The BabyJesusBash at Dolans

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Jan 052011

Here’s some video from the Des O Dwyer tribute night in Dolans.  More to follow.

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    Fuck that’s great Bock.Beautiful.



    Really glad I went.
    The memory will stay with me.

    You did well to get a clear sound recording. Dolan’s is a difficult venue to make a video.

    That guitarist on the far left facing the stage is excellent as is the bass.

    Look forward to seeing more.


    That guitarist on the left playing the filthy slide is Mr John Steele who soldiered through the entire session with aplomb, style and attitude, despite having been out all night. The one on the right is Mr Dave Keary who stayed on his feet for the whole day, doing sound checks and playing with every line-up that came on stage.. The bass players vary. One is Mr Ralph Lindheim. Another is Mr Sean Fox. Later, we had the pleasure of hearing Mr Brian Healy on bass.

    The drums were soundly thrashed by Mr Liam d’Arcy, Mr Danny Byrt, Mr Ger McLoughlin and Mr Edmund Clancy. The ivories were tickled by Mr James Hanley and Mr Tom Jones.

    Out front, we had Mr Joe Browne, Ms Dawn Browne, Ms Siobhán O Brien, Ms Jenny McMahon, Mr Eamonn Hehir, Mr Niall Quinn, Mr Finn Chambers, Mr Mike Ryan and Mr Mike Ryan, Mr Ger Costelloe, Mr Brian Mulcahy and Mr Peter Donnelly.


    I did notice that John Steele played all night. That took a lot of doing. He was still brilliant to the end.

    I think it’s important to have recordings of these events for posterity. For that reason I hope you’ll keep the cameras rolling.

    If anything the quality of music in Limerick is getting better. Delighted to see young people, such as my daughter and her friends, get inspired by events such as this and re-dedicate themselves to their music.


    Dave Keary was amazing throughout the entire gig. Apart from the unbelievable playing you could hear, he was doing stuff on the fly to keep the show going that you would not believe. I honestly do not know of the words to offer high enough praise to Dave Keary and, indeed, to Eamonn Hehir. They were the nucleus of the entire show and nothing would’ve run as well without them. Apart from the passionate delivery of the songs on the night, they were there to hold everything together.
    Siobhan O’Brien and Jenny McMahon were exceptional also. True class. The incredible Jim Hanley, Ralph Lindheim and Danny Byrt were also fantastic. Everyone who took that stage on the night played a blinder but none more than the aforementioned. Indeed everyone who took the stage did so because of the incredible love and respect they had for Des O’Dwyer. It’s fitting that, after so many memorable gigs in which Des was involved, that he gave us yet another one. The highlight of the night for a lot of people was Every Home Should Have One of These, a song by Des O’Dwyer. He will be greatly missed and he has left a space that can never be filled because nobody would be able to fill it.


    Nicely put Cap’n P. Thanks and praises must also be raised to all the wonderful and I mean wonderful people who made up the audience. The vibe in the hall was magnificent


    Absolutely right, LJS. The crowd were amazing. Every single person there was there to see a Des O’Dwyer gig. It was fantastic. Some great musicians in the audience too.


    Feeling a little hot and home sick before heading off to the kitchen ( its 90f and 70% humidity) , just having a stroll through the amazing world of Bock. A great amount of talented, generous musicians and people in Limerick, a lot to be proud of.
    Got my fix,

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