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Showing Disrespect to the Archbishop is Wrong and Evil

Whether some people choose to like it or not, it is a fact that this is a Catholic country and the clergy are the moral and ethical guides for the people.  It is they who lay down what is acceptable and what is not, and the people have a duty and responsibility to obey their guidance.

If a simple priest such as myself can be imbued with such wisdom through the Divine intervention of the Holy Spirit, how much more we should respect the authority of a Prince such as the Archbishop of Dublin, a man who has rubbed shoulders with Popes and Cardinals!

I was gratified to see a statement by my old pal Brendan Kelly, Bishop of Achonry, a man never known for pulling his punches.  I could tell you a story or two about the things we got up to in the seminary.

Brendan was incensed at the suggestion that religious instruction should be downgraded in our Primary schools and asked publicly the following question:

“Are we to exclude the things that move our hearts most deeply and form the pillars of our Irish character and culture and conscience from our schools?”

Good man yourself, Brendan!  Well said!  I could not agree more wholeheartedly.  Without the Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic church, a man cannot have an Irish character.  Nor can he claim to have a culture and he is undoubtedly without a conscience, since he has no True Light to guide him.

It was therefore with some dismay that I noted coverage of that crippled man, Doyle, showing such disrespect to Archbishop Diarmuid and to his exalted Guest from Boston, Cardinal Sean O’Malley as they prostrated themselves in a sign of repentance for the administrative errors of a small number of clergy.

Much though I feel for Mr Doyle, the fact that he is a cripple cannot excuse his brazen effrontery in demanding to speak with two Princes of the Church.

Demanded, mind you!  As if he had some right to speak with a man who is in every way above him.

Fortunately for the dignity of the occasion, a sharp-eyed steward intervened and quite properly ordered a Garda to block Mr Doyle’s access to the Pro-Cathedral.  This is just as well, and the Garda may even have done Mr Doyle a favour, by preventing him from making an ugly scene inside the church, which would not only be unseemly, but also a grave sin in the eyes of God, for it is not permissible to question the word of a Bishop (let alone a Cardinal!) before the eyes of the people.

Thus we have the unlikely outcome that, far from acting as a policeman, the kindly Garda undertook the role of moral guide, and saved Mr Doyle from gaining a stain on his immortal soul.

Ha ha.  If we priests are not careful, we might find ourselves out of a job.

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Could not have put it better myself Fitzy. Since our confirmation by the great Prince’s of The OHRCA church at the tender age of 12 and younger we are all but there serf”s.

PS Can you get the dole as a priest? I mean if you lose your job like, not that you would, everybody loves you.

I’m thinking this statement is not far off the truth – “Whether some people choose to like it or not, it is a fact that this is a Catholic country and the clergy are the moral and ethical guides for the people”. . I caught a short programme late last night on RTE – A Kairos production I think it was. All about the sanctity of marriage. There was a couple on it saying they were called to be together by God but only in the sanctity of marriage or some other shite like that as they were sipping over a cup of tea gazing into each other eyes.

I was thinking to myself, this is one hillbilly country sometimes. Actually no the hillbillies are probably more secular than Ireland. Why do RTE feel the need to put this on? Lots of people are in relationships and not married. In fact lots of people are in relationships with people of the same sex.
They have no business lecturing people about what’s right… the thieving, overpaid gobshites.
Sorry father! :) No I’m not actually.

Father, your some man for one man Hah! Hah!
Mighty boy, Mighty.
I was tinken myself Father like….could the Guard in this case, be likened to Michael the Arc Angel himself. Guarding the gates of heaven from the common riff raff. What ya tink Father Hah! Hah!

Here I was thinking the common riff raff are as much God’s people as any prince of the church, also thought a church was open to everyone, don’t know how I got so badly misguided.

@Kings Bard. Not at all, Not at all my friend….Peter and Saint Patrick had a right go at each other after the Thierry Henry incident. Peter, as you well know, has a soft spot for the French. Anyway to cut a long story short, God (Thats Jesus’s Faader) said enough is enough and put Michael on gate duty. I cant believe you dont know this. Dont you go to mass at all, at all, Hah! Hah! Well do you!

There is a sign on a church in Limerick saying “This is God’s house, everybody is welcome ” Some welcome !!

@Long John I’m confused now..can you tell me where Peter went after he got the French Letter?? Mass? don’t remember that.
What I really want to know is – if there’s a Pro Cathedral in Dublin where’s the Anti Cathedral?

Peter is now working at the Cocktail Bar “Heaven 17”. Saint Patrick is working in the chip van just inside heavens gate, and before you ask the question?…The answer is No, Elvis is not peelen the spuds for him.
If the Pro Cathedral is in Dublin. Then the Anti Cathedral is in Belfast. Jeeez, I’ll never learn ye.

Ha ha. I am sure God has a sense of humour and he does not mind a little bit of lighthearted banter. It is said by some that Michael the Archangel guards the gates of Heaven, but of course, Heaven does not have gates, at least not in the literal sense. All the same it is a nice tradition.

I wanted to bring this up, and this seems like the most appropriate place, even though it is admittedly OT.

Father, I got a question. Why would God and JC let/cause such a terrible earthquake, with ample death and destruction, to happen in a place called Christchurch?? We see all over the news Christchurch this, Christchurch that, and it’s mostly bad news. And the local cathedral fell down. Isn’t it somewhat embarrassing for Christ and for churches that a place named after them can’t be exempted from such “natural” disasterdom?

Just wondering.

I do not know. It is a very sad disaster. Perhaps you also have a god who permitted this thing to happen, but if you are asking about the name of the city I can only tell you that the word Christ comes from a Greek expression and it means “the anointed”. This word has resonances in the Jewish as well as the Christian tradition. I am sure this will be an inadequate answer to your question but I hope it helps.

Thanks for the answer, Father, although you are right that it is truly inadequate.

The (real) Jewish savior will also be called the Annointed One (Messiah comes from that). But I don’t think that the intention was that people in a Christ city would be annointed with parts of falling buildings, mud and blood. But forgive me, Father – I could be wrong (it has happened once or twice).

BTW, your avatar looks uncannily like Bock’s. And very wrathful. I know that God is wrathful, but this is a little much, no? And are you two part of some kind of Bockian Trinity or something? And who then would be the third part – The Geek?

Also, you might consider changing your name – the acronym is the same as a political party that’s not so beloved around here.

And how’s Mother, BTW? Is She the Third Part?

This has occurred sometimes when I am unable to “log on” to the system. I am informed that the picture appears because I am registered as a contributor in the programme but I do not entirely understand how it works.

S1LU — You make a valid point regarding the avatar. It can cause confusion when a comment is reposted, and in future contributors will be asked to adhere to the login policy. For all his faults, Fr Fitz didn’t name the city of Christchurch. A brief search reveals that it was named after one of the Oxford colleges. I don’t want to make light of the tragedy in New Zealand, so I suggest we allow this branch of the conversation to wither.

@ 10…Father, what in the name of god are you sayen?
No gates in Heaven? Sure jeepers anyone can get in so. Were the gates taken away during the Second Vatican council by Pope John XX111. Sure if thats the case you’ll have all kinds getten in, and they will be prayen to god knows who? – Very confused Pirate

I just thought that the Father might know – connections, you know.

I’m not making light of what’s happening there. My point is that it’s another example of non-human-generated evil in the world, that makes one question what kind of God is supposed to be out there that would allow it to happen. Wither away thread – or maybe we could start another one about this…

Some1.. It’s not evil, it’s an earthquake. Part of geological forces that contribute to making life possible in the first place. That’s all. People die. We will all die. Part of living I’m afraid. Dying is not evil. We won’t all die peacefully sleeping in our beds. There’s an answer. Probably not adequate either though.

Pretty adequate. I’m not arguing with you. I’m calling such “natural” disasters “evil” if they are caused/allowed to happen by a conscious, willful being like God. If, OTOH, they are just things that happen to happen in this Godless, karmaless universe, then of course they are not evil, just unfortunate parts of existence to those who are hurt by them. Which is now what I believe.

My whole point was to relate such things as the NZ earthquake to the Problem of Evil that challenges God’s existence. It’s a problem – in fact, one of the main ones – for religious apologists to apologize for. And the name of the place makes it even more ironic. So I asked the Father, thinking he might be able to answer.

S1LU — I understand your irritation. Fr Fitz’s posts can be very annoying at times, but I don’t think he has ever claimed that his god favours the survival of some people over others. That’s a more fundamentalist thing, I think, and can be found in the fundamentalist layers of all the major religions (and the minor ones).

FME – I think the word evil is being used here in its inanimate sense, denoting harm or misfortune as in, for example, “the lesser of two evils”.

Actually, I’m using evil in the totally animate sense, meaning that if someone (or One) does something unnecessarily harmful, then that’s evil. If Nature does it, then that’s just too bad for the harmed, but it’s not evil. Evil is intentional harm; Nature doesn’t intend anything, things just happens.

Re FF: You mean that he’s a real priest, and he’s serious?

Ah here, I’m totally bamboozeled now. No pearly gates, and a debate on the use of the word “evil”, I came home too early, I’m going back to the pub.

Lee, I know how ya feel.

Faaaader will you throw some light here please.
Im rattled in the literal sense, what with the gates of heaven not being literal in the real sense. And the fact that the gates only rattle in the non literal sense, makes no sense to me. In fact Im starting to think that the whole thing is non-sense. Oh godie godie where did I leave my rosary beads, a few decades might help.

I was one of the organiser of the protest at the Pro Cathedral…and will continue to have a protest at this ‘church’ every Sunday morn at 9.30 am until Disrmuid Martin calls for the resignation and arrest of cardinal Sean Brady for covering up the rapes of innocent children.The Church is an EVIL criminal organisation….a worldwide cult that is guilty of the rape of children in 163 countries in the world……with documented evidence against 4494 clerics in the USA alone….these are FACTS…..No washing of feet or begging for forgiveness will ever be accepted in Ireland…..We will only accept crminal proceedings against ALL the guilty…..This was a PR stunt by selected people who claim to speak for ALL victims.They do NOT.They are very welcome to speak for themselves of course and if they choose to be a part of this criminal organisation thats their business.It doesnt wash with me and many like me.The Catholic church is dead in Ireland ..its just a long funeral service and burial now.Lets all celebrate the end of this evil evil orgainsation with its paedophile army….JOIHN DEEGAN…..(A.C.C.A.I)……Anti Catholic Church Activists Ireland)

I just loved that song the Centurions sang back in the day, when Crucifixions were all de rage…

“I yer happy and ye know it, clap yer hands….”

This song is VERY popular with dem Happy Clappy types, who apparantly are all off fer a good old RAPTURE sometime later next year….

OK, Bock. I guess that I was just waxing a little too theological. I take all this kind of stuff pretty seriously. But you see that John wants to emphasize that the Church is EVIL, and not just of the “lesser of two evils” kind. Again, people do, and sometimes are evil; Nature just is what it is – evilly neutral.

Lee – how was it at the pub? Do your pubs there have internet rooms?

S1LU; The pub is my heaven, we do our best to leave the modern world outside, the TV just about gets turned on for matches.

One day I’ll come there and have a drink (or two) with you guys (and girls). If we last that long.

Our annual (unofficially) drinking holiday – Purim – is coming up soon. Loosely translated, it says “you gotta party until you don’t know the difference between the bad guys and the good guys”. I don’t know if once a year is enough anymore…

LOL (and CI – Crying Inside).

Just one revision: the end should be “by personally demonstrating what DOESN’T constitute molestation”. Let’s be realistic!

Guessed right. Can’t keep up on EVERYthing! But not anymore – thank you, John.

I understand that it’s a parody. But still, the Pope himself? There are limits (aren’t there?).

LJS Just to put your mind at rest about those gates , well I can tell you that St Patrick sold the gates to a bunch of travelling tinker scrap merchants. He said the money would be a digout for Ireland. So you see he still has our best interests at heart. Now if he would only come back and get rid of the rest of the snakes everything would be fine.
Fr Fitz Any chance of hearing my confession . On second thoughts perhaps you wouldnt have that much time.

we should respect the bishop ?? but not our childrens innocence …..the church is riddled with paedophiles !! i for one which i know theres many have lost all respect for the church and anyone affiliated with it .the churchs fault .father fitzz that incudes you

morals ethics respect for humans the church has none ! survivors there familes are not just collateral damage as church goers would like to think ……respect is eraned !!!! more power to those who have walked away from the church .there power in irish soceity has diminshed and not before time ……..

Thanks Jack the Lad, I can visualize it now
St Pat “Well are ye comen in or gooen out!
Scrap Merchant ” Ah no Boss, just trying to sell a few caarpets like, How much duya want for the auld gates boss? Ha?

Heaven with no gates? sure any auld fecker can get in these days, even priests and bankers

IN WHAT may prove to be a landmark judgment, a Rome court on Thursday imposed a 15-year prison sentence on Don Ruggero Conti, a Rome-based priest convicted of having abused seven boys in his Selva Candida parish near the capital.

Via Boston, then Dublin then Munich and now the Roman ring road, the scourge of clerical sex abuse appears to move ever closer to the Holy See itself.

Lawyers for Don Ruggero confirmed they will appeal Thursday’s verdict, while Don Ruggero remains free until a definitive “third level” of judgment has been passed against him. After the court verdict, he returned to the Roman old people’s home where he has lived for the last two years.

In an interview with The Irish Times yesterday, Roberto Mirabile, president of anti-paedophile advocacy group La Caramella Buona which legally assisted Don Ruggero’s victims, accused the Holy See and the Italian Catholic Church of adopting an attitude of omertà (silence) and of “not wanting to know” with regard to cases of clerical sex abuse in Italy.

Mr Mirabile recalled how La Caramella Buona had taken details of the accusations against Don Ruggero to the Vatican’s chief prosecutor, Msgr Charles Scicluna, in July 2007.

The Vatican official, however, said he had no information about the priest, inviting La Caramella Buona to continue the legal action itself. Don Ruggero was arrested almost a year later, in June 2008, but police surveillance showed he continued to abuse minors until March 2008 – nine months after the Vatican was alerted.

Mr Mirabile argues that had a senior Vatican figure intervened immediately, other crimes of sexual abuse of minors might have been avoided.

Msgr Scicluna told Spanish daily El Pais that La Caramella Buona was not able to provide full documentation, including “signed statements”.

Mr Mirabile yesterday rejected that assessment. He said his association would now try to bring a case against Don Ruggero’s bishop, Gino Reali, accusing him of aiding and abetting the crimes. Vatican commentators suggest it will be difficult to have Bishop Reali charged, given the deferential attitude of the Italian state to the church.

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