrees. Sell off looming with Bertie placed to do the negotiating? Still a serving TD in Dublin Central, yet no conflict of interest?

The man in charge when the country was going down the hole, now in a position to help dispose of state assets?

Know it’s off point Bock, but it’s what’s on my mind when i hear his name mentioned these days.

Bock – maybe Albert has forgotten that he has a merc and driver outside and thinks he’ll get travelling expenses to come and go from Longford? Maybe the Bert wants to look around the Arus so that he can re-decorate when he is elected president? Anyway, it didn’t take long – the First Lady has signed, so it’ll now be up to some ordinary Joe to run it by the Supreme Court.


The “Council of State” does appear to be flawed, but they do have the power to refer legislation to the Supreme Court, which is where all of this government’s banking legislation should end up. I’m just glad to see the President is not a complete automaton when it comes to enacting legislation

surprise, surprise! We had a secret court case yesterday involving an injection of capital into AIB, under the aegis of this Act. Not satisfied with destroying the economy, FF have now muzzled the courts and destroyed any veneer of a transparent set of due processes in these matters.

Scotlyn, dont kid yourself by believing that el Presidente is not a complete automaton. Remember shes the FF nominee,gets 300k for her troubles,so her calling together of The Council of the Elite is no more than a nod in the direction of the little people to salve her conscience. And speaking of conscience, Id say its a fair bet that,collectively,the council members left theirs at the door before they went into that meeting.

The Times of London called Albert Reynolds a fibbing gombeen, the jury heard `He is a man who has had his reputation in the Republic smashed to smithereens by repeated allegations in the Irish media of having deceived the Dail and his colleagues.” Razor sharp Albert decided to sue the soft touch Time, the jury found that Albert Reynolds had indeed been libelled, they valued his reputation at 1 Penny, the lowest coin in the realm, overpriced in my opinion. “Passports for Sale” Reynolds was left with the bill for costs estimated to be around £1m for the six week and we pay this fool for financial advice !
No wonder the world is aghast, are we incapable of outrage?

those three monkeys should form a new political party, ‘The Monkey party’ ,and put themselves before the people on a platform policy of accepting a bag of nuts instead of 200,000 Euros a year for jumping about , and screeching (like Joan Burton) in Dail Eireann.
Getting rid of about 300 TD’s/senators/bankers would save untold millions.
Why do we need these suits running banks, or rattling on in Leinster House when the European Central bank and the IMF are running everything?
At least the monkeys would entertain us.

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