Happy New Year

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Dec 312010

The time has come once again to wish Bock readers all the best.  God, is it nearly five years since starting this nonsense?  Hard to believe.

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?  Our half-witted government sold the country down the river and the Catholic clergy were shown to have covered up hundreds of crimes. The Murphy Report scandalised and shocked the nation with revelations about clerical abuse cover-ups while the economy continued to collapse under the misguidance of the two Brians.  As usual the non-fighting Irish stood back and took whatever was thrown at them but we tried to offer some hope. despite the IMF’s arrival.

This year, the Saville report on Bloody Sunday was published and Israeli soldiers killed 9 people on a ship trying to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

A volcano went apeshit and a dipshit got drunk.  The dipshit’s government finally decided to scrap the moronic e-voting machines

Here in this town, we got a couple of great new gathering places and lost a micro-minister. A favourite music venue moved home.   We gained an excellent new market space but lost a dear friend.

Light-hearted posts turned into scientific debates.  Academics took huge exception to disrespectful remarks about post-modernism.  Other academics got very worked up about fruit-bat blow-jobs.

What well-known people died?  JD Salinger, Kate McGarrigle, Alex Higgins, Gerry Ryan and Bill McLaren.  Lots more too, but that was all anyone here wrote about.

Plenty others besides.  Have a glance through the archive if the mood takes you.  With any luck, we’ll be doing the same nonsense in the coming year.

All the very best for now.  See you on the other side.

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    And all the best to you sir. I’ll buy you a drink if I get to the gig tomorrow night! Cheers.


    It was the Year of the Leak:
    a volcano leaked, an oil-well deep in the sea leaked, money leaked out in a rush, secrets leaked out of the church and other dubious institutions, water pipes leaked, and, oh yes, Wiki leaked, as did Assanges hormones.

    Did all the leaks make the world a better place? Maybe, eventually perhaps, we will see. Every leak event taught us a lesson – or should have.
    At least transparency is a good thing.

    Happy New Year!


    happy new year, sugar! you’ve been my light into all things really irish and a pal when things went wrong here on the plantation. here’s a wish to you and yours for all the best in 2011 from savannah, the MITM and the coconut krewe! xoxoxxox


    Happy new year!


    Ahoy, me hearty!


    Happy New Year kid. Keep it up, somedays you’re the only thing that makes us smile.


    Second that–happy new year Bock.


    Happy new year Bock. You can be very proud of what you’ve done here on BTR.
    It’s been informative, funny, sometimes lighthearted – sometimes not.. but always interesting reading here. Well done.


    Happy New year Bock.Hope it’s a good one for you.


    Bock, thank you for all your writings and beleive me when I say you have made me a better informed person as to the goings on in Ireland. Here in my mountain cabin I have a long view across a white landscape but your writings have broadened that view. My studies on economy are coming along nicely . Anyway I intend to continue to read your blogg as it is of immense importance to me and others who admire many fine qualities that Ireland has.


    Happy New Year to all. 2011 has to be better, dosen’t it?


    Happy New Year to all, If 2011 isn’t better Then its guaranteed to be different………So Viva La Difference !


    Carrig – that was very clever – Year of the Leak – YOL!

    Last year was a Year that was Leaky
    A volcano, oil well and Wiki
    Some places that stank
    The Church and The Bank
    May this New Year less havoc Wreaky!

    Happy New Year, everyone – hope it’s not our Last. But if it is, at least for us it will go out with a Bock!


    Hmmm,,JD Salinger and Gerry Ryan in the same sentence. This not often you read that..apart from that time there and this one..


    Nor will you ever read it again.


    All right folks. S1LU gets the T-shirt.

    Make contact with details and our staff will rush it to you.


    happy new year baby…


    Feliz año nuevo Sham.


    Hope ya got to drink that pint bock, I know ye were busy with the camera! Great feckin night boss! :¬)


    No rush….

    A great way to start the New Year
    My limerick writing career
    Has just got a spurt
    With Bock’s black T-shirt
    Twas worth it all to persevere!

    Thanks, Bock – now it’s a REALLY Happy New Year! Although I can’t imagine where I could possibly wear it – I guess as an undershirt. Another closet Bocker. Will you sign it, too – with waterproof ink?


    My new year has started better than even I could have predicted. What a blast! Roll on the rest of this year eleven!


    30% more wank in 2011?


    Good idea. There have been a few wankers following the site and I meant to write something for you.


    Many happy returns to one and all.

    As the people long ago used to say, the god Janus never closed one door but he opened another.

    Well, so far anyway it seems.

    We’ll just have to wait and see what he’s letting us in for this time.

    Go mbéimid beo ar an am seo arís.


    Hi, Spailpin! What’s that mean, for us outsiders?

    Hope this New Year will be a lot less fruity and batty! ; )


    Some1LovesU: Pretty sure it means something along the lines of “may we still be here this time next year”…


    Amen! Or an even better place.

    That means THAT? Language is amazing, isn’t it!


    It means “may we still be alive when this time comes again”.

    That might be next year, or it could be next week.


    Yes, Some1LovesU (should I also now append the title of Limerick Laureate to your name?) we seem to have made at least one important discovery on this site recently.

    It was traditionally accepted that there were 3 subjects most likely to generate heated debate: sex, politics and religion.

    We now know that the subject of fruit bats may trump them all.


    That’s because politics and religion are bullshit.


    For sure.
    I’ll second that phrase Bock.
    A thoroughly great year to you and all your readers.


    By the way, Stew, with a guy like you watching my back, how could I go wrong? Well done.


    Keep tossing Bock.


    From my hospital bed i bid you all a happy new year, it looks like i will be here for another while yet. Very nearly did`nt make it.

    Be keeping an eye on you Bock


    Get well soon Sodacake. Can’t kill a bad thing.


    Thanks LJ, sure was`ent i after saying the same thing to Dr Meany here at the Regional this morning.


    Well it looks like there is something out to get me. The hospital has been closed to all visitors due to swine flue.

    Knowning my fucking luck i`ll get that too!


    Dont let anyone near you with pigs toes and you’ll be fine. Unless they are cooked toes of course. Maybe not though, too fatty.


    Nothing wrong with pigs toes. Shur wasn’t I reared on pigs toes and packet & tripe. Didn’t do me any harm at all. In fact, I’ve come through a total bowel resection, a quadruple bypass and a stroke. Try to survive that on Special K and wholemeal bread!


    But how do you know that all that stuff you been thru wasn’t CAUSED by the pigs toes etc.??

    Make It, Sodacake. We need as many eyes on Bock as we can. ; )


    When Nonie Maher had her shop in Parnell Street we used to call into her and ask her if she had pigs toes. She would answer in that shrill voice of hers ” of course, i have the finest pigs toes in ireland “. Do you find them hard to walk on Nonie we would shout, then run like fuck!


    They have a thing here in this hospital about Turnip or Swedes as they are called. Now i just hate fucking Turnips. I think the chef came from the Yellow road and is a young munster fan, the cunt!

    He is trying to poision me, turnip every second day!

    I think i`m getting better now that i am complaining again.


    Hey, listen – the longer you stay sick, the more money they make. Nobody that can bring you in food from outside?


    Hospital closed to all visitors Some1, some swine comes by with the flue he is dead meat! ha ha


    Anyway the policy of the HSE curtsy of the ” Health ” minister is to feed you shit food so that you will vacate the hospital in disgust. Anybody who eats the shit in here needs their heads examined, and a good doctor too Ha Ha


    All the staff here are excellent tho, hard working, honest, reliable, don`t know how they put up with me at all!


    That’s the official policy?

    What you in there for, anyway (if you want to say)?


    Get well Sodacake. take care of yourself.


    FME, you auld softy you, i`m gonna copy and paste that and hang it on my wall at home. Thanks


    Some1, the day Michael Jackson died, 25 June 2009, i had a triple bypass operation. I have been fine up to new years eve, then about 12.30pm i collapsed at home. Apparently my blood pressure went down through my boots.

    Only for the fast action of my lovely family i would be writting this from the fires below. Keeping watch over the horned ones actions.


    I think that you should also hang “The longer you stay sick, The more money they make.” on the wall. Or at least somewhere where the docs and nurses won’t see it, and then tell the chef to give you turnips EVERY day as punishment!

    I also think that you should say it like this: the day i had a triple bypass operation, 25 June 2009, Michael Jackson died. I mean, as much of a fan of MJ that I am, who’s more important here? Let someone else keep watch over the horned ones for a while longer – a long while.

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