The Pipe

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Feb 132011

This is the story of how the Irish government helped a multinational company  to brutalise and intimidate a peaceful rural Irish community so that it could steal the energy resources of a small nation.

Watch it and be angry.

Then be very angry.

Then start working to take back what they have stolen from us.



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Finding 2 Billion Euros

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The Oil Company, The Crooked Politician and the Theft of Ireland’s Energy Resources

Shell Exploration Steals Irish Economy

Finding 2 Billion Euros

Corrib Pipeline Protests

The Oil Company, The Crooked Politician and the Theft of Ireland’s Energy Resources

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    This video has me flummoxed. One man’s strength and stubbornness which has to be applauded, yet he got nowhere?
    Ireland’s endemic corruption in every sphere of life, politics, law, doctors, lying farmers, and on and on, but WTF. Where and what are the supposedly well educated, computer literate unemployed young society doing about this? Are they able to build a case to where the money has gone or organise itself with rebellion? Are they a spoilt young generation with everybody trying to be middle class brats? Egypt uprising puts them to shame.


    I watched this Bock. It made me very angry and I cried a little too. The Gardai up there should be ashamed of themselves. The way they manhandled some older people and women is an absolute disgrace. I couldn’t help but think when that Shell ship Solitaire ran into problems right before it was due to begin works that it was a little kismet at work.
    To see that slithering cretin Bertie speaking against the residents made my skin crawl. He’s a despicable excuse for a human being and so are the rest of his treasonous corrupt colleagues in FF.

    It seems laws are only for the little people in this banana republic of ours.


    A worthy documentary but it has absolutely nothing to do with re-claiming the free gift that FF gave to Shell. If we had secured a proper and just settlement with Shell for OUR natural resource the Corrib pipeline would still exist, the accusations of Garda brutality would still exist and the Rossport 5 would still have gone to jail. And this raises an interesting question, if the economic future of the country depended on getting that gas ashore what would our attitude to the protestors be then? Would we sacrifice the rights of a minority group for the overall good of the nation ?


    Wrinkly Joe. Very good analysis, It does pose the question as to the degree of detatchment that seems to be ingrained in the Irish.
    There is an opposing question also, Were we a more cohesive society with a broader and more pragmatic mind set , Would the minority group in Rossport have made the sacrifice for the greater good of the Nation ?


    The protest is a distraction from the big crime that’s being committed against the country, but taken in context, it’s all part of the same thing. Either way, people are being trampled in support of a gigantic theft.


    Watching the documentary, there is an option to put the pipeline off by an uninhabited Island.
    The residents have not been consulted in any way shape or form that would be considered acceptable. It’s their land, their livelihoods at stake. So to answer the question, no I don’t think the rights of a minority group should be sacrificed even if there was an economic benefit to us and our natural resources weren’t given away by corrupt politicians to Shell. They would still have my full sympathies unless they were being consulted fairly and treated with respect and dignity.

    And another thing, a grubby few thousand doesn’t buy off everyone. A person has the right not to accept a pay off and their rights duly respected. (something that gobshite Bertie Ahern would know nothing about)


    Observe the seamless public/private partnership between the Gardaí and the thugs hired by Shell – and get rightly angry. Expect more of the this kind of thing from a Blueshirt/Toryboy-led government.


    The oil discovery off coast of Israel but bordering Lebanon might give them some ideas.


    Buried in the noise of the general election:

    A pure co-incidence, I’m sure.


    Wasn’t Coillte sold last week too? Bertie overseeing this asset stripping.
    Can’t find a link, but this..


    That is my understanding also, FME.

    Burying the “bad news” is hardly a new thing amongst the political illuminati.


    Tis like oceania’s ministry of truth.. I can’t find one bloody article on it.


    It does thanks Norma.
    Can’t find anything recent though or from the main stream media.


    Last gasp of the dying breed, disgusting, dispicable illegal ?


    “THE HIGH Court is to hear arguments from the State and An Bord Pleanála before deciding whether to grant leave to An Taisce and two local residents to bring separate judicial review actions aimed at quashing permission for a gas pipeline linked to the Corrib gas field in Co Mayo.”

    One of the parties, Monica Muller, was reviled by some of the more militant Rossport activists for her refusal to engage in direct action protest. Preferring instead to persue the legal route, she appears to have shown a dogged determination to explore every available judicial method of thwarting the pipeline. I wish her and her fellow applicants well today.

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