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Des O Dwyer Tribute, Dolans

It was a night to be proud of our community, our friends and the power of deep-felt bonds.

Last night in Dolans, the best of Limerick turned out in crowds too large to fit in the venue, and all to celebrate their friend who passed away long before his time.

I’ll bring you the video of this night when it’s ready, but for now, just a few pictures to give you a flavour.  This is the real Limerick, a place of sincere, decent, honest and talented people, a place I feel so proud to be a part of.  A broad circle of friends I’m honoured to be a part of.


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Did I read before there was going to be a CD of his material available in the New Year. I never knew the guy, but know people who did, and who were directly and indirectly involved in last night’s gig.
They put me onto his (Des O Dwyer) stuff a while back and I liked what I heard, and would gladly like to pick up any of his recordings. That is, if they are available…..

Best Gig I’ve been to in a long time. An historical event. WHile some of Limerick’s finest musicians were on stage many great musicians were in the audience.

They were selling CDs. there last night. I presume that is the one you are referring to. If so it is available from Dolan’s.

I understand everyone involved including the sound, lighting engineers gave there time for free.

A few of my snaps here;



Gig of the year for 2011 and it’s only the the 2nd day. Fantastic night and great to see so many old faces (and new ones) turn up and show their respect for one of Limericks finest.

No, Honey. You are so fucking brilliant for standing up on that stage all night long and making us happy. I only point a goddamn camera.

Aye, t’was a truly great night. I will certainly never forget it. I reckon in years to come it will be one of those nights that people claim to have been at even though they weren’t. Best possible start to the New Year.

Ten yoyos, and if you feel like throwing in a bit more, that’s up to you. An outstanding album, with top-quality mastering as a bonus.

Great pics bock, As i looked at these and recognised all the faces. I though about the amout of times I saw Des up ther with them. He will be sadly missed

Sorry to hear about Des, only this morning whilst coming across your site accidently. He was a great musician! and fuck me there is a picture of me bro Mike playing at the gig.
JR, Woking, UK

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