Happy Yuletide

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Dec 252010

A bit late in the day, due to being busy fixing my relatives’ burst pipes, may I wish all our readers a happy and cheerful Yuletide?

I’m afraid I couldn’t get any of the sullen, indolent lazy oafs in the Bockschloss to write anything special to mark the occasion, but let me assure you, the readers are constantly in my thoughts.  Bastards.

Here are some posts of Christmas past.  If they haven’t already sickened you, this is your chance to be repelled by the moral void that is BTR.

Time for a drink and a mince pie.

Talk to you later folks and thanks for taking the time to read this fucking drivel.

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    Fuck you, Bock – ol buddy – fuck you.


    Right back at ya you big wheelie bin full o doggie droppings!!!!!


    Drink and a mince pie, you say?

    Mine’s a large Jameson (or a large Middleton, if you’re feeling particularly magnanimous).

    I fucking hate mince pies.


    Enjoy it, and feck the begrudgers.


    i put a poem up because it’s technically not my holiday, sugar! enjoy the day and the time and the spirit and know that you have a place on the plantation (inside, of course) and in our hearts, ya witty fecker! xoxoxox


    Happy Christmas Bock, and to all of the readers and commenters on the site as well.

    Looking forward to your continued offensiveness in 2011!!


    Happy Julfest!
    The good old Germanic celebration (and other Northern cultures from times agone – lovely oldfashioned word, innit? agone), where people once celebrated the darkest time of the year with all the food and drink they could muster, in expectation that better days will come, no matter what.
    But not for Ireland, obviously. At least not, until in Januaray all the bills are looming, and the economy will crash completely some time in the new year.

    But we all know that.
    I’m just babbling away, full of roast duck and potatoe dumplings, red cabbage and Rioja and strawberry icecram. No mincepies, thankfully, the most awful invention in culinary Ireland.

    Bock and most of the other posters, I want to thank you for being controversial, contrary and critical, and still basically good-hearted. A rare combination. I enjoy this blog no end, even if I don’t agree with every opinion. But hey, that’s the fun! And food for thought.

    I’m going all sentimental now, I’ll probably regret this post tomorrow…
    A full stomach (and Rioja) does that to you.


    Bollix! :¬)

    (It’s the Mojitos! Traditional ‘Island Field’ bevvies!) hic!


    Feliz Navidades Bock


    Was working like a mad thing today (yesterday by now) as well.

    Not a bad way to spend the holiday actually. Merry Christmas fella. Did someone mention mojitos?


    Bock, thanks for the drivel. And Steve, you don’t think that there might still be some more of it this year? Still another few days to go to add to the year’s offensive offerings.

    So Savannah, what IS technically your holiday? Oh, and not to be contrary or anything, but happy belated Hannukah!


    Seasons greetings.


    ” Mojitos! Traditional ‘Island Field’ bevvies”.. haha. God I miss home.

    For Christmas dinner I had eggplant parmigiana, lasagne, salad, some chicken dish – marsala I think… sweet potatoes and other assortments were all laid out.
    I was thinking.. where’s my fucking turkey and stuffing and roast potatoes and sprouts, ffs! So ungrateful I am.

    Happy Yuletide all.


    Sprout’s…..mmmm !
    Seasons greetings y’all !


    Well sorry Bock, not really into this religious/commericial festival. Can have this any day of the year! Still not interested YAWN!


    All right. If that’s your preference, consider yourself excluded from the good wishes.


    Happy Holidays to all.


    Season’s Greeting Bock, and sorry for derailing an earlier thread!


    Happy happiness and good luck in 2011.

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