Sad Little Man. Sad Little Country.

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Feb 252011

Satan went crazy, charging at the door, howling in pain, jumping at the windows, snapping, snarling, racing up and down the stairs, whining and moaning, howling, snapping at imagined enemies and uttering a deep, man-killing growl.

What? I said.

Grrnarrghghghnnggrraaarrrghhhhllll!!  The dog replied.

What is it, Satan?  Did the space shuttle crash?

Satan ran up the chimney and returned with a half-eaten alien.  I was wondering where the molecular acid came from.

Bastard, I said,  You destroyed the wallpaper.

Grrnarrghghghnnggrraaarrrghhhhllll!! said the dog.

Strange.  There was no knock.  No warbling of the doorbell, cleverly reconfigured to play a pleasing medley of Wayne County favourite hits.  No clacking of the letter-box — a sound guaranteed to drive all dogs into a homicidal frenzy.


And yet.  And yet.  That canine sure do look ornery.

Let us peep outside.  Let us have a glance.

What’s this?

Here is a small election pamphlet, timidly dropped on the ground outside my house, by a timid little canvasser, or perhaps a newly-timid candidate lacking the balls to face me like a man.

And so we find Willie O Dea sunk to a new low.  Not only is he without the moral fibre to face his electorate, but now he lacks even the courage to shove a piece of paper through their door.

And so Willie or his lackeys are reduced to littering on the ground outside people’s houses.

Let us hope that after tomorrow’s count, he’ll be reduced to the ranks of former elected representatives, though I doubt it.  Willie has convinced too many people that he has influence in getting them the things they’re entitled to receive anyway.  They’ll vote him in, and not because he has any great vision for our country, but because they think he’ll get their windows fixed and their potholes filled.

What a statesman.  As a metaphor for Ireland, you couldn’t do better than Willie.

Sad little man.  Sad little country.


Politicians and the Myth of Power in Local Councils




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    You can fool some of the people most of the time, unfortunately!


    Going by our recent history it seems that you can fool all of the people all of the time. Changing one conservative party for another more conservative is ( sorry I can’t think of a word for it ) can anyone out there help me. I give up.


    Moronic? Is that the word you seek?


    Bock, there is no word for it but we may have to create a new unheard of word . The Russian have a saying ” The worse the better”.


    Is there any chance, with the split vote, and the scandal and the stench of his former party, could he……..

    have lost his……… seat

    Just a dream

    At the very least he will have lost some of his majority, otherwise I’m moving

    He won’t have incresed his vote, will he, Willie

    Why did 30 % of people stay at home, or not bother to vote ??


    Are the figures in already for the turnout? 70% would be a very good result, taking into account the proportion of eligible voters unable to attend due to work, illness, age, family commitments and everything else.


    If there is a god, and i would need a lot, really, a lot of proof. Then willie is gone, gonna get pissed on that, if not gonna get pissed anyway. Sorrows and joys, oh woe is me!

    That being said, there is a new dawn on the horizon, fianna fail is gone!! Yee haww!!

    Fuck! is it that time already?


    A new dawn on the horizon? Now that Fianna Fake have arrived? Are you nuts?


    Bless, have never been called nuts before. Always a time for everything, i do agree, but it is definitely a different way, course the same shit and no difference to the approach. The people have spoken, i have never been a fan of Fianna fail nor Fine Gael.

    I was being ironic there Bock. Not my best suit.


    I didn’t say you were nuts. I asked.



    don’t bet on it. They haven’t gone away you know, and they will continue to loot the country . There’s a post on that the Helvetia Wealth – International Forestry Fund – chairman one Bartholomew Ahern esq has today “purchased” Coillte so that means that 7% of our landbank has now gone out of our control to pay the EU/IMF for us “borrowing” funds to repay the EU to prop up German and French etc banks who took a punt on Anglo et al. [link to thread here post 8 is the one

    What was that said about a good day to bury bad news?


    Thank you Mark. Well you know what i mean. Until we take to the streets, display our anger in a meaningful way, violently remove all the people that have a vested interest in using the population of this country as fodder. Then we will always be as we are, sheeple, baa, baa, baa.

    I truely hated putting the above there but it is how i feel.

    I do think that we are a wonderful nation.


    My cousin’s old bitch hates Cllr. John Gilligan and the Peoples Park. If she ever catches poor old John there he’ll be up for murder.
    Funny about Dobermans like that.


    Can anyone tell me how I can be removed from the voters register without either my consent or knowledge?

    Last evening I went to my local polling station in Kinsale with my passport as ID, to register my seething furey in the only pathetic way open to us – a vote against the Gangster Party – to find I was no longer registered as a citizen entitled to some say in how my tragic little country is run.
    I was no longer on the list. I did not strike myself from that list nor did I give anyone else permission to do so on my behalf. So how could this happen?

    I admit to having a high profile in resisting Meehaul Martins cronies despoiling our local landscape in Kinsale, and regularly ranting in my local pub against Fianna Failure when the pub was full of their gombeen supporters but I didn’t believe that could preclude me from my democratic right to have my little say.
    Does anyone know how one can be removed from the register, or who might have the authority to do so?
    I am very angry and want to take this further – any worthwhile advice on how to do so will be greatly appreciated


    First indications today after the Limerick City boxes were opened are that Michael Noonan will top the poll. I,ll say it again,just in case people have forgotten. Brigid McCole.
    And the procurer of medical cards will be voted in by those who know no better.
    O Dea and Noonan,two sides of the same coin.


    Well Tony C, i am not an admirer of either of those two fuckwits, one has shown how inept he is and the other is getting another chance to do more damage. The people have spoken, we get more of the same,

    On the bright side at least Jan O`Sullivan will be back and with any luck Leddin or Quinlivan i hope.


    Jan was my number 1, so she was.


    Peter Power has conceded defeat. The man without the logo. Too cute for his own good. Bye bye fucko.


    WOD’s lack of grace in defeat was there to be seen in his RTE interview, he was seething and has given interviews to all the Sunday’s apportioning blame for his poor performance, Brian Cowen, the timing of the election, what about his own bad behaviour, was that not a factor in his decline.

    No sign of any thanks to the fools who did vote for him. And no humble pie, or any share of the blame for himself, presumably, in his own head, he has done nothing wrong.

    Bye bye FF, maybe some continued focus on WOD’s lack of acheivement over the coming years.


    Your permission is not required, anyone can say you no longer live in the area. It is up to you to make sure your name is on the register. This is always happening to a friend of mine, he wouldn’t be shy about giving his opinion, as a result the party supporters regularly knock him off the voting register.


    Didn’t know that Lee. Surely to fuck no one else should be allowed make claims on your behalf.
    Some people are pathetic. I suppose it’d be similar to whatever fucking toss pot complained about Bock’s facebook page because they don’t like the views being expressed. Pathetic stuff.


    What’s that? I know I’m on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic, but didn’t Willie hold on to his seat? What’s this about grace in defeat?


    Okay not defeated, how about humiliated ?

    Gets elected on count 6 ? loses 12500 first preference votes

    I stand corrected, most of the other TD’s who were elected had the grace to thank the people (any people) who voted them in. Not Ooor Willie

    He was thinking of all the ungrateful bastards who thought maybe he should have some manners put on him, like me. And he was thinking that bastard Brian Cowen cost me my lifes work for not calling the election before they fleeced the electorate. Which i’s a very honest admission on his behalf.

    Also blamed for his loss of votes as follows :- Peter power and the FF election strategy, the boundary changes (5000 Unquestioned guaranteed votes apparently). The FF brand.

    Not blamed the person he sees in the mirror, for trying to get a journalist sacked to save his own skin, denying a slur on his opponents in the last election. His complete lack of acheivement for the past 14 years +.

    Bye to all your party faithful and good luck in their new careers, especially John O D, Mary H, Mary C, Mary O R, Conor L, Martin M and all our favourties.


    Getting relected and holding that seat is going to be the difference for our willie next time around. All the patronage is gone, all his fuckedup cronies are gone, half the fianna fail people in Limerick hate the prick! When he returns to the dail any time he tries to speak he will be laughed at by Sinn Fein and the ULA who will always ask him if he is willing to swear an affidavit to that! His humiliation will be his undoing, the short tempered shit!


    I’m loosing faith in humantiy faster than usual after this farce of an election.


    I feel your pain. People were so angry at Fianna Fáil’s policies that they voted for a crowd who want to do exactly the same thing.

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