Miserable old priests defend child abuse

Clerics still fail to understand child abuse

I’ve been feeling very grumpy lately, which isn’t like me, as you know.  I suppose it might have to do with the fact that the country is completely broke thanks to the criminals in the banks and the fools in government, but that can’t be the whole story.

It has to be more than that.  If I believed in bullshit, I’d say it was a bad aura, but since I don’t believe in bullshit, I won’t say that.

Talking of bullshit, did you hear that fucking eejit, Monsignor Maurice Dooley, on the radio today?  [A reader reminds me that it was a repeat of an old interview, as part of the year’s round-up.]

This is the fool who made a complete ape of himself last March by telling the nation that bishops have no obligation to report crimes of child-rape to the civil authorities.  Maurice Dooley is a former professor of canon law, which tells you all you need to know about canon law — shit they made up.  Dooley thinks canon law is superior to the law of the land, and sees no problem with the cover-up of the Catholic hierarchy,  including Seán Brady, swearing raped children to secrecy.

That’s Cardinal Seán Brady.

What an absolute prick.

This evening, on Matt Cooper’s show, Dooley tried the same nonsense, and promptly walked into a wall of opposition in the shape of Colm O Gorman, who exposed the morally-bereft waffler for the bullshitter that he is.

Why?  Because although Maurice Dooley might know all there is to be known about the rules of his church, he has no standing in this State.  As Michael McDowell memorably expressed it, the rules of Dooley’s church have the same standing in this country as the rules of a golf club.  No more and no less.

When a golfer abuses children, I don’t want to hear some club manager telling me that he’s protected by the rules of golf.

O Gorman challenged the arrogant cleric and beat him hands down, reducing the miserable old fool to moaning about intemperate language.  He confronted Dooley on his use of the word “jousting”, which is precisely what Dooley himself does.  Playing word-games and indulging in the immature, undergraduate games he and his fellow applicants for the priesthood used to play when they were 19, while at the same time ignoring the reality of rape.  It was all they had to keep them amused, in the absence of a mature sexual relationship, but Maurice is getting on now.  You’d think he might find a new way to sublimate his rage at never getting laid.

Dooley was getting his rocks off on the radio until Colm O Gorman challenged his hypocrisy, and all the morallly-bankrupt old cleric could do was complain about intemperate language.

It’s not intemperate if it’s true, and Colm O Gorman nailed the old hypocrite.

These guys call themselves Canon Lawyers, when in fact they’re not lawyers of any sort, but simply dispensers of Catholic rules.  And these are the same people who shut down all disclosure to the civil power when the bishops knew full well that crimes had taken place.  Only last week, when Chapter 19 of the  Murphy Report was published, we saw the power of these pedants.  We saw how Gerard Sheehy, another ideologue in the mould of Dooley, instructed one bishop after another not to inform the police about child rape by a priest.  “Outrageous” was Sheehy’s word for the suggestion that the police should be informed.

And one bishop after another obeyed the miserable old bully, leaving the way open for the rapists to continue abusing children.

In many ways, I suppose we should be grateful for gobshites like Maurice Dooley, who continue to expose the true attitude of the Catholic church. Maurice is like the proverbial Japanese soldier on the remote Pacific island who doesn’t know the Emperor has surrendered, except that in Maurice’s case, he’s right. The Emperor hasn’t surrendered. Last week, we were treated to the spectacle of Ratzo telling us that back in the Seventies, nobody knew it was wrong to be fucking children.

That struck me as a very strange statement from the head of a church so obseesed with sex.

I can guarantee you that back in the Seventies, the Catholic church knew it was wrong to be fucking dogs and goats. After all, they spent most of their time telling the world it was wrong to be fucking your hand.

But somehow, they overlooked children.

Dogs, goats, sheep, hands, all bad.

Children? Not so much.

That’s the Catholic church.

They knew it was evil to put a piece of rubber on the end of your dick, but somehow they couldn’t see much wrong with fucking a child.

Nice one Ratzo. A severe case of mortal relativism, in my opinion.

21 thoughts on “Miserable old priests defend child abuse

  1. Just to point out Bock, todays broadcast was a repeat, but, that aside just a sweet none the less, Canon Law has no more relevance in Civil Law than the rules of your local tiddlywink club.

  2. Can anybody tell me what day it was first broadcast on? I usually listen live but collect the podcasts anyway, sounds like a juicy session.

  3. I just listened to it! Wow! Talk about being deluded?
    “Are you accusing Cardinal Brady of not knowing the difference between right and wrong?” (This was asked as a dare!)
    Yes, personally, I think he has shown us himself that he didn’t and doesn’t.
    I was only young during the 70s. I knew fine that it was wrong to rape anyone. We were taught that it was wrong to have sex with anyone, not to mind rape anyone. Who taught us? The guys who now claim they didn’t know it was wrong to rape a child!!!!!!!!

    He said – If a priest went around blabbing “he would lose the confidence of his clientele”.
    Clientele? Like prostitutes’ clientele? Strange words to use.
    Did he mean the people, the flock, the Catholics?
    Who are the clientele? Who were they protecting? The rapists!
    Lose confidence?
    Done in spades, lads, don’t ye even realise that much.

    Intemperate language?
    This subject deserves and requires intemperate language!
    Well done, Colm O’ Gorman!

    Anyone else see Reg Holesworth in the picture above?

  4. Maurice Dooley is an absolute despicable, miserable, vile, morally reprehensible, fucking cunt who’d be better off dead. These people have nothing of value to offer in the way of moral guidance. I’m listening to his babble and he states “Now, should he have told the guards what he had learned from this investigation?”.. “he (Seán Brady) had no obligation to report anything whatsoever to the guards”.

    Maurice Dooley is a vile, morally corrupt individual.. what a fucking twat. These people are sickening.
    Do people really go and listen to this cunt of a Sunday? Seriously?

    I’d show him intemperate.. jesus. What a fucking pompous, conceited little weasel.

  5. What the hell is canon law ?.I thought canon law was the more gunpowder you put in the further the ball flew.

  6. Oh ok so I guess in their book that makes them a state within a state,where their rules and laws override the Nations laws.So that explains why the Pope in his christmas speech was angry with the Chinese goverment not allowing their catholics to be controlled by and loyal to him.Protestants on the other hand if I get it right are only loyal to their church within the confines of their own state and its laws.So the catholic church in a sense could be considered a subversive organisation.

  7. The ‘wounded healer’ Sean Brady is still in his job moralising. This is the man who swore two teenagers to secrecy after they had been raped by Brendan Smyth. Can you imagine that?
    Utter contempt for the victims. And this man Brady rose through the ranks to become Primate of all Ireland.
    Not one politician of any party has spoken out and asked Brady to resign. I find that hard to believe,but it’s true.

  8. I have to confess Bock, facing into another year of the same old crap except worse, doesn’t make the happiest bunny around either.

    Resolution: pay much less attention to domestic political issues – the signal to noise ratio is far too low, as is the rate of change. Which just leads to frustration.

  9. I wish the rest of the country was as outraged. One has to wonder why not. Why does Ireland, bathed in the the bright light of truth about the abuse of children, continue to deny and ignore this catastrophe historical event? Nobody will talk about it, hoping it will go away. It won’t until they do.

  10. Heard this yesterday. What an arrogant prick that Maurice Dolittle is. He basically seemed to say that Brady did nothing wrong at the time, as on paper, he broke no laws. I think Matt Cooper should have pushed him even more on the moral and ethical obligation to tell the police at the time.
    Outrageous that Dolittle thought it was not wrong to keep quiet about it….

  11. Thought it was good timing – my official acceptance of resignation from the catholic church came through last week. Or as they put it “my defection”.

    The words “defectio ab ecclesia catholica actu formalie”have been entered beside my baptism record.

    A great day for me.

    So far those I’ve told have been honestly shocked… I tell them by way of explanation that the event is just like quitting the local snooker club. If I don’t like the carry on or the rules I quit. Easy as that.

    Canon law. Rules like any other club. The golf club rules, as you say, Bock.

    (Those of ye interested go to the web site “Count me out”.

  12. Monsignor Maurice Dooley’s defence of Father (now Cardinal) Sean Brady was that he was justified in ignoring his conscience because he was obliged to follow procedures.

    That defence seems nonsensical, even by reference to the teachings of his own church.

    There is an old administrative adage: “Strictures of principle are sacrosanct; strictures of procedure are not.”

    Or, to put it more simply, conscience is more important than procedure.

    That is a rule of every legitimate administration – including even the Catholic Church. St Thomas Aquinas, the foremost Catholic theologian and philosopher, held that Catholics must follow their consciences even if it brought them into conflict with the Church.

    And even Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, held likewise:

    “Over the pope as expression of the binding claim of ecclesiastical authority, there stands ones own conscience which must be obeyed before all else, even if necessary against the requirement of ecclesiastical authority …” (Joseph Ratzinger, in Commentary on the Documents of Vatican II, Vol. V, pg. 134. Vorgrimler, New York, Herder and Herder, 1967).

    However, Dooley, in his “jousting” on the radio contradicted that rule in belittling the role of conscience as subordinate to procedure. He thus claims that Brady was correct in adhering to procedure and ignoring any qualms of conscience regarding children being sexually abused as a result of his following procedure rather than conscience.

    Perhaps Dooley is not as learned as he seems to believe he is.

    I was prompted to belatedly post this comment by a letter in The Irish Times today, “Abuse victims’ right to justice”, which eloquently describes the plight of victims of clerical sexual abuse who fled to England seeking, in many cases unsuccessfully, to make a life for themselves there.

    Here’s the link:


    Meanwhile Sean Brady is still very much a cardinal over here.

    One can only imagine how clerical sexual abuse victims feel about that.

  13. Or any abused victim, because this rippled down through a whole society. All abuse is rotten and the roman catholic churches core is rotten.

  14. CATHOLICABUSESURVIVORSNI.COM. the bock should be a top lawyer, as cardinal sean brady and his bishops would never attempt to answer this 100% factual case against the catholic church, the centre issue here is the vile father maurice dooley’s defence of a paedophile protector the primate of all ireland. the issues youve heard, we can confirm that after 1975 father brendan smyth dresssed always in his pagan attire used catholic church funds to travel world wide to sexually abuse catholic children, he at the invite of the sisters of nazareth childrens home belfast lived in their raping children ,the same in nazareth house,the notorious child raping brutal de la salle christian brothers invited him to stay in rubane house boys home kircubbin where he raped little boys as did most of the christian brothers. there are a lot worse than him still active.canon law is tripe man made religeous rules that mean nothing in the courts. cardinal sean brady has been exposed in four other child sex abuse cases in the media since, he is working with peter robinson firstminister through another canon lawyer /decietful babbler father tim bartlett to bury the catholic churches child raping and torture activities in the childrens orphanages and parishes that he knows all about. the catholic church has been settling thousands of civil actions in the belfast courts for decades as it didnt stop at the imaginary border.liar cardinal sean brady or reprobate monsignor maurice dooley the gauntlet is thrown in your face come on any platform and defend the above websites exposure of your unbiblical religeon and practices anytime anywhere.

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