Biffo and Seanie Go Golfing

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Jan 092011

Isn’t it a great little country when the chairman of a failed bank can meet up with the Prime Minister for dinner and a round of golf at Druid’s Glen and nobody mentions a word about the trouble the bank is in?  Two months before the government issues a country-destroying guarantee to cover the staggering losses run up by Fitzy and his pals, this banker meets the head of that same government.  They play some golf, enjoy a nice dinner, perhaps light up a cigar with a brandy and talk about …

Pop music?

It was a social occasion, protests Biffo.  No-one, it seems, mentioned a word about banks or money or anything.

A social occasion.

Imagine that.

Do Biffo and Seanie play much golf?  What are their shared interests?  Do they go to the movies together?  Are they avid stamp collectors?

Whatever they have in common, Fitzy certainly had no problem getting Biffo on the blower.  Only a few months previously, when Cowen was still finance minister, Seanie phoned him to talk about the disastrous state of Anglo shares and the looming Quinn screw-up.

I told him I’d refer it to the governor of the Central Bank, Biffo mumbled.

So how did the conversation go?  Hi Brian.  This is Seanie.  We must meet up for a game of golf some time, and a nice meal.

Howya Seanie.

Look Brian, the thing is this.  Anglo’s shares are goosed.  And that Quinn fellow is into us for billions.  The bank is going down the toilet unless you help us out.

I’ll tell Hurley.

That feckin gobshite!  Listen Brian, if we go down, so will half your party cronies.  I know where all the bodies are buried so you’d better front up here, fat boy.

I’ll think about it.

Lovely talking to ya Brian.  Se you in Druid’s Glen.  Byeee!

So we know that Fat-Boy was having phone conversations with Fitzy while Anglo was going tits up.  And we know that those conversations were about the imminent collapse of the bank.

Now, there are only two possibilities regarding the golf special.

Either Cowen is a gullible fool who believed all the horseshit Fitzy threw at him, in which case he wasn’t fit to be finance minister or prime minister, or else, he knew exactly where the disaster was going.

And if he knew that, why was he playing golf with the chief perpetrator?

And finally, I’d like to know who paid for the round of golf and the dinner and the cigars and whatever else Biffo and Mrs Biffo had that day.  Did Biffo put his hand in his own pocket or did Seanie Fitz pick up the tab?  And why would he do that?

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