European Court of Human Rights Finds Irish Abortion Laws In Breach Of Woman’s Rights

Here we go again

Aren’t we great, here in Ireland?

Aren’t we very moral and principled and upright and strong in our ethical beliefs?

Answer?  No.  We’re a bunch of fucking hypocrites who are quite happy to pretend we don’t have abortion simply because it doesn’t happen within our sainted borders.

The European Court of Human Rights has now ruled that our lack of laws on abortion infringed the rights of a woman who became pregnant while in remission from cancer.

Attorney General Paul Gallagher, in a staggering display of hypocrisy, argued to the court that Irish abortion laws are based on “profound moral values deeply embedded in Irish society”.

Profound moral values?  In a country whose moral values were hijacked by clerical child abusers and thieving political dynasties?  I think not.

As I listened to the news report, my thoughts turned back to the 1980s, to the heartless bastards from SPUC and PLAC and all the rest of the craw-thumping holy-joes, as they trotted out the mantra: hard cases make bad law.

Even then I thought it was bullshit.  Dishonest, legalistic bullshit.  Hard cases make compassionate laws, as they should.

In this country, as recently as three years ago, HSE zealots went all the way to the High Court to try and prevent a 17-year-old girl, Amy Dunne, from travelling to England for an abortion.  The girl’s unborn child had anencephaly, a dreadful condition in which the brain does not develop and in which there is no chance of life.  HSE officials involved the Gardaí and the passport office in their zeal to make sure that the girl delivered her dead baby, and in the process, cost the State €1 million in fees on a pointless and vindictive action to impose a Catholic-driven agenda that had no basis in law.  While attending court, Amy Dunne had to run the gauntlet of extreme Catholic maniacs screaming about the right to life for a baby who had no chance of survival, and calling her a murderer.

But this is not 1983, when Spuc and PLAC and Family Solidarity swaggered around the country intimidating and shouting down all opposition.  It isn’t 1985 when they wheeled out the Poor Clares to vote down the rights of grown adults to divorce.

We now live in an age when everyone knows we have no moral authority.   Those who created the judgemental, stifling, oppressive atmosphere are discredited.  The climate that condemned thousands of Irish women to slavery in laundries, and thousands more to secretly flee the country for abortions was created by the same clergy we now know to be rapists, child abusers, thieves, liars and cynics.

We now live in a time when Ireland stands exposed as one of the most unprincipled nations on the planet.

I can hear people groaning.  The economy is in shit, just like the Eighties, and here we go again with abortion referendums.  Is it a time-warp?

In a sense, yes.  We still have spineless political parties who refuse to legislate on abortion.  Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour and the Greens stand indicted on this.  Sinn Féin, meanwhile, carry irony to the point of obscenity by claiming to be “pro-life”.

Bring it on.  Let’s finallly confront, once and for all, the hypocrisy that lies at the heart of our nation’s problems.  Let’s at long last face this problem and lance the abscess that has sickened our people since the clergy were installed in positions of civil power by a British government 180 years ago.

Let us be rid of these pustulent priests and their disordered followers so that this country can finally grow up and our people can have some dignity as adults who make their own decisions about their own lives.


I recommend reading THIS for a summary of recent history.

10 thoughts on “European Court of Human Rights Finds Irish Abortion Laws In Breach Of Woman’s Rights

  1. A wonderful achievement today, but as you say the spineless politicians of Fianna Fail will probably shift this onto the next government to the detriment of women in Ireland.

    The sceptre of impunity again raises its head.

    That fucking imbicile Binchy wants a referendum, not just now mind you but later.

  2. Sodacake. Yes it is a wonderful achievment, I doubt though that it will prevent most women from travelling to the UK , Regardless of what may be passed into Law here, The secrecy and shame surrounding individuals choice in such matters will abound for generations, Most unfortunatly thats the legacy Dev left.

  3. Bock, your writing style is like being hit by an iron bar. There can be no doubt where you stand:) My fear is that the coming election will have the “You can’t trust Labour with the abortion issue” whispering campaign built into it. After all SPUC took a private prosecution against Sen. Bacick back in the day for publicising a phone number!

    I hated the abortion neverendums back then and giving the gombeenarchy a safe issue to rally round is going to be painful again this time around.

    Our political masters will have to acknowledge that the people have decided that women have a right to personal safety and that their lives cannot be sacrificed to the shrine of sainted motherhood.

  4. what has the HSE got to do with people travelling.
    Who in the HSE desides to go to the courts, and how do they find out about what people are planning.
    I far as I can remember this has happened before.

  5. Norma, the optimist in me says we have moved on or if you like we are being forced to move on. Shame most certainly has a lot to do with those women who have to travel to seek an abortion. I am hoping, I won`t hold my breath tho, that this will force the issue to be addressed in a very compassionate way, for any woman who wishes to have that choice.

    Did i ever tell you i met Dev one time, at Colbert Station, a young lady jumped into his car shouting at him. She was a Maoist from the Red Bookshop opposite the Castle Barracks. While the Gards were pulling her away i introduced myself to him , he said hello and i wished him a painful death, course then i ran like fuck!

    I even went up to the jail in Mulgrave St and went into see that girl after, told them i was her brother. Never ever met her before but she was so happy to see me!. Cheered us both up no end.

  6. Sodacake. You invariably cheer me up with your optimism, I despair of the judgemental attitude of the Irish in general.
    Thats a grand story about Dev, My late Father held Dev in extreme contempt, Before he died he was ill for months, We spent those months talking endlessly, He told me stories, Which even today I would hesitate to talk about.
    I had an incident with ” The Little Red book ” A friend of mine passed it on to be during my ” Incarceration ! ” It was a Boarding School, Very strict The Red book was discovered as I was reading it during our 5 hr daily study, Total pandemonium ensued, Parents called in , I was called a Communist, I had no idea really what a Communist was !, I was threatened with expulsion ( Delighted ) As I could’nt reveal where I got it.

    That book was a big old brain opener for a young Irish teenager, Anyway the fuss died down when my Father said he supported all reading and he would be very dissapointed if I was’nt curious and seeking knowledge, It was confiscated . Unfortunate though they kept me there to the bitter end !
    It was very thoughtful of you to visit the girl, She must have been delighted, I guess jails are’nt what they used to be !

  7. Well Norma, that`s what you get for reading such books! you naughty girl you!

    Did you notice since all the reports that have been issued about clerical child abuse there has been a wall of silence from the ” ordinary priests “. Yet when the ECHR judgement was issued they have all got an opinion on it in letters to the papers, no doubt they will have something to say from the pulpit this sunday also. Course they are all singing from the same hymn sheet. ” We don`t need legislation we need another referendum ”

    All i have to say to them is this, eat your heart out!

  8. Sodacake. I dont have words to describe my feelings on the Clerical abuse issue, I have been accused by some of having extreme views, I think when it comes to the Church, Ones views cant be extreme enough !

    I believe very firmly in a form of support, Even if that support is not visible to most, I’m now at a point where I cannot comprehend how anyone with a morsel of empathy and compassion for the people who were abused, The women and men who were judged and forced to live in fear and confusion in denial of their own humanity, Can walk through the doors of a Church, It might be easy for me, A non believer since forever to say that, The Church is nothing more than big business promulgating fear and damn witchery, Do people have no awareness or conscience that they can continue to compartmentalise the Brutality and Barbarism exhibited and continuing in that ” Business ”
    The polls reflect peoples contempt for FF but there is no such poll for the most monstorous entity in our midst.
    Someday, I hope I don’t regret that I was’nt ” Naughty ” enough !

  9. Norma, we all live in hope. With just enough regret. Better to do it all now after all time is moving along and there is so much to do! The naughtier the better!

    Anyway it does look like whoever is in government will have to put some form of legislation together, we can only wait and see. However slowly it comes tumbling along ” Oh The Times They Are A Changing “

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