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Dick Tuck was a witty man, a man well aware of his own human absurdity and a man with a light touch when it came to political commentary.  He possessed irony, subtle humour and a quick wit.

In 1966, Tuck ran for the California Senate with the  slogan The job needs Tuck, and Tuck needs the job.  He lost, but nevertheless delivered one of the funniest losing statements in the history of politics: The people have spoken, the bastards.

Rejected Fianna Fáil politician John O’Donoghue has none of Tuck’s qualities, though he said someting similar last night as he denounced the ungrateful Kerry electorate for failing to do its duty by re-electing him.  The difference is, Tuck was joking.

I hope the irony will not be lost upon you, that I stand here on my evening of defeat, in a hall, this magnificent sports complex, which I helped the build, said this steaming, red-faced, angry ball of bluster.

It reminded me of things our mothers used to say to us when we were small.  I hope you’re happy now!

Poor old Bull.  No Mammy there to dry his tears after the bad boys and girls took away his tricycle.

But what exactly was he telling the Kerry people as he berated them?  What did he mean when he said he helped to build it?

Did he dig the foundations?  Did he pour the concrete?  Did he carry the blocks up a ladder?

None of these things.

Did he design it?


What then?  How did he help to build it?

Ah!  He diverted the money from some other deserving project in some other town so that he could improve his electoral chances.  Is that what he means?

Right.  I see.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I won’t be sorry to see the back of a man whose attitude encapsulates all that is wrong with Irish politics.



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    I don’t think that any sane person will be sorry to see the back of that sleveen, nor his padded expenses. I see Dick Roche is carrying on in the same manner, threatening another recount because he hasn’t got in.

    What a fucking shower.


    As Mary O Rourke was complimenting herself today for standing when she could have followed the party line/trend and faked an illness and taken the pension money and run.

    I for one would like to thank them ” all ” for standing and making the election count so much more enjoyable.

    Unfortunately their power hungry delusion rises to the surface when faced with the humiliation of losing their entitlement. And none felt he was more entitled to take anything not nailed down that the red faced blusterer.


    Reports today that Mehole Martin is determined to stuff the Seanad with as many of his FAILures as possible.

    Vampires. Stake. Heart.


    I have recorded the announcement of Dick Roche’s elimination and am playing it in an endless loop.

    Happy days!


    1966 Bock.. that’s a long long time ago. :)

    Pity they can’t laugh at themselves.. the rest of us are anyways.
    The irony is lost on the poor dim wit, no one else.




    the devine right of kings.
    they remember everything and learn nothing.


    Fianna Fail nearly wiped out. If we can get rid of the church next we’ll be making real progress.


    …………….and to think, I will never have to see (or hear) Mary Coughlan make a blithering idiot out of herself again. Life isn’t so bad after all.

    BTW, any suggestions for a suitable replacement “blithering idiot” in the new administration?????


    Three things to be positive about:

    – Fianna Fail are dead

    – Our equivalent of the Ben-Ali’s have been given the boot (Lenihans, Haugheys, Aherns etc). Shame Cowen’s brother got in, though …

    – Diagramatically:

    It may only be a start, but finally Irish politics begins to align itself around issues and left/right dynamics, and not personalities and the parish-pump


    ungrateful peasants


    Indeed. We like to claim that we have no class divisions, and in a sense we’re right, because everyone is equally cloddish. But the Bull is a living example of a gobshite brought up to expect preferment, and now utterly baffled when the people tell his gobshiteness to fuck off. He simply doesn’t possess the machinery to figure it out.


    The last I heard of the Bull was that he was marching into the sea shouting GO BACK GO BACK.


    Bock, further to my statements about Dick Roche. It looks like his election agent has threatened the
    People of Wickla with severe retribution when Roche gets re-elected. There’s a thread about it on boards.ie. What I’m more concerned about is what kind of fuckwit is going to ask for votes
    From the very people he’s threatened? Besides what more can the cunts do to
    The country?


    What’s this? Has the windbag reinflated?


    Certainly, O’ Donoghue, with a lumpsum of 237,792 euro and a pension of 128,293 euro per annum, wins big when he wins, and when he looses, he also wins. Though he feels free to berate those paying the bill for their apparent ingratitude to his visionary gombeenism!

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