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This is the question I’m going to ask canvassers in the National Interview.  I think it summarises all that’s wrong with political control of this country

Can you explain why Norway is a partner in the Corrib gas consortium but Ireland is not?

That’s it.  I have no more to add.

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-Gerry Aldridge

So FIne Gael are now using spammers are they? Interesting. Thanks for letting us know we can await lots of shananigans from Hasbara as Gaelige. Your comment has nothing to do with the post and hopefully this will relfect on your party.


Good question. It’s nicely understated too. You can just see them start to answer before their brains catch up and realise the consequences of their answer.

Can you explain why Norway is a partner in the Corrib gas consortium but Ireland is not?

Brian Boru? Malachy? Justin Keating? All of the above?

Bock, if I say that Barryroe in the Celtic Sea has 800 million barrels of oil would you be surprised?.

Yes Bock I am doing research and the Norwegians know a great deal about what lyes beneath Irish waters. One of the tricks the oil companys use is to downplay any data that prove there is oil in Irish waters. They will then convince you that they are being decent by bothering to pump it up and sell it to you at market prices. A great theft is in the makeing.

My informants in Norway confirm that Shell took care of it and guess what ? the next well to go is Hook Head.

Our government hasn’t placed any Irish experts to monitor the exploration results by the oil companies. Therefore we have no idea what’s under our territorial waters.

The whole question of Irish oil and gas is to lucrativ as to be accesable to the Irish. The ignorance of the Irish populace is an asset of the oil companys.

Bock, I have just checked that the Norwegian Oil Trust stands at 270 billion NKR. The monitoring of oil is an accepted practice by Statoil. Everything is cosy in the garden but outside they are as ruthless as needed.

Bock, then there is the Rockall waters diputed by Denmark ( Faroes) the UK and Iceland and last but not least Ireland. Norway is excluded by way of its continental shelf not extending as far as the area around Rockall. Norwegian oil reserves are depleting and the view is that annexing Irish waters is a way of expanding. The sheer size of the area and its potential is staggering and this has not gone unoticed. Irelands land mass to the west does not collide with any other jurisdiction unless it is the USA thus this freeway is open. A huge crime is slowly in progress.

Bock, excuse my rantings but I can scarce beleive what is unfolding before our very eyes. I have done some weeks of research and beleive that vital information is being with held from the Irish. This upsets me and worries me.

Bean Ui Cribin has had a look through the Holy Roman snorkel the jesuits gave her and she can’t see nuttin’ so shut the fuck up and help pay for a new cathedral….

I’m not even convinced that Irish senior ministers have an IQ above room temperature never mind a majority of the population. All they need to know is when someone offers them money to arrange or support something then the biggest problem is to find a way to access the money without the Revenue finding out.

No ambition. No problem.

Prime Time – I don’t like the look of the Fine Gael leader so I’ll vote FF – SUPID does as……………..

This really does depress me somewhat. Cupid stunts

V. Browne has just tied up the sanctimonious Eamonn Ryan in knots. Ryan was on the verge of swallowing his considerable tongue which has swollen to mammoth proportions since it was surgically removed from an orifice of the lower deck of Brian Cowen. Ryan the imperious know all bicycle salesman,the rank amateur,the bluffer made good,of whom should be asked the question: “are you fucking stupid?”. I have to laugh,because if I dont,I’ll surely cry.

Charles O Rourke: “Yes Bock I am doing research and the Norwegians know a great deal about what lyes beneath Irish waters. One of the tricks the oil companys use is to downplay any data that prove there is oil in Irish waters. They will then convince you that they are being decent by bothering to pump it up and sell it to you at market prices. A great theft is in the makeing.”

Hi Charles (and Bock), I’m interested in the counter argument that says there was no appetite for exploration in Irish waters prior to Ray Burke changing the incentives, and that even then only one company was interested. If there is in fact loads of easily extractable oil and gas, how could the Norwegians have kept this information secret from other oil companies, given that a lot of them were sniffing around in Irish waters in the 1970s/80s? Why is the market not working?

My position on this is simple. Since this state gets nothing from the arrangement, we should leave the gas and oil in the ground until required. Even if the fields were currently marginal, which they are not, they will continue to increase in viability. At present, we don’t even have the right to demand first call on the Corrib gas. The deal provides no advantage at all to Ireland and it makes no sense at all to allow this consortium to take our energy resources for nothing and sell them back to us at full market price.

I can see the sense of that position Bock. The only potential argument against it is that having ready access to oil and gas off our west coast could be a lifeline for our economy if supplies from the middle east/russia were to dry up all of a sudden due to conflicts. We are at the very end of a long gas pipeline, and all that. It would have been nice if the pols who made the deal were honest, then maybe we could rule out brown envelopes as the reason behind all this.

On a more local level, has anyone asked their candidates why they and their parties intend doing about the Brosnan Report? Do they support the status quo or an amalgamation of both city and county councils. This has serious consequences for Limerick. I emailed all Limerick TDs, none saw fit to answer.

No 8. I also emailed candidates with questions incl the one you asked, So far no response.
I have’nt seen a sign of a candidate where I am and I have left the gates open to lure them in……….Nada, Too much hassel for them presumably.

I have sent many emails at the time of the last election to Wee Willie, ignored the first time, sent a reminder/follow up, no reply. Met him on the doorstep and asked him about it, and he attacked me asking which email address I had used, (before storming off). As requested, before he stormed off, I sent it to him again, still no reply.

You would have to conclude from this, and that he uses an email adress on his campaign leaflets, he does not address or bother with email, unless it’s somebody he knows.

Fine Gael central office did not reply at the time of the Council elections either, so it does not appear that they put too much store by replying to emails. Has anyone had a local politician take the time to reply ?

It’s something they should be challenged on in the current digital age.

Apparently Willie does not represent me now, as he told me he would bypass my door next time, he’s a wee bit stroppy when challenged in the flesh, living up to the reputation preceeding him.

I was hoping he would forget and come back this year so I could flim him, but it appears he is bypassing half of Limericks door, so I don’t feel singled out anymore.

I used the TDs oireachtas email addresses, no reply. When I challenged Wee Willie by email in the past re his lack of achievement in Limerick and his coincidental holiday when Aer Lingus went Orange he replied asking me to stop emailing and that he would refuse to reply to such rude emails. Ditto Orla McLoughlin, she asked me to stop sending sarcastic emails. I had enquired about the collective lack of the council to do anything about Shannon but admired their zest and energy when their cushy numbers were threatened by Brosnan. I replied that she proported to be a public representative, was paid from the public purse and that I would send her what I deemed fit. Haven’t heard from her since.

I feel inadequate now No.8, maybe my emails to the Minster for cheese were not rude enough, might need to up my game, never been replied to, never mind admonished.

Always thought one of the broadcasters should do a programme and send a question to all TD’s and see who replies and how they reply to expose their unwillingness to acknowledge email. It would make for interesting journalism, name them and shame them.

My own theory is Willie never lays a hand on a computer, or would soil himself on such trivial matters, and the office full of lackeys choose how and who to reply to.

If it’s fluffy thanking him for the medical card, passport or doing any of the other things which are not part of his job then fine. If it’s critical, then computer says no, or in your case, go away.

Or maybe an orchestrated email campaign, asking pertinent questions might catch their attention ?

They can’t ignore new technology forever.

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