The Rubberbandits

Well-known Limerick comedy act

I deliberately avoided being part of the hype over the Rubberbandits, even though people have been asking why I didn’t mention them.

As it happens, I did mention them, on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and attracted over a hundred replies, almost all disagreeing with what I said.

Fair enough. People are entitled to their opinion, and in my opinion, the Rubberbandits are a good novelty act, parodying a particular slice of society.  Unfortunately, however, you can never underestimate the cynicism or laziness of mainstream journalists.

Back in the late 80s, Scrap Saturday was a fine satirical radio show, written by, among others, Limerickman Gerry Stembridge.

Scrap Saturday tried to parody Limerick scobies by coining the phrase Stab City, and what happened? Every idiot journalist in Ireland latched onto it as a substitute for thinking.  In the drink-addled brains of hacks up and down the land, Stab City became established fact, and the name spread across the fucking world.  It spread so effectively that the city suffered economically as a result.

I have nothing against the Rubberbandits. I think they’re funny, and I think they made a complete fool of Joe “The Oaf” Duffy, which is always a good thing in my book, but my fear is that they offer an open goal to the same brainless hacks who would prefer a readymade stereotype instead of having to think.

And that’s the only reason I have misgivings about the Rubberbandits.

Apart from that, good luck to them.

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  1. Fair point BOCK but the ‘stab city’ label could have been used to an economic effect wholly opposite to what actually occurred. As I recall, it was the idiots on the city council who stirred up the shyte about stab city being a negative thing and those same hacks simply followed that lead.
    Same shit happened back in the seventies when Stevie Coughlan brought a blaze of negative publicity to the city when a shop over by King John’s castle started selling Mao’s Little Red Book. The whole debacle ended abruptly when some clever tosser fired a bullet from a rifle at the shop front, one Sunday morning; that’s all it took to end that idiocy. The city council never get it right in these things as all they see is an opportunity to get their own names in print and this gets votes; their logic, they will never see the bigger picture.
    The councilors, if they could ever have any sense, could have set up a manufacturing facility in the city for stab city merchandise. They could have made a bloody fortune. That’s my opinion on ‘stab city’.
    As for the Bandits, they’re doing something on a very commercial level never done before, here in Limerick, I think. and where they lead us will doubtless be somewhere many will not want to go. But that’s human nature. There is always censorship of course.
    You could look for that, after all, why should the arts be allowed free reign outside public scrutiny?

  2. I agree with all that Bock. Except that, well, I’d say the lazy tabloid journalists have already stereotyped Limerick in a negative light, so it’s too late to be worried about an open goal as such.. they regularly show their ignorance and rely on the slogans and brainless babble.
    So I think The Rubberbandits can’t do much more harm really. Maybe people will think, these guys could be being ironic. Maybe not. Joe Duffy made a bit of an eegit of himself in that regard.

    I have an idea for the boys. Do some sketches of them showing all the nice restaurants and pubs with great music in Limerick and them not being able to get into them maybe.
    Show some of our fabulous city, the architecture, the scenic areas all about.
    ‘Dat’s Limerick City’ – Their guide to Limerick city was ok.. but could have shown more of Limerick and less of them. “what’s the highest score you’ve ever gotten on snake on your mobile phone?” “when did you get your holy communion..bla bla bla” “there’s the guards” Yawn..
    I could think of funnier stuff for them, that’d everyone could be proud of too. That should totally be their stance – them not getting past security anywhere in the nice parts (not just the few deprived areas) and showing our lovely city to boot.

  3. The tabloidiots will always try to create the worst possible story out of almost anything, especially to people and places outside a capital city.
    It’s the same in most countries. Perhaps the real problem is that some people in for example Limerick feel it’s a problem – then it becomes a problem.

  4. It becomes a problem when, for instance, people from outside Limerick are reluctant to attend concerts at Thomond Park.

  5. They’re not very funny, not their sketches on the Republic of telly anyway, that’s the problem, their material is very poor, but their music is good and the Willie O Dea song is clever enough.

  6. It is rare in the past 15 years that I have told any person, who had ever been to Ireland, that I am originally from Limerick City, that I have not been greeted with the reply of “OH Stab City” I brace myself for it. I think the Rubberbandits are funny and they do the accent to a tee but I have to say I’m a litttle embarrased by them as well. Lets face it they parody the city’s worst possible side, and nobody is comfortable exposing their least attractive traits for the world to see.

  7. What a load of bollocks tom, just showed this to a load of Cork fella’s and they pissed themselves and the first thing they asked was where are they from.

  8. They take the mickey out of scumbags, which can only be a good thing. I’ll never look at a nack in a shiny tracksuit the same way again. I think they are possibly getting away with it, seeing as they are from Limerick?
    I do think the Rep of Telly sketces were a bit watered down, but I suppose they can’t cut loose properly on tv.
    I think their songs are well put together and witty,
    From what I heard of them on the national media the last few weeks, they are well able to take care of themselves, well able to stand up for themselves, and well able to defend Limerick city,
    I thought the line the came out with about the Dublin media always assuming that people from Limerick like rugby was a good one…I like that they don’t give a sh*te about rugby. Too many people hawking the Munster rugby thing around. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s a bit overkill….
    In a weird way , I think they have been good for the city, as far as being in the national media goes…
    However, someone on Newstalk last week described their humour as “rural”…..

  9. It might be true that there’s a risk of their video stuff risks becoming a pigeon hole and creating handy stereotypes for the pigeon brained but listen to some of their pranks calls aswell. They may keep the Limerick accents but it’s a wider Limerick and not always scobes. Hilarious stuff. I especially like the Bank one.

  10. I’d say they re more than a novelty act Bock. Considering they were the highest viewed Irish music act on you tube long before horse outside came out and they have been given the midnight slot at electric picnic 2009 and 2010 where smaller acts are lucky to get a midday slot in some miniscule stage in some distant field. For long term bandit fans like myself [and 26 000 other facebook fans which is the number they had prior to Horse Outside its now 115000] the horse outside video is a distraction really as most people out there are defining them by it. It’s hard to knock it as it’s so good on so many levels [not easy to write a hit melody ask the greats] but it dosen’t have the surreal intelligence of some of the other stuff [ bank/wheelie bin/willie o dea/greyhound shuffle/up da ra /anthonys eye] Finally lets be clear here Rubberbandits are from Limerick but they re not a football/hurling team that wear green jerseys in other words it’s not their responsibility to represent the city. They re comedians so if they have a skit about Limerick that’s funny that some of our more precious citizens might not appreciate well hopefully they ll do their job correctly and not adjust for other peoples insecurities.They are a breath of fresh air to say the least and I expect lots more out of them.

  11. Limerick is a funny one. I never understood why this city was singled out from our other cities.
    I lived there for a few years while I was in college – before Scrap Saturday. My parents warned me at that time to be careful becuase “Limerick is a rough city”. I never saw one bit of trouble. I think my parents would have said that about any city maybe, but Limerick did have a reputation even then (so did Cork “joyriders” and Dublin was “full of drugs”).
    Thousands of parents are happy to send their children to college in Limerick every year (including myself), so I think we can see beyond the reputation.
    I have a soft spot for Limerick. No media report or comedy duo will dent that.

  12. Brefinie — This is just a guess, but I reckon the lads will have moved on to other projects withing a few years.

    For the sake of clarity, I’m not saying they should represent Limerick or anywhere else. I’m simply saying that the non-thinking sections of the media prefer a cliché to a genuine idea because it saves drinking time.

  13. Limericks reputation is the result of a number of events. Lazy journalism, the willingness of the national print media and the luvvies in Montrose to publicise the negativity and social deprivation here. The willingness of lazy hacks such as Barry Duggan to report the negative time and again at the expense of the positive. The Dublin based and thus centered media are responsible foe a greart many untruths.

    1/ Dublin is the finest city in the known world, and better than anything unknown
    2/ Kerry is the Kingdom. Kerry is full of cute hoors and I feel dirty after a visit
    3/ Galway is a crime free city with a permenant mardi gras
    4/ All incoming American tourists want to see Clerys shop before hiring a car a driving to the west coast

    It’s up to Limerick City council to get visitors here to dispel these myths. Personally I can’t see thise gobshites managing that. They have been handed Munster rugby on a plate, they can’t arrange one other event free of bickering to attract tourists. The buck stops at Tom Mackeys desk.

  14. Most local authorities have some bit of tourist tokenism on their websites, but I don’t believe the function is laid down anywhere or funded. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be. I’m only saying I don’t think it’s currently part of their legal remit. Maybe I’m wrong about that.

  15. Back to the Bandits. Been keeping an eye on these terrors(ists) for some time now. Since their early prank call days right up to their recent reinvention of the classic children’s song “horsey keep your tail up” and I think they are just fucken brilliant. Being in a band myself where sometimes our original compositions will enter the world of comic surrealism, is great But these guys have nailed it on the head. Just fucking wonderful. I only hope that they never sit down and try to figure out how they do it, cause many a free spirited group has perished on this rock. And as the wise old limerick philosopher Magwa Brawn once said, and I quote ” Get off the republic of telly ship, for it will only bring thee up shit creek”

  16. I agree Bock. Hard to see them doing this in 5 years time, but who knows. It will hopefully open other doors for them, and best of luck to them! They may as well make hay now.

  17. I’d agree with Long John Silver. The “Horse Outside” video is a brilliant piece of work. And the Willie O’Dea video isn’t far behind.

    From what I can see, most people, whether from Limerick or not, regard it as a very positive reflection on Limerick, showcasing Limerick’s native humour musicality and talent generally – not to mention the exceptional beauty of Limerick women.

    I don’t know how the Rubberbandits are going to follow that performance but like millions of others I’m looking forward to their next production.

  18. Stab city is only a big deal to the people from Limerick. People outside don’t give a shit. I think you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously and blaming the coiner name on a comedian is a bit much.

  19. “Stab city is only a big deal to the people from Limerick.” As homer would say – D’oooh.

    Yes it’s a big deal to some in Limerick David, because it’s not fucking true. When people associate you with knives the minute you tell them where you’re from, you mightn’t take it with much levity yourself.

  20. Are the Rubberbandits great performers? – yes
    Are the Rubberbandits good composers? – yes
    Are the Rubberbandits lampooning the national media’s lazy image of Limerick? – yes
    Are the Rubberbandits just one dimensional? – No, I am sure they have many strings to their bows and will get better and better. Provided they are not derailed and watered down by the national broadcasting company R.T.E.
    Would they get wound up when they hear someone use the old worn out cliche “Stab city” – No they would not. Again I refer to the old Limerick Philosopher Magwa Brawn “Limerick city is not just a “sporting” city. Another lazy national media tag. For centuries, It has also had a very strong artistic community in all its forms, music, poetry, painting, writing etc, and if you dont like it fuck off back to cork or dublin or wherever – Now Dats Limerick City Kid”

  21. Ah Cashy and Noonie. The city of stabnisis finest. Plenty of horses outside the city theatre for T & P during the christmas panto run. Golden days Kid!

  22. Who’s the old Limerick Philosopher Magwa Brawn? Is she your one who hangs around outside Luigi’s chipper asking Luigi’s customers for money for chips, most likely booze though? (I have her sussed)
    Very wise so she is. Sorry to Magwa, if that’s not her.

  23. FME, Magwa Brawn was born in Henry St in the year of our lord 1889. He went to leameys school where he completed his primary education. His primary results were so outstanding that a copy of his Primary cert still hangs in the Hunt museum to this day. After completing his education he went to work in Mattersons Pork factory as an apprentice pork butcher. After completing his apprenticeship he eventually became a master pork butcher at mattersons. Or as Robert might say “he got a masters in pork butchering” His piece-de-resistance was the creation of a meat loaf similar to the tinned corn beef we know and love. It still carries his name to this day. How many times have you heard the call in your local butcher shop “a quarter of brawn there please mary and two eyebones” It was usually during the hand mixing of this delicacy that he came up with most of his important philosophical utterances.

  24. LJS Thanks for that , Love those stories about Limerick characters.
    +1 to RB’s they will be the new Fr Ted yet.

  25. “The city doth protest too much methinks”. Limerick people take themselves too seriously when they react to and start defending Stab City remarks. It just gives credibility to it IMHO. If my kids ever complain of being picked on in school I tell them to parody it or laugh back. The bully will only come back to someone that reacts to the taunt. If Limerick people stopped reacting esp. officialdom from Limerick the taunts would just go away. Surely adults don’t need to be told that

    I’m a proud Limerickman and have lived in Dublin, cork, Clare and Galway. I don’t know how many times I have got the Stab city slag from workmates (& that’s all it is most of the time – a slag) and I just laugh it off rather than become a victim. I also bring it up myself – eg WTH are you givin’ a knife to me for? We need to lighten up and stop taking ourselves so seriously. This is exactly what the bandits are doing for Limerick but there are always twats like ‘Anthony’ on Liveline who will drag limerick back into the dirt with their indignant protests. There was even a councilor called Leddin who complained on official council time that the bandits had said they knew nothing about Rugby on RTE – talk about stereotypes!!!

  26. I was in Limerick in November on business. I stayed in the (relatively new) Clarion and went to a few pubs around the city and was pleasantly surprised at the general buzz in the place.
    Would I go back for a holiday break? Definitely.

  27. Glad to hear that. The town is full of live music venues of high quality. Many are free of charge. Lots of nice pubs. As you say, the buzz.

  28. To be fair to the bandits they do make a good point about parking and nct costs in that song. It is also a fact that in the near future we’ll be back to bicycles and horses to get around.

  29. Still think you’re missing the point here Bock.”A novelty act”seems very dismissive of artists who have been working to get to this point for ten years.They produce their own music,promote,do PR and distribute all by themsleves(also with a little help from RTE very recently).
    Just because they are not strumming guitars,and use comedy as a medium,doesn’t make their music any less credible in my eyes.I have seen the set up they are using to make their music and it is unbelievably primitive and limited yet they could give anyone a run for their money.
    The laziness of the Dublin media is exactly that,Dublins’ problem,nothing to do with the lads,so let them get on with their thing to the best of their abilities.Joe Duffy was made an arse out of by their intelligent debate and explanation.They should not compromise anything they do just because of where they are from,they are taking the piss out of scumbag idiots everywhere,not just our local variety.
    Just had a look there and 4.5 MILLION hits on youtube.Fair fucks to them,long may it continue!

  30. Only one thing is more in vogue than the Rubberbandits at the moment, and that’s being condescending enough to refer to the lads as “intelligent”. In the way you’d call a dog “intelligent”. Rotten.

  31. Bock ,Quite fetching ? Whats that, the back of your bollicks? Oh no sorry get it now ref. “Dog” “intelligent” Just as well your bark is worse then your bite. Too much porter over the weekend maybe?

  32. What an ironic thread. People from Limerick bitching about how Limerick is referred to as Stab city. It’s mindnumbing at this stage. I have lived in Limerick for the last 7 years and countless times do I hear the locals complaining about Dublin medja bias.Winge fucking winge. Limerick is a fine city with great people but sometimes I think it’s the reaction of the locals which predetermines what will be written in the media. They know there’s an easy reaction out there so stop giving them easy ammunition. Pun maybe intended.

  33. “Limerick is a fine city with great people but sometimes I think it’s the reaction of the locals which predetermines what will be written in the media.” Nope. That’s wrong.

  34. David there is nothing “ironic” about the thread. The thread is about the Rubberbandits. Bock thinks the bandits are no more then a novelty act. An opinion which I strongly disagree with. Some contributors are veering away from the original thread. Do you have an opinion on the Bandits? In fact most of the posts referring to stab city are emanating from your good self. I am presuming that there is only one david on the thread.

  35. And what’s more, I welcome the fact that Mr Silver strongly disagrees with my opinion. However, it’s a bit unfair to say that I think they’re “no more” than a novelty act. I see nothing wrong with novelty acts, and I have even gone so far as to compare the Rubberbandits with Tom and Paschal. There can be no higher praise.

  36. I just have one question.. In all sincerity, who the flying fuck are Tom and Paschal? ha
    They musta been some hoot, but I can’t remember um.

    Great comment from Paulie..
    “Only one thing is more in vogue than the Rubberbandits at the moment, and that’s being condescending enough to refer to the lads as “intelligent”. In the way you’d call a dog “intelligent”. Rotten.” haha
    If that’s a certain red headed Paulie.. just wanted to say hi.. :)

  37. FME, Magwa Brawn was a big fan of Tom and Paschal. In fact he would pass slices of his delicious tasty meat loaf around the City Theatre during the Tom and Paschal shows intermission. That’s how far Back we’re going ha ha.
    I would be inclined to move the Bandits up a notch or two in the direction of Frank Zappa.
    “Hey now people I’m Bobby Brown. They say I’m the cutest boy on town. My cars are fast and my teeth are shiny. I tell all the girls they can kiss my hynee”

  38. I think Zappa cited Tom and Paschal as one of his major influences. As far as I know, Studebaker Hawk was a direct homage to Paschal’s iconic anthem, The Stain On Me Father’s Pyjamas from his rock opera, Nonie and Kattie Get Smashed.

  39. On the ball Kid! “Studebaker hawk he’s really outta sight, Studebaker Hawk he treats the flies alright. Studebaker Hawk, that why they never bite. He was sooo mysterious. If you look closely at the album cover while standing with one foot in the toilet bowl and down a large Jack Daniels n coke in one go. You can just make out the image of Tom, Paschal and Mr Hawk taking off in a telephone booth in the direction of the Mojave desert…… Well it worked for me!

  40. Oh that’s right Long John.. tis all coming back to me now.
    I wonder did Magma really have a horse outside.. haaaaaa.haaaa.

  41. Long John Silver; reads Bocks original post and stop being such a numpty. Your clearly ignoring what he posted.

  42. Sorry David you have me lost. Firstly whats a numpty? Did humpty dumpty become a numpty when he fell off the wall? What am I ignoring on the post?

  43. If one examines cultural theory, one is faced with a choice: either accept realism or conclude that reality may be used to entrench class divisions. In a sense, a number of narratives concerning a mythopoetical reality may be found. The pretextual paradigm of narrative states that the Act and the Actor are capable of significance. I think David accuses you of deliberately ignoring this point.

  44. I think David is cleverly alluding to the famous Limerick Judge, Conan Grimes, who used to talk like he was down with the kids. Y’know, “Let me axe you a question” and “I reads the papers, like”. Nice one David. Very subtle. Really really subtle but can we get back to the Bandits.

  45. Fuck your humpty dumpty – I’ve a horse outside
    Fuck your pound of brawn – I!ve a horse outside.
    Havent time to finish the song, the horses bollicks is turnen blue out in the car park.
    What with the cold like! Know what I mean.

  46. Funnily enough, Justice Conan Grimes introduced the first custodial sentence for horse husbandry.

  47. Jesus Lemonhead! Were men marrying horses in Limerick, back in the day?
    Now dats limerick city kid!

  48. Well reports are sketchy at best but Conan was from a long line of horsey people and adopted a no-nonsense approach to that kind of thing.

  49. All starting to make sense now. I mean how many times have you overheard the comment in the pub “Jesus she’s a fine mare that one” or “Jaysus, look at that one. She’s like a piebald with a tick eyebrow and a black spot on her arse” And I thought the reason we all had long faces in Limerick was on account of the economy. Where in fact its probably to do with……..jeez my mind is blown! The Bandits aren’t just song writers. Their the keepers of our great Limerick traditions. Porter gimme Porter!

  50. Absolutely. And what about the old adage, “he’s got a fine stable of young wans”?

  51. Come on Munsters! “Ah go way ref, with your big horses head n you. Their off side all day”
    I’ll have to trot down to the nearest pub for a pint and a feed bag…I mean a bag of crisps!

  52. Especially for Long John Silver who s been admirably fighting the case for the defence and clearly enjoys his humour packaged in a flann O brien ist ic fashion that wonderfully infuriates the insecure, as do the bandits of course. Well now the biggest comedy web site in the world has named ‘Horse Outside’ number one in their ‘5 satirists attacked by people who totally missed the point compilation.’ No. one ahead of Monthy Python and Jonathon Swift in fact.
    Now that is Limerick city.

  53. When you say “attacked”, do you mean “questioned” or “criticised”?

    I hope not, because that would be very insecure indeed. Wouldn’t it?

  54. ‘I’ don t mean anything ‘5 satirists attacked by people who totally missed the point’ is the name of the article on

  55. As have you mine and as another great Irish satirist once wrote ‘it is always worth whilst asking a question but not always worth whilst answering one’

  56. Goring to Chiltern my good man…an ideal husband.Oscar.wilde .1894 but I could be wrong about the date.

  57. Indeed he did Bock however in the original script he used the word ‘though’ instead of ‘but’ ….I hope that s not what you re getting at is it?

  58. Oscar Wilde had a reasonably good grasp of English and would be mortified if anyone thought he had said “worth whilst”.

    Your quotations are letting you down. Time for a new strategy.

  59. Ha Ha …brilliant that s the written equivalent of Joe Duffy asking Blindboy ‘can you talk properly.’ Strategy? Wasn t aware that one were needed…this bandits thing has really rattled you there bock. See what you make of this quote

    “If you’re the kind of person who insists on this or that ‘correct’ use… abandon your pedantry as I did mine. Dive into the open flowing waters and leave the stagnant canals be… Above all, let there be pleasure!”—Stephen Fry
    Apologies if there are any grammatical errors in advance. All jokes aside its great to see a local band make it on to such a global comedy web site isn t it.?

  60. Thanks briefnie. May your shoes always be loose and your glass filled with the porter of your choice. Next time quote Magwa Brawn. You have my permission to expand and mispell at your discertion. You will find most of his quotes in “The Limerick Soviet – a philosophy by Magwa Brawn”

  61. Briefnie — You were the one trying to quote Oscar Wilde, not me. Wouldn’t you do the man a bit of justice, or else stick to quoting Tupac.

  62. Ah Bock having a go at Tupac or is it me or Wilde or yourself perhaps..hard to tell.. to stick with the aforementioned Magwa Brawn who famously took umbrage to a remark concerning his apparant misuse of a conjunctive adverb in a letter which he had written to the Irish Times entitled ‘the ludicrous price of pig slurry on the black market’ .Magwa struck the board and cried no more before proclaiming ‘grammatical elitism is the last refuge of those without a solid argument.’ This incident is said to have taken place at a private poker game in a small office at the back of ranks on the dock road. In a further twist the man who had accused Magwa of his misuse of English was seeing throwing up in to the river shannon, [at old man’s Kilkee to be exact], the following day. Legend has it that Magwa had pissed on the man’s chips in the O Connell grill the night before. Long John Silver can perhaps verify [or not] the story.

  63. LJS — You’re absolutely right. It was the Capri. And I believe the other location was Poor Man’s Kilkee.

    Magwa hated grammatical elitism and he was dead right. However, he also hated illiteracy. He was famous for never avoiding a question.

  64. Fair play bock you addressed the bandits issue [a bit] ever thought that Long John and briefnie might be the same person. just followed the thread there and they seem to be rather cleverly giving you the run around.

  65. Tommy – Well kid ,how’s tings?
    Two points to make Tommy boy.
    Point no one. Myself and the Breimyster are not the same two persons in the one god. Its confusing enough, with the Catholic church telling us that god is made up of 3 people.
    In fact I know as much about briefrnie as you do.

    Point 2 ” giving bock the run around” I doubt it said croker. In fact I think Bock is well tuned into the banter.

    Anyway how’s the missus? See you in rashers for a pint of a tuesday. alright kid?

  66. Thanks Long John the missus is good since she finally managed to get down far enough to bite off that ingrown toe nail that I was telling you about. She wanted me to do it for her the snaily b****h so I gave her a DVD on yoga and presto after 2 weeks of unnatural limb movements she managed to get there. I suppose she can throw that vibrator on to the same scrap heap I was thrown onto now that she s all double and triple jointed and all….that s the greyhound shuffle.

  67. The term stab city was around long before scrap saturday , One new years eve in limerick around the begining of the 80’s , a student was stabbed by some drunken Yob , it was after this incident that the Scum in dublin gave us that name stab city .

    i was tired of the bandits 2 years ago , does RTE have shares in them , cos its giving them an awful lot of exposure

  68. Best of luck with hoping for less exposure Derek…I have it from reliable sources that BBC,Channel 4, and wait for it HBO in the states are also interested in ‘having shares’ in our fellow Limerickmen. Great to see local boys do well I’m sure you ll agree.

  69. Shur if Ellen (De Generes) had Crystal swing on her show, the boys definitely stand a chance I’d say. She just had this strange perplexed look on her face the whole time they were on.
    The yanks will probably think we really ride around on horses and wear plastic shopping bags over our heads once they hear them.
    Best of luck to them to them though. Their irony might be appreciated over there.

  70. Ah no I totally gets the irony of it all. Tis like rain on your wedding day ain’t it really.. or a death row pardon two minutes too early or something like that..

  71. Bit like that or punters suggesting to comedians that you could think of funnier things they could do which might represent their city in a better light ;)

  72. I could list some shitty painters. Some shitty poets, Some shitty composers as well. And If I did would they negate poetry, painting, and music composition as art forms?

  73. True Tommy, that could be ironic I suppose as I’m not a comedian. I could be there agent maybe! :)
    Maybe I just don’t appreciate the humour of “got a fag for us.. the pointy end of a sword from the not pointy end of the sword.. when ja make your first holy communion.. there’s the Guards”
    The accent alone doesn’t really make for good humour for me.. Ja know what I mean kid? :)

  74. FME, With some comics you either get it, or you don’t. Same applies to all art forms. Have you seen any of their other videos beside’s their appearence on the Republic of telly? Most good comic artists exagerate situations, accents etc, for comic effect. Its not their job to present a factual programme on a given topic. Thas the responsibility of documentary makers. Or to show the good and great things about Limerick, of which there are many. Thats the job of the local tourist board.

  75. Had an unbantering moment. Alright now though. Think twas the boiled egg this morning

  76. I’ve just seen a few things on youtube LJ. Their Guide to Limerick City – Dat’s Limerick City and the Horse Outside video. Have they funnier stuff out there possibly?
    I know they’re not responsible for representing anything of a factual nature, but the fact is they’ve based there whole personas on what some around the country think IS a factual representation of Limerick.

    I wish them the best. I just don’t find them hugely funny.. sorry.
    Ok, I did giggle for a few minutes after watching the Horse Outside video.. like how I’ve giggled at a Tom and Gerry cartoon.

  77. There’s lots of good stuff on you tube. Personally I think that their lampooning of the image that some people in the country think is a factual representation of Limerick is a good thing. Sometimes I think that we can become oversensitive about our perceived notions of what others think about our city. I think the lads are running with this notion and maybe, just maybe getting these “few people” to rethink their perception of Limerick. We are after all, the best ball hoppers in the country. Now dats limerick city!

  78. “maybe, just maybe getting these “few people” to rethink their perception of Limerick.”.. Hopefully LJ.
    I’ll see what else I can find on youtube on them, thanks. Better be good now, mind you!

  79. Bock – absolutely! The uncantered can easily become the unbantered in the flick of a tail.

  80. Oh Jeez FME. I’m under pressure now! Might have to saddle up and shag off, if your not impressed ha ha.
    Have a listen to some of their crank phone calls. Some are just brilliant. Most are from their early days. Long before they became live performers. I think I deserve a commission payment from the Bandits at this stage.

  81. Saddle up and shag off..haha.. yep fierce pressure all right.
    My only problem is I’ve no fucking idea what they’re saying half the time.. you’d think being from Limerick would help. Subtitles might be handy. :)

  82. LJS. Did you know Strictly speaking and adhereing to language that ” Horses ” Dont have bollix !
    Its something of a conumdrum but it be true !

  83. In fairness FME it’s clear you don’t really find them too funny and that s fair enough, however they have been now been publicly endorsed by the following people
    From the world of comedy
    Dara O Brien
    Dylan Moran
    Des Bishop
    Graham Linehan [Writer Fr Ted]
    Conan O Brien [major US chat show host and comedian]
    Gladstone [ leading contributor]

    From the music world
    Trevor Horn [Buggles, Yes, and producer of Frankie goes to Hollywood, and a shit load of hits in the last 30 years]
    Elvis Costello
    John Kelly [presenter the view] stated on twitter that he had spent an evening doing nothing but drinking wine and watching rubber bandits videos with ‘rock royalty’ all evening [he didn’t say who it was mind]

    From the film world
    Gabriel Byrne
    Brendan Gleeson
    Cillian Murphy

    Now I’m not saying that this necessarily makes them funny but when was the last time anyone from this town got those kind of endorsements from people of this caliber and success in their chosen field. What they’ve all spotted of course is the glorious flame of creativity and rebellion that can only come from youth. Anyone who has ever sat down to create a piece of art will recognize the quality of what the boys are at. I’ll go with LJS when he says ‘Sometimes I think that we can become oversensitive about our perceived notions of what others think about our city.’ History will celebrate What the lads are doing at the moment no question.

  84. FME, when the people decide who is what is when we decide who is who.

    The bandits are about their fame, they are about money, they are about banking it!

    They are about themselves, nothing more nothing less!

    Limerick eat your hearts out!!

  85. Dara O Brien tweeted that he had met Elvis Costello back stage at some breakfast show in UK and having run out of things to say to each other they decided to watch rubber bandits on you tube instead.

  86. Yes indeed Bock..I never said who stated this public endorsement [In fairness though you d really have to assume from what O Brien suggested that Elvis was a fan You ll agree] But you re perfectly correct in bringing it to my attention, I should have been more specific..apologies

  87. Elvis Costelloe, are you out there?
    Yes I’m here L.J.S. what can I do for you?
    What ya think of the bandits Elvis?
    Rapid, L.J.S , just fucken rapid!
    Thanks Elvis
    No problem L.J.S. Talk to you soon Kid!

  88. Thanks LJ couldn’t get through to the B******d to ask him what exactly he had said about the bandits…he hasn’t spoken to me since the time I told him ‘there’s only wan Elvis kid and he works down the chip shop’

  89. haha cunt. I bet it get a little grin at least.. more than the Rubberbandits get on occasion.
    I might be going to see them next month if I can muster up some enthusiasm for it.. tis slim pickings for comedians in Ireland.. what can I say. I’ll let ya know if I don’t fall asleep. :)

  90. Irish Fishing Tackle Award maybe? Or is it the Iranian Fruit bat Tackle award. Not sure I’ll have to check the stars this evening.

    Well done though to the Bandito’s for wining a IFTA.
    Maybe there a kind of badge with IFTA scribed on them that allows you to get into gigs for free!
    “Badges? said the bandito’s, we don neeed no stinken badges”

  91. Found this clip of a song whilst looking at some old Bandits videos on you tube and wondered if it was Blindboy from the bandits and after some texting to those in the know I had it confirmed that it is a song he recorded 4 or 5 years ago. I think it’s beautiful and surely confirms his musical and songwriting credentials. See what you think.

  92. Very…very tasty indeed. Skirts and Kidneys with a hint, dare I say, of an eye bone or two? A good song always makes me hungry.

  93. For all the Roisin s out there. :)

    ‘I wanna Kiss you loads a times and hold your fuckin hand’

  94. @Tommy
    Aboy cuuz, Tanks for de tree links sham. Wanofum wont open with no password, ju no?
    Gus a password illuh?

    Three questions for you that you may be able to answer,
    The track Adagio for Steamers,
    Does the song have a real name or was that always it?
    Is it Jim Carrie?
    Is it Blindboy?

    I can’t help felling that if the Irish version had been released after Horse Outside the profile would be even higher. It’s a very good version and video.

  95. Fuck yer horse I’ve an AMG a Camry and an XJ8 outside. Except I’m about 25 years too ould for the lovely Ms Mulqueen. Feckit. Next life maybe. Brilliant video brilliant song. Loved the As Gaelige version too. When I was in school we had an Irish version of Van Halen’s ‘Jump’. ”Duirt mé Léim (LÉIM)”. But that’s all the Erse I can remember. How sad. All them years of being ‘taught’ it, from little mags called Siamsa and Súgradh and Spraoi that a fugitive ex-Nazi was kind enuf to publish for us paistí (go raibh maith agat Mr Folens. Sorry Danke Schone.) to the keening Peig ochoning about Muiris fallin off a ciff while pullin dilisk. All of it gone. Batthered out of us. Nowadays acourse it’s all different. No more bátas. No more Sister C with the leg of a chair clenched in her sexually frustrated fist. One wonders what else she used it for. No more Fr. M screeching about penises and vaginas and drawing little pictures of what he imagined the latter looked like on the blackboard. But let’s not be too blasphemous on Good Friday. There were worse crucifixions by far than the Irish educational system fadó fadó

  96. (11 minutes to go then I’ll leave ye to it I’ve the Life of Brian teed up an in the DVD player. Blessed are the cheesemakers. Well I’m doin me best tonite to be one)

  97. Used to love Limerick and goin there as a kid. I’d a dearly loved old Uncle down there a superintendent in the Guards. Good friend he was of Jerry McCabe and Ben Sullivan. Met the latter at his funeral. Shook his uninjured arm. I’ll say no more on that score. Brave men. Used fish off Sarsfield bridge and down on the rocks near Barrington’s hospital where all the rats were and over at the iron bridge at Plassey. Never caught the salmon I was after not with my boyhood pike rod and voblex spinner on the end anyway but had many’s a good day down there. I haven’t been there for years but always remember it as a nice town. Is that old playground still there on the Ennis Road? Just opposite Highfield? We used spend hours goin on the swings and the old roundabout. No EU safety standards back then just a load of spinning swinging flyin sharp bits of metal. But it made it all that bit more interesting, tryin not to get cut to pieces while havin a good time. Story of me life really. Writing on Bock’s site’s just the latest version of that. 5 minutes to go.

  98. (met the latter at me uncle’s funeral I mean. Sorry bad sentences. Get the feeling you’d be attacked by Bock for those far more than much everything else)

  99. (Shook his uninjured hand I mean. Brave brave man. There’s real moral authority. PAce Commissioner Staines.)

  100. Beg pardon. You’re quite right. My apologies. Just the one from now on and much less of it. Cheers. Excellent site. Really. Thanks.

  101. They just refuse to go away and be the 15 minutes flash in the pans that the nay Sayers predicted…genius is for life etc. Another classic…is it really about a hawk or maybe it’s racism, or perhaps homo phobia, hold on maybe it’s in defense of disability…Ah no I have it Ireland is the hawk and the IMF and European bond holders are the greedy other birds..I give up …Another classic from 2 fine Limerick men.

  102. I think Tommy, like another character once memorably portrayed by Robert Picardo, is more than that. Much more than that.

  103. Ah, nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion I suppose.

    Anyways, Tommy. Thanks. Here’s another one who refuses to go away.

    Do enjoy! :)

  104. Spastic Hawk….Mind bendingly beautiful.
    Listening to Spastic Hawk wont give you the gawks. You’ll just want to soar in the sky, eaten pie, with your big hawks eye. Ah to be free!

  105. Ha ha I like it FME you re sharpening your wit must be all those Bandits video s I’m shovin down your throat…you ll understand one of them one of the days then you ll be rightly fucked :)

  106. Yeah, I’d say so Tommy.

    Anyways, good luck to the bandits.
    They’re not for everyone, granted.. but maybe some spastic somewhere might appreciate them. ha ha.

  107. All right Tommy. Jeez. I’m happy for them.
    They deserve all the plastic bags in Dunnes Stores.

    Who the wrote the review – was it was Elvis Costello by any chance? :)

  108. And so you should be, whether you get it or not its always good to support our own don’t u think. I checked it out by the way and Elvis Costello doesn’t write for state magazine in case you re still wondering.

  109. I think that article says it best;

    “Anybody who can make Joe Duffy look like the crassly patronising prat he so blatantly is, is clearly doing something right.”

  110. Tommy — The Bandits are talented guys but it isn’t always good to support our own. Where did you come up with that idea?

  111. Fair enough Bock sematicus pedanticus as Ian Dury almost said…I should have said It’s always good to support our own success stories unless there is some discernible reason not to. And if you feel there is a discernible reason out with it , I guess that s the grist for the mill that makes a site like this worth logging on to. I’d be, as my Da used to say, hopping a ball half the time and pulling at chains for the crack as I’m sure you are too. It’s all good.

  112. Fair enough Bock *semanticus pedanticus as Ian Dury almost said…I should have said It’s always good to support our own success stories unless there is some discernible reason not to. And if you feel there is a discernible reason out with it , I guess that s the grist for the mill that makes a site like this worth logging on to. I’d be, as my Da used to say, hopping a ball half the time and pulling at chains for the crack as I’m sure you are too. It’s all good.

  113. Another Gem from Limerick’s finest. Let s hope the Joe Duffy brigade will get this one all wrong as well, cant beat a bit of adverse publicity to draw attention to the work.

  114. Me thinks Bock doesn’t like the fact the Rubberbandits are still around. Cracling review in Hot Press of their upcoming album. Is it going be like the Cranberries all over again. You know everyone loved them when they started out playing in Cruises Hotel and then once they hit the big-time the knives were out for them .
    Us citizens of Limerick like to think we are all so cosmopolitan but i disagree the small time attitude still exists here.
    Onwards and upwards for the Bandits and the fact that the “trendies” don’t seem to like them do well just makes their success all the sweeter for me.

  115. I thought I saw the Bandits latest one on the home page here.

    I’d say it’s a ‘small time attitude’ if you feel people are not entitled to voice their opinion on something.

  116. Yes Bock i am well aware that you have a Bandits video on your front page- that is the reason i posted about them on here. And no my head is not lodged up my rectum!!!
    I just think its strange that you have a whole section devoted to local music and the only article ever written about the Bandits is this one here!! (Unless there is some link on my here that is not showing up on my PC).
    No one expects to you actually like their comedy and or music but i can’t help getting the feeling that their success is being largely ignored . Maybe if they were still a “cult” phenomenen restricted to Limerick and Cork they would be championed more.

  117. Ivan — I have a section devoted to the local music I like to attend. The fact that the Rubberbandits don’t do it for me should not be taken to mean that I wish them ill, as you suggested. I don’t go to Rubberbandits gigs. That’s why there are no Rubberbandits posts, except the one you mention which was about a particular song and had a wider context.

  118. I am allowed say I think they’re a steaming pile of unfunny horseshit.
    And the tunes are crap too. Except for horse outside, that wasn’t a bad tune. Spastic hawk, I’m gonna bate your father – was it? Crap. Sorry.

  119. Horse outside was catchy,and had some novelty value, and the video was funny

    There other appearances on Republic of Telly, Patchy at best, need a better editor.

    I’m surprised their humour travels outside of Limerick, let alone travelling to the UK. Just can’t see it

    Bit of a one trick Pony outside I think.

  120. Just heard them interviewed on the Dave Fanning show there on 2FM. There now song Blackman sounds great on the radio. There second single Roisin I want to fight your father got to no 6 in the Irish singles chart back in April.
    They also played the main stage at Oxygen this summer attracting a record crowd for the first act of day 30,000 to 40,000. Not bad going for a “one trick pony”!!!
    Due to censorship and RTE’s fear of “middle ireland” there Republic of Telly sketches were very restricted. That said i loved them all anyway. Like many Irish comedians and writers it looks like they will have to ply their trade abroad due to the fact Ireland is still a very conservative and at times begrudging country. They are a breath of fresh air as far as im concerned.

  121. One trick Pony outside

    I have this conversation with my daughter once a week, usually during X factor, being popular does not make something good.

    Westlife are popular, despite being talentless fuckwits, and a Val Doonican tribute band. I believe they have acheived higher chart positions than 6 as well.

    The main restriction on there Republic of Telly sketches by RTE must have been the humour content. I don’t see the funny side of banging a map of Ireland and pointing to a different part of the map than the one being mentioned. Funny maybe once, less funny at the 50th time.

    I think there way to Parochial to have any legs longer term, or to ply there trade abroad.

  122. It’s a common mistake people from small towns like Limerick make that anyone else even understands how they speak, much less gives a shit about what goes on in their little corner of the world.

    The Bandits are decent novelty act. Two talented local musicians with a nice line in local patter. If they take it abroad, I hope they enjoy delivering pizzas.

  123. @Ivan. “It’s going to be like the Cranberries again……” You think the Bandits are going to sell millions of albums stateside???

    Jumped the shark long ago……………..

  124. Thats not what i meant Barry. I was referring to the fact that when a band makes it big (whether in Ireland or internationally) that some people who previously would have supported them suddenly begin to not like them purely based on the fact that they have become succesful!!!
    And obviously this kind of begrudging attitude isn’t restricted to just limerick. If the Cranberries had only become as famous as say the Hitchers or the O’Malleys there are some people in this city who currently don’t like the Cranberries who would be going around saying they were the best thing since sliced bread!!
    An interesting point about the Rubberbandits is a lot of Limerick people around the time of Horse Outside were afraid that the Bandits were giving Limerick a bad name and would further damage our image in the national media!!
    Looking back now nearly 12 months later I think its safe to say this didn’t happen. If anything anyone with a brain in their head can see that it is always a positive for any City or Town in Ireland to have a succesful act associated with it. Personally i have to say its kind of refreshing now when i’m in Dublin or Cork and people who before who have said “Stab City” when the found out where i’m from now make comments about the Rubberbandits instead.
    Do any of the posters on here actually know the Rubberbandits personally. As far as i know they’re both mid 20’s and from Caherdavin. Have they played in other bands previous to the Bandits etc.. ?

  125. Bock in fairness I suspect you know well the Bandits are more than a novelty act and are just slow to come out and say it. They won t be the first act to cause people to miss the wood for the trees and they won’t be the last. I’ve yet to see a bad review of either their live show or their releases. This is the hot press review of their new album due out on Dec 2nd.

    Just spotted this review of their sell out show in King Tuts Glasgow the other night

    The reason they are getting these reviews is because they are actually shit hot at what they do and always have universal themes to their work.

    As for this comment

    ‘The Bandits are decent novelty act. Two talented local musicians with a nice line in local patter. If they take it abroad, I hope they enjoy delivering pizzas.’

    They ve already taken it abroad and are currently doing a sold out tour of the UK on foot of being signed up to work with Channel 4…I’d say the only Pizza s they ll have to worry about is the one on their back stage rider. Plus take a look at the stats under the black man video on you tube [to do so click on the square next to the number of hits] and you ll see that their fan demographic is in all the English speaking world not just Ireland/Limerick. These are evidenced based facts, by the way I think Ivan above was getting a bit emotional but he’s clearly a big fan and had a lot of valid points to make.

  126. Also in reply to the point put forward by labrat above where he wrote

    ‘I have this conversation with my daughter once a week, usually during X factor, being popular does not make something good. Westlife are popular, despite being talentless fuckwits, and a Val Doonican tribute band. I believe they have acheived higher chart positions than 6 as well’

    In fairness Labrat the acts on X Factors come out and sing other peoples songs and are essentially very good karaoke singers [and in fairness that s a talent in itself but in my opinion not necessarily worthy of the kind of Kudos the writers should take, mind you lets not forget Elvis Presley didn’t do much writing] Id put Westlife in the same league. The Bandits on the other hand write/perform/produce all their own music without the assistance of outside help, that s a different kettle of fish entirely. Whether you like the stuff or not is subjective but credit where it’s due and the X factor/Westlife analogy is entirely unfair. Finally the likes of Boy George and Eddie Reader are 2 of the latest international acts who ve seen the talent with the 2 boys, I’m aware that just because Boy George/Eddie Reader say etc etc but it’s interesting none the less and I’d say they’ve sold more records than Labrat and Bock put together :)

  127. Tommy — I’m blue in the face from wishing them well. They’re fine musicians and talented writers, but this is a novelty act. They’re right to ride that train as far as it takes them, and when they grow tired of it, they’ll do something pretty good. The current trick just doesn’t work for me, but that’s not to say it’s bad, good or indifferent. Anyway, clever lads that they are, they’ll be well aware that criticism from old codgers like me can only do them good. Down with that sort of thing.

  128. Fair enough Bock I’ll let you off but we ll have to agree to disagree on the ‘novelty act’ assertion. I could get into the definition of the phrase ‘novelty act’ and the myriad of ways which the bandits have proven they are not one but as Blindboy himself says in the wheelie bin sketch ‘that’s only semantics’. And fair play for sticking Black Man on the home page grumpy aul codger you are and all :)

  129. @ Tommy

    I’d say they have sold more records than me, the main reason being I have never released any records. I was not aware that was part of the remit for having an opinion anywhere nowadays.

    And thats all it was, why so defensive ? It’s just my opinion

    Just for the record Boy George would probably associate with Gary Glitter after his last jail term I don’t think Boy George is as busy as he used to be, I could be wrong just an opinion. Feel free to throw up reviews of his recent work. (Isn’t he getting the band back together ?)

    Not sure “Horse Outside has a universal theme to it. Or saying “Thats Limerick Citaay” over and over again will have universal appeal.

    I didn’t say they were without talent, just can’t see the Rubberbandits thing working, even on the thing they have on channel 4. Maybe Declan Lowney will work some magic on them and edit them a bit better then Republic of Telly (RTE)

    Perhaps Bock is right maybe (I’m afraid to say) it’s a generational thing

  130. The selling more records than you and Bock was a joke Labrat or a ‘ball hop’ as my Da used to say, Id say that s your own defensiveness your applying to me there and running with it like it was fact.

    And as for ‘Horse outside’ once you strip away the provocative language you have a simple almost fairytale like story about the underdog plowing a lone furrow, and getting the girl against all the odds. They even have them riding into the sunset on a horse for fuck sake.

    Maybe it is a generational thing mind you Declan Lowney/Boy George/Des Bishop/Dara O Briann/Eddie Reader/Trevor Horn/Dylan Moran and Elvis Costello are no spring chickens and they ve all endorsed the Bandits at one stage or another so maybe it isn’t. Either way I appreciate you don’t like what you do and that’s cool. I’m sure I wouldn’t be into your collection of Richard Clayderman and Max Boyce albums [Ball hop alert :) ]

  131. Interesting you should say that. Max Boyce told one of the funniest jokes I ever heard, and I simply can’t find it on Youtube to share with the people. Pity. When he wasn’t doing cabaret, he was doing hysterically funny, in a laid-back sort of way.

  132. Apologies Bock for double post but the edit feature wouldnt work for me the only change I ve made I ve but in capitals below.

    The selling more records than you and Bock was a joke Labrat or a ‘ball hop’ as my Da used to say, Id say that s your own defensiveness your applying to me there and running with it like it was fact.

    And as for ‘Horse outside’ once you strip away the provocative language you have a simple almost fairytale like story about the underdog plowing a lone furrow, and getting the girl against all the odds. They even have them riding into the sunset on a horse for fuck sake.

    Maybe it is a generational thing mind you Declan Lowney/Boy George/Des Bishop/Dara O Briann/Eddie Reader/Trevor Horn/Dylan Moran and Elvis Costello are no spring chickens and they ve all endorsed the Bandits at one stage or another so maybe it isn’t. Either way I appreciate you don’t like what THEY do and that’s cool. I’m sure I wouldn’t be into your collection of Richard Clayderman and Max Boyce albums [Ball hop alert :) ]

  133. My Da was a big Max Boyce fan I remember him raving about him when I was a lad. He definitely played the savoy at some stage cos my da walked around the house with a poor welsh accent for a week after it.

  134. Next time Im out in my Ma’s house Ill take a look at the collection of LPs out there and I’ll see what I can find. Sounds like a seriously good premise for a joke especially if ROG was about to drop kick in the last second of the game just as ‘they lowered him down.’ Not the most appropriate of times to be screaming an emphatic ‘yes’ I could imagine.

  135. This site is so educational, I always thought the main theme of Horse outside was about Knackers keeping horses, sometimes in their front garden.

    And they are in competition with their peer group who are driving souped up Mitsubishis and Honda Civics. Having a horse outside in this context sadly is a bit less universal. It’s very catchy though

    Must get back to my catchy Richard Clayderman Long Players. I’m looking for that Max Boyce joke, Iv’e never seen him being funny either.

  136. ‘This site is so educational, I always thought the main theme of Horse outside was about Knackers keeping horses, sometimes in their front garden. And they are in competition with their peer group who are driving souped up Mitsubishis and Honda Civics.Having a horse outside in this context sadly is a bit less universal’

    Are you saying that you cannot have a universal theme if you use local subject matter or are you hopping a ball back at me.

  137. Ball hop alert

    I’m just not sure that the theme girl meets boy, boy has a “Horse Outside” rather then a Honda Civic or a Meetsubishy, is that Universal,

    Unless your a Mountie, a texas ranger, or John Boy Walton

    There are less Sulky races elsewhere as well, and you almost never see them parked outside Mc Donalds.

    Although there having a laugh about having a Black guy in their gang, it would be much harder to find one in Limerick, and I doubt you would have a Jewish guy either, though I could be corrected on that. Elsewhere you would be more likeley to have a black guy and you might not mention he was a black guy, so again less universal.

  138. Labrat you could write a film about a grudge hurling match between Ahane and Patrickswell whereby the captain of the Ahane team is going out with the sister of the Patrickswell team and are thereby forbidden from seeing each other as a result. The universal theme in this case would be forbidden love and knowledge of Hurling would not be necessary to understand this.Basically the ins and outs of the storyline do not necessarily represent the theme.Often they are but the vehicle by which the writer gets his/her point across. In the case of Horse Outside, which has been popular in countries where knowledge of travellers and sulkys is most definitely scant,the universal theme of one guy against the rest and winning is very very obvious. And this is clearly borne out by the 8 and a half million views its got, in fairness.By the way I ve copy write on that Patrickswell/Ahane storyline [His name is Romeo hers Juliet or has that been done before?] in case any of you fuckers get any ideas. :)

  139. Fuck how it’s spelled Bock I’m more concerned that you know what it means so you won’t be nicking my universally themed film possibilities :)

  140. I thinks its a shame that the Bandits weren’t invited to turn on the Christmas lights this year in Limerick. The stuffy take themselves too seriously “local dignataries” would probably be afraid to let them do it !!!

    They will probably go for the safe option and pick a “salt of the earth” Munster Rugby player instead. If the lads were from Cork they would probably get a civic reception down there. But thats Cork and this is limerick!!!

  141. Classic Bandits. Pop song writing at its best. Song itself begins at 50secs enjoy if you re not offended [if offended listen again but more clearly next time and to all the lyrics]

  142. ha ha the good ole ‘horse’ chestnut. The horse isn’t dead at all nor on the sad side of a flogging in fact it’s alive and well and living on the finest of foods whilst basking in the shade of unfettered analysis clearly. As for my contributions sure its only light hearted canter [I mean banter :)] after all, no harm done.

  143. @Ivan. I think it would be a disgrace if two apes with plastic bags on their heads were given a civic reception…

  144. Good man Barry you tell ’em an absolute disgrace twould be, down with that sort of thing sure what would the neighbour’s think at all tall we’d be mortified..we’d never live it up, they d be all laughing at us instead of just at the Bandits…you re right an absolute disgrace twould be..infamo infamo…

  145. It’s not “what will the neighbours think” at all, it’s just the novelty has long since worn off, and it would be two apes with plastic bags on their heads. Not for me, and I pass no apology saying they are turdish…..Or maybe everything has to be signed off by the greatest music promoter in Limerick these days??

  146. Ah so YOU don t like their act and YOU think it’s just a novelty and for YOU this has worn off…that s better and although clearly subjective comes across as being less emotional and more balanced.I’m sure no one s going to request an apology for what does or doesn’t float your boat or your taste in the arts, The ‘apes’ bit I still don t understand though. It s like calling John Cleese a bigot or a snob for playing the part of Basil Fawlty, or Meryl Streep a control freak for her depiction of Thatcher. At the end of the day surely it’s the work that warrants criticism not the artist. It’s all acting and performance after all. What s the ‘greatest music promoter’ line all about though don’t get that one.

  147. Disagree about what… that you can’t separate the actor from the part he plays? do you think the 2 lads are really the characters they portray? surely not.

  148. They are different, but I would imagine most of their fans wouldn’t give 2 shites what they are like out of character, and if they turned on the Xmas lighst out of character, people would be saying “who the feck are these 2???”. If they turned them on in character, I think it cheapens it….

  149. Cheapens what Barry? Turning on the fucking Xmas Lights? Ah here!
    I think that maybe the whole bandits thing has gone right over your head. Or maybe you just think their shit. Either way it doesn’t matter.
    Would it be less cheap if we had one of our great local politians or local business people turning on the lights. Jeez I dispair. Anyway, who’s the greatest music promoter these days? Can you give me his number?

  150. Your going a bit over the top there Barry in fairness!! As Brefnie said they are only two lads acting the part of being scobies!! Just because Robert De Niro played a Mafia character in Goodfellas doesn’t mean he is in the Mafia!! Do you understand!!
    Who is the greatest Music Promoter in Limerick by the way!! I didn’t even know we had any here!!

  151. Nothing to add to what Brefnie,Ivan and LJS have already said other than also being curious as to who the fuck this music promoter guy that Barry refers to is?

  152. It seems to me that the Rubberbandits are doing a pretty effective promotional job, and who could begrudge them? They’re good musicians and they’re doing the sensible thing in riding the horse into the ground. I reckon they have a lot more to offer though, and eventually they’ll find the plastic bags too confining. Until that day comes, however, they might as well drag whatever they can out of that particular schtick.

    As regards turning on Christmas lights, could they be any more ridiculous than [select random councillor here]? At least they can read and write. And they also have the ability to string two consecutive sentences together, which is more than you could say about [enter random name of councilor here].

  153. Once again, people can’t say “boo” about the bandits, and they’re told they are missing the point, or don’t recognise genius. Am I not allowed to say I think they are fucking shit??

  154. I don’t begrudge them one thing, but they stopped being funny around this time last year for me… DIdn’t like their recent output at all, listened to it alongside Bags of Glue, and WIllie O Dea, and it doesn’t come close. Each to their own….

  155. “Just because Robert De Niro played a Mafia character in Goodfellas doesn’t mean he is in the Mafia!! Do you understand!!”

    Never a truer word said.

    I’ll add to that -that time he played a taxi driver doesn’t really make him a taxi driver.

    I begrudge them.
    I begrudge them the time lost watching shite.
    Sorry they can do better.
    Sorry Bock. I know you love them.

    And I couldn’t give a fiddlers myself who turns on the christmas lights.
    The pinnacle of success that! When you turn on those lights you know you’ve made it – big time.

  156. Jesus, if only the internet existed when Tom and Paschal were in their prime. Think of what they could have achieved.

    Even d’Unbelievables were a little early for the tinkerwebs, but their natural heirs and successors, the Rubberbandits, hit it at just the right time.

    I suppose one out of three novelty comedy acts isn’t bad.

  157. I’d compare the Bandits more with Mia and Cha from Halls pictorial weekly. Same time of satire. Funnily enough a lot of the more “sensitive” Corkonians had problems with the fact that this duo also “helped give Cork a bad name”!!!
    Nothing changes eh!!

  158. The Bandits don t compare with any of the above acts, it seems to me that many believed that they would swiftly disappear after the initial success of the ‘Horse Outside’ and since that has clearly not happened they re finding it difficult to back track on their original statement.Neither Tom and Paschal or The d’unbelievables or Mia and Cha for that matter ever released albums that were critically acclaimed for the musical content and songwriting, Is comedy not a valid source of lyrical content? Will we just ignore that aspect of the bandits as if it didn’t exist and insist on having a one dimensional view of their work because it makes us more comfortable to do so? After all Blindboy Boatclub revealed on college radio that his biggest musical influences were Randy Newman and Captain Beefheart which shouldn’t surprise anyone who actually listened to ‘Serious About Men’ before partaking in critical analysis.

  159. Good points Brefnie. I wonder how many of their critics on here have actually listened to their excellent album .
    Surely the O’Malleys should also be classed as a “Novelty ” act if the Bandits are!! Both record and write their own music and include some comedy to entertain the crowd. Where’s the difference.

  160. The O Malleys listed their heroes in the excellent biopic, “Barefaced in a Beardy World”. As far as I recall, they named Tom & Paschal as their number one influence, ahead of Botty Nail, Gabriel Hannigan and Mad Josie.

  161. They’re probably old enough to remember Tom & Paschal as well. Didn’t one of them play conkers after school with Frank Mc Court as a young fella!!!

  162. The O Malleys were too poor to afford conkers. As children, they had to survive on a diet of watered-down Jaegermeister and fried beard-hair.

  163. Ah Fried beard hair. Fucken gorgeous. Not that I ever shared any with those O Malley bastards. Sure you couldn’t keep a plate in the house with those fuckers.
    I remember it well. (sigh).
    Nanny dozing off on the couch after a few bottles of porter, and me and the lads hiding patiently behind the door waiting for the signal from the sister that Nana was out cold.
    Razorblade in had and the drippen sizzling away in the pan. We’d have Nana shaved, the hair in the pan, and out on the slice of cottage bread before you could say Magwa brawn……Golden days buddy, Golden days indeed.

  164. O Malleys comparisons are a lot more apt as far as I’m concerned. I’d be very surprised if the lads in the O Malleys didn’t appreciate the Bandits and vice versa it tends to be those unaware of the songwriting/creative process who can’t see the wood for the trees…In fact songs such as ‘We re All Green’ or ‘The Wisest People’ 2 bone fide classics in my book could be deemed musical precursors to the Bandits ‘Buddies in Boston’ or ‘Willie O Dea’ …all the above use humour to relay a more profound message whilst also showcasing a serious grasp of the craft of songwriting.

  165. I’d be very surprised if the lads in the O Malleys came on here complaining about being slagged. Maybe there’s a bigger difference than you suspect.

  166. I doubt the Bandits would either…and all I’m saying is from an artistic point of view it’s a far more reasonable comparison than Tom and Paschal for the reasons outlined in my last post.

  167. Probably not that s if they even know who Tom and Paschal are considering the Bandits are young fellas,not everyone s as old as you and I Bock

    And who s being ‘sniffy” bout T and P not me anyway they had there own thing going I merely pointed out a lazy uninformed comparison which you made with them and what the bandits are up to

    I was more of a Halls pictorial weekly/Eamon Morrissey/The Brother/ man in the 80’s myself but my folks loved a bit of Tom and Paschal at the time as well so if they made my aul fella laugh thats fine with me.

  168. ” it’s unsurprising how quickly Limerick’s brilliant G-funk crew the Rubberbandits have been adopted as national treasures in Ireland. Embracing and subverting stereotypes in equal measure, hits such as Up the Ra and Horse Outside have positioned them as one of the country’s most engaging pop groups in a decade”

    National treasures?
    Most engaging pop group in a decade?

    That does it then.
    We really are officially…. fucked.

  169. Hey FF1 that remark says a lot more about you and your state of mind than anything else. Go easy on the ‘we’ thanks.

  170. They’re shite… that’s all I meant Brefnie. The Rubberbandits are shite.
    I love all the trolls such as yourself going around the internets saying they’re ironic, they’re subverting stereotypes – with that stupid ‘Black man’ song and ‘Spastic Hawk’.. deluded.
    Rubbish. In my opinion of course.. each to their own.

  171. And I suppose the guy who wrote the article is a troll as well. 2 Guinness and a pint of bitter for my FFr1end please.Each to their own. :)

  172. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s a troll Brefnie..maybe he’s related to them, I don’t know but I don’t think I’d be paying much heed to his music recommendations going forward :)

    By the way, I’m not bitter.. I just happen to think the rubberbandits are brutal.. but all the best to them. etc etc.

  173. Im an american studying in Limerick for the past 6 months and I find them hilarious as do all my buddies back home who I ve turned them onto. In fairness I can understand that not everyone might get their humour, and maybe find them crude [but in my opinion there are a lot of subtlties in what they do that get overlooked but that I ve always that satirical stuff where what you see is never what actually is happening] However to say they are ‘brutal’ is way off the mark credit where its due musically they are fucking amazing. Im guessing FF1 is nearer to 50 than 30 but anyone with a handle on hip/hop/funk/electro/dance/blues would realise that what the bandits are doing is pretty special. Like was said earlier each to their own but I felt I couldn t leave that go without adding my little bit.

  174. You’re not American. You’re Irish and you’re a bullshitter.

    No American would say “leave that go”.

  175. ha ha you ve surpassed yourself there Bock….you should be working for the Mauritius police dept turning tenuous evidence into indisputable fact. Brilliant.

  176. So you’re either bitter or not very trendy if you don’t like them and you don’t get satire.

    ” Im guessing FF1 is nearer to 50 than 30 but anyone with a handle on hip/hop/funk/electro/dance/blues would realise that what the bandits are doing is pretty special”
    I’m in my 30s,but age is neither here nor there to having ‘a handle’ on those genres of music you mention.

    Subtle, satirical, ironic, amazing.. okie doke.

    You have a nice day now awesome trendy dude you.

  177. Nailer is definitely not American. If you can’t work that out, you should not be working for the Rubberbandits. Simple as (as the young people say these days).

  178. Im not working for them Bock but they are friends of mine [Limericks a small place lets face it] I like your blog and for the most part agree with your take on Justice liberty and freedom and whats right and wrong and its clear that you are well read and educated and pretty smart to boot.Now back to the Bandits I simply thought you jumped the gun a bit on the 2 lads and judged them harshly in your initial post and at no stage since then have you even suggested for a second that you could have been wrong. Had you done so I wouldn’t be here ribbing you now. Even a cursory glance at the comments you’ve made would clarify that. Like this one you made

    ‘If they take it abroad, I hope they enjoy delivering pizzas.’

    Well since that remark was made they’ve won a chortle comedy award made a pilot for channel 4 and are booked to do 12 nights at the Edinburgh comedy festival. Now from my knowledge of geography and History the UK would have to be deemed abroad. Not bad for aspiring pizza boys you ll agree.

    As for Nailer I dont know if he s American or not, but I like the cut of his jib whatever he is. Didn t he state that he’s been living here for 6 months? Are you sure that there is nobody in America that uses the phrase to let something go? What s with all the conspiracy theory’s anyway?

  179. Theory’s?

    Ah come on. You’re winding me up.

    I can guarantee you that Nailer isn’t American and if you discuss it with the Rubberlads, they’ll agree with me, being smart boys. Only Irish people confuse “leave” with “let”. Trust me on this. Nailer is Irish, and therefore, claiming to be American makes him an utter chancer.

    As for my slagging of the Bandits, let me assure you that they rode it into the ground, as they ought to. Almost no publicity is bad publicity, and I’m pretty certain they’d do the same to me if the roles were reversed, which they aren’t, since the doctor told me to stop wearing plastic on my face.

    Keith Barry just texted a quick message in support.

  180. First off You should do a recap of your comments policy before you start name calling …by the way I also use words like ‘langer’ and and ‘what s the crack’ …Isn t that gas now?

  181. Nailer, you’re a troll, and as such you are fair game to be called any sort of twat I want to call you.

    But you are definitely not American, and your made-up story is bullshit.

  182. @Nailer – you definitely sound Irish, and no matter where you’re from your post was a troll post.

    Also – The Rubberbandits? Is anyone still thinking about these dorks? Talk about flash-in-the-pan! They had one catchy tune – the Horse Outside – and that was it?

    In fairness to you Nailer, it must have taken you ages to get here – all the way from 2010.


  183. @TheOther Ron
    Also – The Rubberbandits? Is anyone still thinking about these dorks?
    Dorks! – Are you a yank Ron? or is that the OtherOther Ron. Getting confused with all the yankee lies flying about.

    Anyway El Banditos de Rubardos, as they are known in Mexico appear to be doing very well.

    @ FF1 – You dont like Spastic Hawk? – Ah referee, for fuck sake, get her off the field!

  184. No Long John, t’wouldn’t be my favourite now.. I guess I’ll just have to stay bitter and untrendy. :)
    Friend sent to me when it first came out.. I said go way you spammer.

    I think they could do better myself. Take off the plastic bags and maybe create some decent tunes.. I dunno. Just a thought.

  185. “Dorks” isn’t american anymore, is it? It’s pretty globalised slang now I’m sure. Anyway I’m a born and bred Dubliner.

  186. @ Ron, Are you North side or Mid Atlantic South side?

    Might explain the use of the dork word.

    Know what I mean Ron Mon? :)

  187. “Father Ted was perfection. It’s not that Irish comedians can’t escape Father Ted, but Irish comedians can’t escape the Catholic thing. No matter how hard you try it’s always there because you’re indoctrinated at such a young age. But I think that helps cause one thing Irish comedians are really good at is surrealism. If you grow up with the belief that your bread is haunted, of course you’re going to have surreal thoughts.”

    Blindboy Boat Club quote from interview for upcoming Edinburgh Fringe shows.

  188. Hats off to the bandits for making it on to prime time TV on a Friday night on Channel 4. I never doubted it would happen. Great success story for them both and for Limerick in general, they might get offered the key s of the city yet….it ll take a while but you d never know…fair fucking play to them.

  189. Am I imagining hearing the Rubberbandits playing when I log on here on the home page and everywhere else for that matter? Jesus, my ears. Is it just me?
    I didn’t click anything! What the fuck did I do to deserve this?

  190. They’ve taken over the internets.. Fuck, fuck, fuck, they’ve finally done it. Bock the bandits are playing on your site.. I have to leave. I’ll be back sometime.. when it’s stopped.

  191. Hi Margaret you ll enjoy this article I suspect. And all the others who believed they were chancers and would just disappear [not you Bock in fairness its obvious you’ve revised your opinion which doesn t surprise me as its also obvious from your other posts that you have an unbiased grasp of the difference between art and fart] Anyway what do you think of that article Margaret ?

  192. Of course they wouldn’t they d have more cop on than that, but Flann is Blindboy Boatclub’s comedic hero as he has said many times in interviews and he was also trying to turn anyone who d listen on to The Third Policeman in 5th year in the Ard Scoil, me being one of them. So I’d imagine he d be delighted that Flann s influence in what they do would be so publicly acknowledged. Flan is all over the phone calls they were doing in school long before the songs made them famous, as the link below illustrates.

    Same with this piece they wrote for the Limerick post a few weeks back describing their secret meeting with the ghost of St Munchin…

    “At approximately 9pm on the night of January 3, we entered the abandoned stone church for a highly secret meeting with the spirit of St Munchin. We encountered the spirit as he sat on a plastic stool where once the altar stood. He was short and white, about the size of a sheep, he wore a Man United Jersey and his hands were sticky from centuries of Cleaves Toffee.

    “After a tense chat which mirrored the gathering in the Clarion, we reached an agreement. St Munchin promised us that he would lift his curse on Limerick for 365 days and nights. In exchange, we agreed to upload him onto the internet so that he may look at pictures of girls wearing their going out clothes on facebook,” the Limerick rapper announced.

  193. Yes. I recognised the Dalkey Archive reference. Flann has been an influence on all of us. I’m just saying that I suspect they’d be too modest to compare themselves with him.

    (BTW, it’s Cleeves).

  194. I’ll read it tomorrow Tommy.. They’re music won’t change over night.
    I’d hate to hurt their feelings now, but I’m just not that into them.
    “I don’t give blood, coz I don’t give blood”. Art. OK.

    I create some stuff now and then with Reason.. and what they come out with is fairly simply done tbh. And the lyrics.. Ok, I’ll try to be nice.. They’re a comedy act at best. Art is stretching.

  195. Years ago, I remember that egregious little toad, Gay Byrne, trying to diminish Leonard Cohen by repeating in a dead tone the words of a song from his magnificent album, The Future.

    “I can’t forget but I don’t remember what.”

    Gaybo milked it for every ounce of cynical Late Late humour he could find, while shaking his bemused, stupid, smug head.

    Years after that, when I saw him in the VIP section of a Leonard Cohen gig, all I could think was, You cunt!

    Somehow, your comment reminds me of Gay Byrne, though I can’t say exactly why.

  196. Hi Margaret

    The line is actually

    ‘I dont give blood because I won’t give blood’

    I’ll have to assume you ll understand the line a bit better now, but judging by your responses so far I wouldn’t be sure.

    That shit you re knocking out so effortlessly on reason? you d never put some of it up on sound cloud or something similar and throw us on a link would you. It’ll only take a few mins to upload it. I believe you to be talking through your hole so it will give you a nice chance to prove me wrong. If you dont want to that s fine I totally understand. Ok cheers Margaret.

  197. I might just do that Tommy.. When I am good and ready to. You’ll just have to wait patiently.
    I fart about on it only. I didn’t say otherwise, did I?

    I won’t pass any apology for saying the bandits aren’t my cuppa tea. I made a joke about them playing on the site.. Eh, thanks for the article.

    Look, each to their own.. someone in work brought it up at lunch that they had heard their new song, and thought it was brilliantly funny. I didn’t get into a debate about it or didn’t even mention that I wasn’t gone on it.
    I just happen to think they could do better.

    No need to get personal now.. Thanks for your clarification on the lyrics. Yes, perfectly understandable.

    Bock bite me..
    Please. How could you insult anyone in such a matter to compare them to that cunt Gay Byrne? That is lousy :) There’s cunts and there’s cunts.
    I’m thinking though if he knew the lyrics, he was a fan..(obviously, with you seeing him at the concert). Some of Cohen’s music is known for being a bit depressive right?
    Was it the depressive nature that he was poking fun at, rather than the music or the man himself?

    In saying that, I don’t know Cohen’s music too well, but I was thinking of my deceased father one evening looking out the kitchen window and ‘Tower of Song’ came on the radio (The John Creedon show – RTE 1, to be exact – Excellent stuff).
    “Now I bid you farewell, I don’t know when I’ll be back
    There moving us tomorrow to that tower down the track
    But you’ll be hearing from me baby, long after I’m gone
    I’ll be speaking to you sweetly
    From a window in the Tower of Song”
    Depressive wouldn’t be a word I’d use to describe hearing it.

  198. Margaret, if I knew you well enough I might easily bite you, but since I don’t, I’ll just point out that I didn’t compare you to Gay Byrne.

  199. Look Margaret I dont mind what makes you laugh or otherwise or whether you like or dislike the Rubberbandits but when you dismiss them musically and then stick your head up out of the mire by saying what they do is easily done please expect someone to pull you up on it. I ve seen people at rugby/football/hurling/soccer matches/gigs/art exhibitions/fashion shows/circuses whatever and they stand there looking at someone successfully competing or partaking in whatever pursuit and they look at you straight in the eye and say I’m not impressed that s easy, anyone could do that or to quote you ‘I create some stuff now and then on reason and what they come out with is quite simply done tbh’ And the fuckers have so little understanding of what they are commenting on that they actually believe and sometimes there s even a fucker listening that believes it too. I guess that s why they continue cos an idiot only needs one fool to listen to feel safe in his delusion. Like I said its that kind of horseshit that has me heading for the puke bucket. Your aesthetic preferences are your own business.

    And by the way Leonard Cohens music is not ‘a bit depressive’ whether he s known for it or not. He happens to sometimes sing about depression and other subject matter which deals with the terror of existence/non existence but he is also a great comedian and you will find some of the funniest lines in popular music in his work. Listening to Leonard Cohen has cheered me up all my life.

    Yeah we’re drinking and we’re dancing
    but there’s nothing really happening
    and the place is dead as Heaven on a Saturday night
    And my very close companion
    gets me fumbling gets me laughing
    she’s a hundred but she’s wearing
    something tight

  200. I guess only you could possibly know why you ever thought such a thing..

    By the way excuse my use of grammar in the original post it should have read ‘Just a quick reminder to all who believed these lads to be a novelty act. Perhaps it’s time for such folk to indulge in a slice of humble pie’

  201. Tommy. I’ll explain it to you and then both of us will know.

    I thought such a thing because I never imagined the Rubberbandits could be small-minded arseholes, crowing at other people.

    And I imagine they still aren’t. That’s why I don’t think you’re a Rubberbandit.

  202. I’m only having the crack Bocck go easy…Throw a spoon of sugar on that pie my good man it’s obviously a tad tart. Tommmy,

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