Abuse Survivors Refused Entry To Diarmuid Martin’s Service of Repentance in Pro-Cathedral

Police prevent disabled man and daughter of victim from entering church

This is the moment when a disabled abuse survivor and the daughter of a woman imprisoned in the Magdalene laundries were refused admission to a Catholic church by stewards and a policeman.  The woman wanted to hand a letter of protest to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin who was holding a service of “lament and repentance” for the failures of the Catholic church to protect abuse victims.

Paddy Doyle recounted the incident as follows:

The lady in the picture describes herself as the daughter of a “Magdalene Woman” and wanted to deliver a letter to Bishop O’Malley.  I offered to help out but once I did that the police and the  stewards at the Pro Cathedral refused to allow either me or the lady into the church.

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  1. The final photograph reveals so much … Who is ordering who here — a representative of the Church, a member of Opus Dei, a Knight of Columbanus, pointing his finger and telling the Garda Siochana that Paddy Doyle and Mary Smith are not welcome and cannot enter the Pro Cathedral. Compartmentalized apologies ring hollow …

  2. The man on the right with suit and tie is Vincent Armstrong. The other man on the left is named Eamon Duffy. I took those names from the badges they were wearing. Opus Dei? Knights of Columbanus? I don’t know but maybe someone else does. It has to be said they were neither rude or heavy handed. The same goes for the Garda. Considering the circumstances there was no nasty behaviour or vindictive attitudes on display. That can’t be said of some of the stewards who’ve policed the doors of the Pro during previous protests.

    The fact still remains both Paddy Doyle and his companion were refused entry into the Pro Cathedral.

    At one stage the man on the right said “Even if I let you in you wouldn’t get within twenty yards of the Bishop security is so tight”. I was standing beside him when he said it. I even have a video of him saying those exact words. What shouldn’t be overlooked is the fact that of all the Catholic priests and Bishops, (not one of which I’d spit on if they spontaneously combusted in my living room) Diarmuid Martin is the last one who should be laying prostrate and washing feet.

  3. I agree. Diarmuid Martin is at the opposite end of the scale from the miserable old time-servers of bishops who evaded their human responsibility to protect children, but this sort of thing does the public perception of him no favours.

  4. I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube. http://upload.youtube.com/my_videos_upload

    At this point in time it’s not possible to tell if this had Romes stamp of approval. At first it sounded like a typical distraction stunt. People got a lot more of their information from photos then they should be thats the way it is.

    If the stunt was approved or motivated from Rome I’d thought at first the agenda was to humiliate Diarmuid Martin to punishing him for breaking the code of Omerta. On the other hand since, according to the Irish Times, the idea was first mooted in a letter to that paper some time ago maybe it wasn’t Rome’s idea.

    It may be Diarmuid Martin’s way of shaming the shams like Brady. How arrogant do they look now?

    I’ve also got photos of Martin talking to Paddy Doyle outside the Pro after the service. In all the whole foot washing ceremony took over an hour and a half. just as well it was only their feet they were washing. If they’d of been giving survivors a symbolic bath I’d of missed work on Monday…

  5. Sorry. Hopefully this will do it.

    I’ve noticed on some sites there are misconceptions being draw.

    The fact is this: part of the problem was Mary told the Garda that she intended going in to protest. That put the Garda in a position of having to tell her she couldn’t go in. He more or less tried to tell her that.

    Paddy on the other hand said all he wanted to do was hand in a letter. The Garda consulted the stewards, who had appeared by then, and they said they’d take the letter but they were not going to let him in under any circumstances.

  6. There were at least 3 Garda on duty. They were not really acting as doormen as such. Any time there is a protest they always have some Garda presence. I’m not sure exactly how the particular Garda ended up at the side door because he was out front most of the time up to that. Before and after the incident at the side door there was one passer-by who became involved and was shouting and threatening people. In reality he was harmless but they had to take him down off the front steps at one stage. He even told Patsy McGarry of the Irish Times he was going to give him a box.

    I think the problem began because Mary telegraphed her intentions. That put the Garda in the position of being made aware of a possible breach of the peace. That still does not account for the fact Paddy Doyle was prevented from entering. However it was the Garda acting alone initially who prevented them from entering by the side door.

  7. A public order offence could take place on the street, conceivably, but a protest is not a breach of the peace. In any case, the church is private property. Therefore, I don’t understand what role the Garda thought he had in preventing any protest inside the four walls. I also don’t believe he had any authority to prevent either person from entering.

  8. As he explained it he regarded it the same as if a shop owner wanted somebody with bad intent prevented from entering his premises. Had he not been informed the purpose of entering the premises was to interrupt the service he wouldn’t have done anything. He said that himself. Two other people did walk right in past the Gardai on the front door. From the newspaper reports they were both allowed to speak. That being the case the steward in the video was exaggerating about not being able to get within 20 yards of the bishop because “security was so tight”.

    The Church was not quite full but it was not the regular mass. Easily over 99% or the people who made up the congregation were over 50 or even 55. I don’t know how they came to be there or how they knew about the service. It did not get any big amount of publicity beforehand. It was only when Paddy Doyle was approached that he put it up on his website.

  9. The Garda clearly doesn’t understand his role in civil society. Shoplifting is a crime, but criticising a bishop is not and he has no business preventing it.

  10. I don’t know that much about the law. There will likely be another protest on April for Easter Sunday. Everybody is always welcome.

  11. So Paddy gets refused entry for coming with a woman?

    Paddy , maybe they thought your wheel chair was a weapon of mass destruction?LOL

    Yep, Opus Dei run the church and the Just Us system in Ireland- the hidden hand.

    In the last pictue the “steward” is pointing his finger at the Garda- but has 3 fingers pointing at himself.

  12. James Smith – “The final photograph reveals so much … Who is ordering who here — a representative of the Church, a member of Opus Dei, a Knight of Columbanus, pointing his finger and telling the Garda Siochana that Paddy Doyle and Mary Smith are not welcome and cannot enter the Pro Cathedral. Compartmentalized apologies ring hollow …”

    Spot on, it’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw it.

    The Garda looks like he’s straight out of a Pat Short Sketch.

  13. The one thing though that is proven 100% is that the Catholic Cult is still the same as it ever was…..Either Obey the hierarchy men in dresses or you pay the price.

    It is exactly how cults operate. Of course the “higher” ones believe their brainwashing is still operating 100% and that Paddy and Mary will be all upset and believe the invisible controller- God- will punish them.LOL

    As with all rapists, torturers, criminals, it is often best to give them no heed whatsoever because they are predators and feed like vultures off the pain and suffering of their victims.

    Karma is theirs now and that shall suffer the same fate as the People of Danu/Love/AMOR whom The church of Roma hunted down and murdered.

    Notice Roma is the opposite to Amor- meaning Love.

    The poor boy Garda is powerless and that is clear because of the force of the man of god.

    Nothing has changed. The church of Roma still has the grip of FEAR on our people.

  14. The whole thing is a Farce!
    Washing Feet is not What is Required?
    Prison Sentences for the Guilty!
    Protecting Future Victims by Removing the Guilty from Society for a VERY LONG TIME!

  15. I think it’s safe to say the new Catholic Gombeen men who are filling the government seats now are unlikely to do anything too radical to rock the boat. They’ll spend their time jumping through miles of hoops only to end up a half inch from where they started. There should be a steady stream of Brothers, Nuns priests and bishops heading for prison at this stage. That’s never going to happen. In Ireland it’s not what you do it’s which gang you belong to that makes a difference.

  16. Suffer the Children to come onto me, with the emphasis on the suffer, but
    don’t allow them near the bishops. This mob would give old beelzebub a
    good name.

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