Libyan Revolution, Irish Apathy

Muammar Gadaffi and his family are plainly thieves and parasites who have wasted the vast resources of their country and enriched themselves in the process.  For his 37th birthday, Saif (Sword of Islam) Gadaffi held the most lavish party ever seen in the Adriatic, in Montenegro, attended by several billionaires, a crown prince, a prime minister and a huge assortment of wealthy hangers-on. Six Learjets ferried the guests into Tivat airport and the bay was filled with giant luxury yachts.  Meanwhile, despite the fact that Libya has huge reserves of oil, his people had no adequate hospitals, and the schools were primitive, crumbling hovels.

Finally, inspired by the wave of revolution sweeping across North Africa, the Libyan people rose up and, facing machine-guns and rockets, are now on the brink of deposing the brutal dictator Gadaffi.

Fianna Fáil and their cronies are plainly thieves and parasites who have wasted the vast resources of this country and enriched themselves in the process.  Every year, they held a lavish party at the Galway races, and guests were ferried in by a fleet of helicopters.  Meanwhile, despite the fact that Ireland has huge reserves of gas, its people had no adequate hospitals and its schools were primitive, crumbling hovels.

The population of Libya is not much bigger than the population of Ireland, but Libya has a far bigger security apparatus to crush dissent.

Nevertheless, unlike the Libyans, the Irish people did not rise up when Fianna Fáil sold them into slavery.  Instead, they simply grumbled and accepted the theft imposed on them by the Party of Corruption.

Why is this?

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Undeserved historical deference to Politicians, and

The Clergy which enabled the sexual abuse to be perpetrated over so many years

The Doctors, which allow them to put their charges up at will, and become the highest paid in Europe without much question.

If Qwadaffy moved to Galway Wesht, got the letters “FF” after his name, he’d be safe in the Dail for the rest of his life. Then, his human shit-pile of a son could safely inherit, probably be a junior Minister in 2016.

Of course there is, but there’s also a qualitative difference in the level of anger following an intolerable imposition of pain on the people.

Rob. What irony in the face of 255 dead and 1500 missing in 4 days.
We in Ireland may not have experienced the physical pain and deprivation of the Libyans, However all that may change, What we have done though is accepted and carried the yoke and collar of mental oppression despite the blatant depraved acts carried out in the name of religion, The criminality and blatant acts perpetrated against our working society under the watch of our so called Democratically elected representatives and we have walked on our knees with said burden for 89 years, So how long will it take for us to say Enough !

Well, it doesn’t like we’re going to say Enough on Friday anyway. The people are going to sweep Fianna Fake into office for more of the same treatment.

Sorry Norma I don’t see any irony there? Lets just see what happens now the yoke of oppression has been lifted in the Maghreb. I am sure the first thing will be the liberation of women and who knows they may also free themselves of the Religious yoke that we cling to here.
Yup I’m all for this freedom from oppression business sure just look at what a fine job we have done with ours. We don’t have a “so called Democracy” we have a Democracy and we are supposed to be educated! God help us. Democracy is highly overated Up the revolution.

Bock. Im now so disinterested in our current GE bullshit I have taken VB off series link, No reflection on poor aul Vinnie, Just cant bear to listen to same story slightly different faces any more.

Rob. Yup, Up the Revolution ! The vast global changes we are seeing is what will really impact on us poor disconnected inhabitants of the craggy rock, Our GE and current predicament will be the almost literal drop in the ocean by comparison……….much like ourselves !

S1LU. Very interesting link.
I think that as the world has been shrinking, As in greater access evolving over generations, Education has taken a new twist and has separated itself from Acedemia, People who heretofore would not have had access to information, Have now discovered all manner and means to defragment their previous thought processes and with new forms of education comes change and now we are witnessing that change.

It may have taken decades to seek and process the knowledge and determination to fight for a better future, Whats really relevant is that so many are seeking change at this point in history.

Yes, info is much more accessible and sharable nowadays. I just bought a 2 terabyte hard drive – you know how much data that can hold? Probably more than a small public library. Seems like Facebook helped to wage revolution in Egypt. Don’t need school to learn like you used to.

And yes, so many people seeking change. Hopefully everything will work out for the better.

Wouldn’t anyone wish that everything will work out for the better (Except maybe a nihilist)? What’s to be careful about that? I wasn’t necessarily wishing for change, just recognizing that it’s happening.

Rob. I doubt anyone believes that a transitional period from Dictatorship to Democracy will be an easy ride, All change is harsh, even on a personal level.
There are very difficult and treacherous times ahead, For us in Ireland also but the continued path toward eradicating the minefield of greed, corruption and imposition will not only continue but will eventually find a level, Maybe not in our lifetimes.

S1LU. Congrats on your new purchase ! The advances in accessing information and knowledge, even in the past 5/10 years is truly awesome, I have little time for Facebook but admit it serves a purpose in spite of its general dumbing down of younger minds.

Those people who talk about “getting around to ” in relation to the plight of the Libyan people should go into a dark room and beat themseves up for being thick. He hangs his opponents – that’s anyone who pisses him off – from the back of a army truck in the middle of Green Square. Hundreds more have simply disappeared. The comparison with our situation isn’t there to be made… elections every five years, a safety net welfare system, a currency shared by 27 (?) other nations, visa free travel in most of the western world. Full Irish Breakfast served all day ……. ok that’s a bit facetious , just to emphasise my point.

No masochistic dark rooms for me, thanks!

I didn’t mean that they were just sitting around unoppressed wasting time. I meant that their long frustrating and suffering wait made this uprising more serious and effective (well, at least in Egypt so far).

@dermot o connor: the reason Gadaffi never moved to Galway West was because Frank Fahey got there before him.

We have finally overthrown Mulley and his circlejerk of hangers-on who were ferried up to Belfast, and abolished the Irish Blog Awards under threat of water cannon. Is that not enough?

Who did this overthrowing of which you speak? When you say We, who exactly do you refer to? What do you mean by “overthrown”?

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