Vizes Field Destroyed

Limerick City Council vandalises tranquil urban green space

16 thoughts on “Vizes Field Destroyed

  1. That is deplorable. I’m not being smart here, but I don’t see anyone protesting. Anything productive attempted by the locals in the build up to this?

  2. All i can see is a machine digging a hole here and another hole further back, it looks like they are looking for something underground. Maybe they are from the Limerick City Council or Bord Gais or the ESB or some other utility company. Holes are being dug all over the city but i would not associate the action with such an emotive word as ” Rape ” used in the title of this clip.

  3. They are test holes.
    They are used to find out the ground conditions before building, they have a bearing on the design of the foundations

  4. Foundations? For what? Houses? I thought that there were empty houses from one end of the isle to the other, empty office buildings as well. I’d have thought that more new buildings was hardly what was needed. And what bank would be financing such an endeavor? If that is what it is. And on the eve of election, this seems almost insanely arrogant. A rank demonstration that nothing will change, business as usual in the backrooms, election be damned.

  5. Tony C, GOLD! really, where`s me shovel!
    As de fan says they maybe test holes but i don`t think so. They would use different machines for that rather than dig such large holes. I am still inclined to think they are looking at/for the old services that were there from the past. Just an opinion.

  6. They are looking for rock for the foundations, the contractor told me just yesterday. The back story is in Bock’s archives. they are building a a block of 29 social housing flats. Despite the 350,000 empty housing units already in the country. But as Maurice Quinlivan barked at me “You can’t expect someone from Moyross to live in Newport”, whatever that means

  7. To fill in some of the blanks
    Since the council voted to go ahead with this €7 million building (29 flats for €7m) received news that private developer was refused planning to build a small annex to their house that would back onto Vizes Field. Grounds for refusal were “loss of amenity and light to neighbours and that it would devalue the neighbouring properties”. They have as much admitted that this is grounds to sue them, from every one of us facing this flat complex. Can they afford it do you think?

  8. It is not unusual for ‘enabling works’ to commence prior to full planning permission being granted.
    One permission is officially granted an commencement notice is issued to the council giving approximate dates for commencement. It may be different where the council is also the developer.

    I expect people did not protest as they did not know this work was to start.

    Welcome back from Cuba Val.

  9. Maurice Quinlivan was winding you up, Val. The flats are not for Moyross. They are for local people from the Hyde Road / Hyde Avenue area. Ballinacurra Weston and Prospect. That is all. No where else. Fact.

  10. Strange way for someone looking for votes to carry on-winding people up. The origin of the flat dwellers was never the issue, it was the issue of the endless empty housing units that was being discussed at the time. Also, thanks Joe, Cuba was an eye opener and in many ways we have it very good by comparison with the Cubans, and in other ways they have it very good. It seems a bit cart-before-the-horse to begin wos before planning permission is granted as the fire cert has not yet been granted to to problems in the plans and the building being designed using 2007 guidelines and not 2009. So the flats are too small for a wheelchair to turn around, they have below minmum size balconies and storage space. The fire cert is the only way this can be appealed to An Bord Pleanala. So they are wasting money by assuming all of this, again

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