Moriarty Tribunal Report Accuses Michael Lowry and Ben Dunne of Corruption

Wheels within wheels. Deals within deals.

Isn’t it amazing what a bag of cocaine and a bath-full of hookers can lead to?  If Ben Dunne hadn’t been standing bollock-naked on the ledge of a Florida hotel preparing to fly, we’d probably never have heard about the money Haughey and Lowry accepted from him.

If Ben Dunne has been in Orlando to visit Disneyworld instead of holing up in a Grand Cypress Hotel suite with a pound of marching powder and Number One Prostitute in all Kazakhstan, his sister Margaret Heffernan would probably never have found out that he was giving company money to CJH, the filthy little weasel.

Then we’d never have heard about all the offshore accounts operated by Haughey and his pals, or the illegal bank operated by Des Traynor from the head office of Cement Roadstone Holdings.  We wouldn’t have solid confirmation that Haughey accepted bribes throughout his political career, or that he stole money from the fund for Brian Lenihan’s medical treatment.

We wouldn’t have have heard about Haughey and Lowry evading tax, nor would we know about Haughey intimidating civil servants to sell 140 acres of public land to his good buddies in CRH for a pittance, without going through the usual procedure of holding a public sale.

We might not have learned that Haughey leaned on a revenue official, saving Ben Dunne £23 million in capital gains tax.  Nor might we have heard that Haughey was selling Irish passports to Middle-Eastern billionaires.

We might not have found out that AIB forgave Haughey’s large overdraft when he became Taoiseach, thus making him a gift of £1 million.

By extension, we wouldn’t have heard about Michael Lowry’s role in the award of the second mobile phone licence to Esat Digifone  — a role described by the Tribunal as disgraceful and insidious.  Nor would we have heard about Lowry’s decision as Minister to double the rent paid by Telecom Éireann for office accommodation owned by Ben Dunne, thus doubling the market valuation of the property at a stroke.

I heard Ben Dunne on the radio fulminating with indignation about the unfair treatment he was receiving from the Tribunal and challenging Moriarty to send the information to the DPP.  Of course, as Ben knows full well, such action is outside the Tribunal’s remit.  Hold me back and let me at him, so to speak.

I thought bluster on that scale was a thing of the past, but Dunne showed that waffle is still alive and well, even if nobody swallowed it.  One listener after another called to tell him they didn’t believe him.  He seemed shocked, even resorting to a sick-note defence that he was using drugs at the time.

The dog ate his homework.

Since the foundation of this state, there have been many who saw the country as nothing more than an asset to be stripped for their own personal enrichment, like carrion birds pecking at the ribs of a dead buffalo.  We saw it with he sale of all the publicly-owned quarries to Roadstone for a song.  We saw it with the donation of our gas to Royal Dutch Shell.  We saw it with the construction of the M50 using public funds so that NTR could collect a toll at the Liffey crossing.  We saw it with the misconceived, incompetent giveaway of our telecommunications network for nothing at all.

As the Tribunal chairman wrote,

in the cynical and venal abuse of office, the brazen refusal to acknowledge the impropriety of his financial arrangements with Mr Denis O’Brien and Mr Ben Dunne, and by his contemptuous disregard for his taxation obligations, Mr Lowry displayed qualities similar in nature, and has cast a further shadow over his country’s public life.

Lowry and Dunne aren’t the only ones feeling the lash of Judge Moriarty’s tongue, but they are two of the more prominent.  I’m sure we can expect judicial reviews from Denis O Brien, who built his vast fortune on the Esat deal, which the Tribunal alleges was facilitated by Lowry when he was Minister.  The report published today is a huge document, and it will take time to digest, but yet again it shows what we have had to contend with in this country.  Gombeenism.  Gobshitery.  Cosy cartels.  Back-room deals.

So here’s to cocaine and Latvian hookers.  Long may they continue to embarrass prominent businessmen so that eventually some of the truth comes out, even if most of the really bad stuff remains buried.

What a corrupt little country we’ve made for ourselves.


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14 thoughts on “Moriarty Tribunal Report Accuses Michael Lowry and Ben Dunne of Corruption

  1. with crimes and corruption on this scale, there is probably no law that fits….

  2. ‘What a corrupt little country we’ve made for ourselves’ can the youth be excluded from this acceptance of compliance, my generation hasn’t screwed me over yet…

  3. Lowry has cost us tens of millions of euro yet over fourteen thousand people think that he is a “grand lad” and worthy of being their representative. Says a lot about his voters .


    It’s good to see there was no Editorial interference by any of the owners of the Indo regarding yesterdays big story.

    People should consider a boycott of Newstalk and the Indo for their lack of objectivity.

    Apparently the facts are buried inside the paper, most other papers went with their joint disgrace on the front page but the Indo puts Lowry in the firing line, and hides O Brien.

    As expected all the people on his payroll, and ex employees were on message on Prime Time / VB trying to play down the wrong doing by O Brien.

    I’d love to see charges brought for this, and there is a mood around the Country would love to see somebody, anybody, convicted for some thieving of state assets.

    The brass neck of O Brien to go on TV last night and try and spin this away from him, at least Lowry had the lack of balls to hide abroad.

    There is sadly a creeping attitude of thieving fatigue, which is totally wrong as well, people should be rightly outraged. I have heard a few people dismiss the tribunal as a waste of money, and I agree to a point, but having spent the money we should be happy it exposes what really happened, and make sure the knowledge is used.

    Critisicing Moriarty and the process is the only defence left for the disgraced, and exactly what they all want.

  5. Well done Bock! All the money spent and you put it in perspective for us. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say; it won’t happen again. If only.

  6. I had the misfortune to listen to that yesterday also, I think it was a caller from Limerick who made the point that what Ben Dunne considered the normal everyday Businness dealings he conducted such as phoning Ml Lowry to ” Speed up ” the process really highlights the unbelievable disconnect in this Country as to how ” Corruption ” is defined.
    Ben Dunne was appalled at the findings and that he was referred to as ” Profoundly Corrupt ” and in his world that is totally defensible only because that percentage of people who have and had Politicians on speed dial to ease the normal challenges from their path have never had the experience of anything else so to them its normal.
    We are flooded and drowning in information regarding the gross corruption and exclusive handing out of favours / contracts but nothing is ever done about it because that entire Clubclass of Society is so secure in the knowledge that it is aspired to by most, It is so sick and insidious but the people responsible know no other path to achieving their goals and the people who oppose it are as rightly stated by LE suffering from ” Theiving Fatigue “.
    Ask any of the almost 15,000 voters from Nth Tipp about Ml Lowry ? He is worshipped and adored because if you are in his Constituency he will bend over backwards to sort your problem, The Irish do gratitude so well when they get what they are entitled to, Its a given.

  7. Did I see O Brien castigating the judiciary yesterday and claiming they would cover up for one of their own, namely Moriarty? Is that not contempt of court or is that merely confined to the courtroom itself or the poor when they give lip in court or to a combination of both the poor and being in court anyway which is, of course, the norm?

  8. Only in O Briens world could he get caught and documented and be shown to be corrupt in his method of gaining his large fortune, to then turn it back to the Judge.

    His second smoke screen is the cost of the tribunal, which O Brien contributed to inflating, while trying to wriggle out of getting caught.

    None of the eveidence can be used so presumably contempt could not be brought forward.

    The costs are ridiculous, and could not be condoned, but that deal is done.

  9. The tribunal isn’t a court of law, so contempt wouldn’t be an issue. However, if someone impugned the personal integrity of such a small group as the judiciary, I think they would leave themselves open to a defamation action. I read a precedent for this somewhere. A paper published an article saying that some town was full of crooked solicitors, and was successfully sued as a result. Because their number was so small, the article could reasonably be taken to refer to any of them.

    There is a good deal of spinning going on, including the line about this being only the judge’s opinion based on inferences drawn. Whoever dreamed that one up seems to be unaware that all court cases are decided by someone’s opinion, based on inferences drawn, whether that someone is a judge or a jury.

  10. “Lowry has cost us tens of millions of euro yet over fourteen thousand people think that he is a “grand lad” and worthy of being their representative. Says a lot about his voters .”

    Agreed, and some of them were on RTE news telling what a great lad he is for the people in his constituency. Can’t see the wood for the tree’s ……… we can’t.

  11. This Wank-stain will be voted in again by the usual Fuckwits in the up-coming election, when he runs as an Independent. Jesus Help Us !!!!!

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