Mar 262011

True story.  Not a joke.

News is coming through of an 80-year-old man arrested and handcuffed by armed police in the Limerick branch of Anglo-Irish Bank yesterday afternoon.  Staff at the bank activated a panic alarm that sent an emergency signal to Henry Street Garda station when the pensioner allegedly cycled into the bank, produced a rock from his satchel and tried to smash the bulletproof screen at the counter.   That’s right.   I said cycled.  Within seconds, a heavily-armed squad of police arrived and wrestled the elderly man to the floor before cuffing him and leading him out of the bank and into one of the police vehicles.

It appears that the man was aggrieved because bank staff refused to give him money from a special account which requires four weeks notice of withdrawal.

He was released after seven hours of questioning.

At this point, it’s not clear whether any cruel or unusual interrogation techniques were employed to extract a confession, or whether he was waterboarded while in custody.  It’s also not clear whether charges will be made against the angry pensioner, or whether the bank will give him his money on demand.

Sources report that the pensioner claims he was stripped and placed in a cell for the night before being released.

In many ways, the 80-year-old has a valid point beneath all the posturing.  Ireland is insolvent, and if bondholders are going to take a 50% haircut, who’s to say that old men won’t also lose half their life savings when the government finally lets go of the ridiculous albatross that is Anglo-Irish Bank?

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    Who would leave any money in any of the toxic banks just now. That is just plain crazy!

    If anyone reading this has any sort of savings/money in any irish bank get it out and get it out now!


    Easy Target, Seems to be a lot of it about. Shame on the Gardai.


    I think the gardai should have helped him smash the glass and get his money.
    Personally, I don’t have to worry as I have no money.


    I’m going to play the ageism card.

    If the gentleman had been described as 23, wearing tracksuit trousers and a hoodie, your post wouldn’t have quite the same ring to it, would it?


    Bah! 23-year-olds are always getting arrested in banks, and they invariably walk or run. You don’t find too many octogenarian, bicycle-riding, rock-wielding miscreants demanding money, now do you?


    It depend on your social circle, I suppose…

    I know one Octogenerian who could give us both a run for our money. If she’s in the habit of robbing banks, she’s very circumspect about it….


    I cunningly deduce from that comment that you’re not referring to the 80-year-old man in this post.


    I think when I’m 80 I’ll do something like this. Fuck it if you’ve lived a pretty average run of the mill life.. you might as well liven things up before you’re 6ft under. You could always blame the dotage too.


    The Sidney Vicious Cycle strikes again!


    seriously IS this true?


    I presume you read the opening line of the post?


    yes bock i did but obviously its so outrageous i find it hard to believe!


    To the best of my knowledge, it’s true, though as with any story, small details might vary.


    well as i said, outrageous, i am absolutely gobsmacked!! if i was that pensioner i would be up for obliterating the place…………


    80 years old and still believes in fairytale endings? The police will always protect the forces of capitalism.


    I thought I had heard it all, perhaps now I have. The Gardai werent quick to arrest the banksters who robbed the taxpayers blind, shame on them.


    Come on now Bock tell us this really is a joke, it sounds very far fetched. Did you write this under the influence of the black and the power, hic. Own up now Bock have you hit the bottle again. If it is true it would represent a PR disaster for the Gardai that goes right off the scale, are they that stupid ?. I will readily confess that if I were a Garda called out to that situation I would lose all control and restraint and laugh my fucking head off. Of course it goes without saying that I would offer the old warrior my baton just to give him more comfort and offer pointers about where to hit the glass, after all it would be the decent thing to do.


    True story. Minor details might vary.


    I dunno. Terrible experience for the old guy, who perhaps quite rightly feels aggrieved. But at least it shows that the cops were actually working that day.


    I’ll have a chat with him next time I meet him.
    Mind you, I never took him for an 80 year old; he looks a lot younger.
    He never smoked.
    He never drank.
    He sings in certain pubs, when asked; but only if the musicians are up to it.
    Interesting character


    I’m afraid you’re thinking of the wrong pensioner.


    According to the same gentleman his nest-egg was in bank shares now worthless, his cash account was “time locked” he had already been refused a small amount of cash to get him over the following days, one can understand his frustration at banks comforted by a crooked government who signed a direct debit to the Banks on every citizens behalf without our knowledge or consent and absolutely no mechanism to direct change on behalf of the people who pay. I would suggest the Gentleman will not be charged as any court case would quickly descend into farce. When the banks sort themselves out at the compliant poor’s expense they will again resume ownership and start all over again, offshore capitalists like Fingers Fingleton call it “people harvesting”

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