Catholic Businessman Gloats At Christopher Hitchens Cancer Diagnosis

Religious hypocrisy meets greed

There are evil, small-minded pricks.  There are vindictive, inadequate, grasping little money grubbers.  There are hypocritical, evil, two-faced creeps.

And then there’s Peter Bond, an arsehole so vile he defies description.

This tosser is selling a prayer card, using the following sales pitch:

Christopher Hitchens, one of the world’s most popular militant atheists, has recently been diagnosed with rapidly progressing cancer of the esophagus. Through this illness it is possible that he could have a profound change of heart and he and all those who follow his irrational and hateful ideas would turn their hearts back to God, their loving Creator. It is our duty as Christians to pray for this man’s salvation, no matter what our personal feelings are, or what we may think of his shameful behavior.

So much for Christian charity.  What would Jesus do?  Oh right, he’d sneer at a man with a terminal illness and try to earn a few grubby dimes off his misfortune, while spinning the whole thing as religion.  That’s what Jesus would do, right?

Nice one, Peter, you fucking lowlife.

This prick’s main objection is to people who ridicule and demean Mother Teresa with wicked vulgarity, so I suppose he wouldn’t be too happy with this special commemorative Mother Teresa photo, taken by the investigative team here at Bock Towers.

I’ll be happy to print a copy for him with a special prayer for the salvation of miserable, money-grubbing reptiles such as himself.

If you felt, you could send Peter an email yourself to this address, wishing him a happy, holy and peaceful life:


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53 thoughts on “Catholic Businessman Gloats At Christopher Hitchens Cancer Diagnosis

  1. She`d look more enticing with a bag over her head Bock, as you said in another thread, Leonard Cohen sang, she`s a hundred but she`s wearing something thight!

  2. I’m not sure if Kitta is addressing that colourful invective at me or at Mr Bond. It would be nice to think the post had pissed off one of the Mother Teresa faithful so quickly but maybe not. Just have to wait and see.

  3. “So much for Christian charity.”

    I can assure you, the man who wrote that is no Christian.
    He should be ashamed of himself.

  4. A rather grim attempt to make money out of anothers misfortune and pain.

    It’s typical of ‘believers’ of all kinds to cast their hatred as love.

    Indeed believers in Hell are by definition cowards, because they do good to avoid punishment, rather than out of empathy. No wonder the good they do is so ineffective, because it is selfish, it is directed to meet their own perceived needs, irrespective of the cost to others.

    The card has the phrase ‘prayerful battle’, a version of praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

  5. There is a saying that every human act or action is motivated by selfishness. I have tried to apply this theory to myself (not for any religious reasons) and yep! it’s true.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how deeply religious people like Mr Bond act in this way as soon as they have been outed for their stupid, out of date and childlike beliefs? Christopher Hitchens and many of us like him simply ask the questions that people like Mr Bond are too embarassed to answer. Go on Mr Bond, tell us you truly believe in Adam and Eve, Noah and his ark, a talking snake and words spoken by God through a burning bush!! Please? Who wants to turn their hearts to that nonsense?

  7. “religion has caused innumerable people not just to conduct themselves no better than others, but to award themselves permission to behave in ways that would make a brothel-keeper or an ethnic cleanser raise an eyebrow.”

    God will be waiting a long time before he sees Christopher Hitchen’s heart towards him (or Him?). Mr. Bond has justified his opinions regarding the “religious” and “devout.” Well done Mr. Bond.

    “Militant atheist”? Did I miss a crusade or jihad from these militant atheists?

  8. This comment from Peter Bond is to be expected. Christopher himself has certainly taken great pleasure in the death of the likes of Jerry Falwell and he’d be the very first to acknowledge those who wish him ill. He himself recently remarked that he very much resented the notion that ilk like Henry Kissinger would be around to write his eulogy when he was so looking forward to writing theirs.

  9. Bock, I’ve started collecting all these prayer cards, its a bit like collecting the premiership soccer cards. All that I am missing is a limited edition save Bock the Robber’s soul card and I have the full collection. anyone want to trade?

  10. I’m of big fan of Hitchens (Hitch, as some call him). And this guy Peter is of course off the wall. But I don’t think that he’s as bad as you make him sound.

    Look – he’s Christian, so that’s a big point against him from the start. But everyone has to make a living – why not do it by helping fellow deluded religionists perpetuate their delusion? And I don’t think he’s making so much on this card. Most people who see it online will probably either save the page or just print it out.

    As far as the hope that Hitch will have

    a profound change of heart and he and all those who follow his irrational and hateful ideas would turn their hearts back to God, their loving Creator.

    Hitch has already responded:

    Suppose I ditch the principles I have held for a lifetime, in the hope of gaining favor at the last minute? I hope and trust that no serious person would be at all impressed by such a hucksterish choice. Meanwhile, the god who would reward cowardice and dishonesty and punish irreconcilable doubt is among the many gods in which (whom?) I do not believe.

    what if I pulled through and the pious faction contentedly claimed that their prayers had been answered? That would somehow be irritating.

    Some more good lines:

    ”To the dumb question, ‘Why me?’, the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, ‘Why not?’ ”

    …(Hitchens) approaches the matter elliptically. The philosopher David Hume, he says, said you are not afraid of the time before you were born when there was nothingness, so why should you be any more concerned afterwards? ”Lucretius put it more simply, saying you’re not going to know you’re dead so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

    It’s also ironic that Bond charges him with having “irrational ideas”. Christianity is rational? Any real Christian must admit that, ultimately, faith trumps reason.

    Now which is worse – calling Gandhi gay, or putting M.T.’s head on a slut body? ; )

  11. Suppose bein from Albania when there wasn’t no McDonalds there then and things were generally brutal nasty and short reckon Mother Teresa would indeed once have had a body like that. Under her nun’s clothes she’d have been totally naked too.

  12. He was a priapic wee divil was Gandhi in his youth. In his ”Experiments with Truth” he recounts just how hard (pardon) it was when he decided he’d no longer ”go to” his wife and would become a celibate. A son of his killed himself. Because Dad disapproved of his choice of bethrothed if I recall correctly.

  13. Here’s another good article:

    In whatever kind of a “race” life may be, I have very abruptly become a finalist.

    And this is the one I was looking for: A mirrored copy of the don’t-trouble-“deaf-heaven”-with-prayers-for-me article:

    Even if he developed cancer of the brain and became a “terrified, half-aware imbecile” who near death would call for a priest, Hitchens insists “while I am still lucid that the entity thus humiliating itself would not in fact be ‘me.’”

    “[T]he god who would reward cowardice and dishonesty and punish irreconcilable doubt is among the many gods in which (whom?) I do not believe,” he said, calling out those who “ditch” long-held principles “in hope of gaining favor at the last minute.”

    While not mentioned, some have interpreted Hitchens’ “entity” remarks to be a subtle reference to the late Professor Antony Flew, who became a deist six years ago after championing atheism for most of his life.

    Flew, who died this past April, was one of the best-known atheists of his generation. And to this day, his conversion remains contentious as there were doubts over Flew’s mental capacities after 2004…

    To guard against such an occurrence and to dispel potential rumors, Hitchens has insisted that any story about him making a death bed conversion should be quickly rejected.

    “If that comes, it will be when I’m very ill, when I’m half demented, either by drugs or pain where I wouldn’t have control over what I say,” Hitchens told Anderson Cooper last month.

    “I can’t say that the entity … wouldn’t be me,” he added. But while he’s still “lucid,” Hitchens said he “wouldn’t do such a pathetic thing.”

    “So if there is some story that on your death bed …” Cooper began to ask.

    “Don’t believe it,” Hitchens quickly responded.’t-trouble-“deaf-heaven”-with-prayers-for-me-2329.html

  14. On his deathbed, Einstein’s last words were heard only by his nurse, who asked later by reporters whether the great scientist had spoken any final words of wisdom replied to the effect that ”Yes. He spoke loads. But I don’t understand German.”

  15. Einstein said he believed at least in a Spinozan God an Immanence that permeates everything. Werner von Braun said that the more he saw of science the more he believed in God. I don’t necessarily think a belief in something greater than ourselves that is not like us prone to death and decay and return to the atoms that made us up and have in their time (about 13 billion years and counting so far) made up a lot of other stuff like the hearts of stars and the clay bung in an Alexandrian wine jug means one cannot also be objective and scientific and logical and stuff. But I salute Mr Hitchens for sticking to his guns. I wonder will he discover at the last that old cliche from the Bataan Death March that there’s no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole to be true for himself also? Whether he does or whether he doesn’t that’s between him and…Mu.

  16. If Wernher von Braun had paid more attention to science and less to technology, he might not have been so blind to the suffering of the slaves who died at Mittelwerk while he looked the other way. He’s not exactly a paragon of clear thinking.

  17. I think he said that a lot later in life. Perhaps light dawned. Ahamkara. Not being a big fan of Nazis and bearing in mind Goodwin’s Law I coulda left him out but I remembered words to that effect quoted from him on the front of ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’. Even the commander of Auscwitzh what was his name Hoess saw The Light before he took a long walk off a short plank and died at the end of a rope. Isn’t that what the RCC teaches that until Last Breath we all have a chance. Well whether you believe that or not reckon I’d place my bet same way Pascal did. Btw IBM provided the punch card system that let the Nazis cross-reference people’s trades and professions with their religions and locations so as to maximise the efficiency of their killing Machine and the wealth It generated for them. IBM would be logical would they not?

  18. Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.

    MAAF maintains a roster of Atheists in Foxholes, just in case there are any rumors that we don’t exist. The next time you hear someone repeat that old myth, just send them here to see how atheists have served honorably in combat – always have, always will.

    Also found this:

    Not really about atheists in foxholes, but a very interesting blog. Check out the “Recent Survey of Philosophers” post.

  19. I suppose li’l Captain Johnny Atheist stuck in a foxhole when heavy fire’s comin down could always scream ”Tell MAA ah won’t be home for supper”…

  20. M(ilitary) A(ssociation) (of) A(theists) geddit? No? Wasnt’ very good annyway. I’m for the leaba l8er

  21. I was thinking more of the driver’s licence kind – can’t just take that one. A freedom regulated by others.

  22. A yes. But being a British citizen I am not erm subject to the Irish courts removing my driving licence because it is, natch, a UK driving licence and I’ve had it since 1989 when I swapped me oul Ceadúnas Tiománach for it. It’s good until 2036. No renewal fees. No points. Not that I give any cause for points. And no photo to remain youthful whilst I age disgracefully. And yes, it is entirely legal for me to drive on said licence here. And nobody can take it away from me. Like I said, true freedoms….

  23. (Sorry Bock JOD/John O’Driscoll variety is the spice of life just take it as read that I’m both ok?)

  24. agnodtics. Nayther fish nor flesh. Hardly deservin capitalisation. Vocatis Regina. Dubito ergo sum.

  25. I know that hat’s what they call it, but that’s just really a self-righteous, arrogant agnostic.

    Militant agnostics are:

    We don’t know and you don’t know either
    And you better accept that, or we’ll kill you
    And you’ll go straight to hell
    Or maybe you won’t
    Because maybe there’s no hell
    Because maybe there’s no God…

  26. In a Universe this big anything is possible, including that there is/there is not a Hell and that there is/there is not a God. It’s only when OUR personal waveform collapses that this particular superstate might resolve itself for all of us I’ll hazard. Which I suppose makes it a ‘testable’ qua falsifiable hypotheses, only we’ll not be in a position to report back on the results. I’d wonder, having no experience of military combat mind, how a true atheist (assuming they actually exist) might be able to bury his buddies or pieces thereof. Anyway. It’s my idea that our lives on this earth determine how the harmonic of our personal waveform (assuming we all have one, or rather a large collection of them, to go with the particles of which our spacesuits qua bodies are made) is ‘tuned’. Whether it/they go to higher resonances, or lower, with the lowest being essentially a degredation into heat, which if our awareness persisted would be I suppose a hell. Heat being the lowest form of energy. Gas the things that go round inside our heads so it is. Presume also that our putative waveforms extend right out into space (outer space rather than Euclidean space I mean) as they do back through Minowski space, or the fourth dimension, time , and also into Hilbert space with an infinite number of dimensions (most of which are curled up very small). Damn I wish I coulda had a few sossie sandwiches today. Must be gettin old. Usen’t to take me but an hour or two in the early morn to get rid of a hangover. This one’s lasted all day. Karma dushta for drinking past midnite and into Good Friday morning perhaps? :) Wonder would our waveforems extend right out to archetype repositories of total human experience that might exist in parallel universes that are a sea of photons, there having been no CP symmettry violation sufficient to ensure matter dominated anti-matter at the Big Bang as might have been the case in this Universe where matter apparently existed in sufficient quantities to ensure all the antimatter didn’t just cancel it out? Photons could be used to store information, or indeed radiation alone in Universes with no matter at all, and if you had an infinite number of parallel bubble universes where better to store all the information that ever existed down to one atomic length or even less about every person who ever existed? Where it might be handily accessible to a sufficiently powerful Intelligence to recreate us in our entirety at say the Omega point, the c boundary horizon, assuming this Universe we perceive will ultimately end in a Big Crunch, collapsing down to a point singularity and then perhaps bouncing back into existence with all the information that ever was along with it or ‘copys” of same downloaded from said parallel radiation universes, and the Intelligence I’m thinking about, some sort of En Sof, some Godhead, having finally returned from Its tsimtsum, its withdrawal? Feckin can’t even have a hair of the dog for another 43 minutes. Once a Catholic always a catholic they say even though I tend to think it’s all a load of oul cobblers just as much as my untutored wafflings (bar the Eucharist of course). But then used to think once Irish always Irish too. Just a simple formal declaration of renunciation under the 1956 Citizenship Act takes care of that, so that one is no longer Irish however one feels about it. Have been very tempted of late to do the same as regards the RCC, only as I say the Magisterium went and made it a heckua lot more difficult of late. Anyway sorry hello Bock and Some1lovesyou I could just about manage a couple jokes today let ye know I was still around and hadn’t imploded from sheer mortification following me drunk dialling last nite. Do aplogise for that tch. Nowt stronger than the usual 15 cups of coffee today and some cod and chips. 39 minutes to go now. I’ve a glass of Argentinan Malbec poured already and ready to go to reach parts that even Solpadeine can’t reach :)

  27. This comment of yours is definitely one of the most interesting ones I’ve ever seen. Didn’t imagine that you had it in ya, with all the talk about cars and drinking and all. What’s you’re day job – physicist? Just goes to show ya…

    For those trying to follow – sorry, not requoting…

    If this really is an anything-is-possible universe, then maybe we WILL be in a position to report back on the results ; ) But even if it is, I’m not sure that that makes God (Biblical Omni God, that is) possible.

    What does atheism have to do with burying buddies or parts thereof?

    Personal Waveform Harmonics and heat/hell – that’s very interesting! You already said that you believe in karma. Why, though – isn’t that maybe just wishful thinking – that justice extends beyond this world, since there isn’t much of it here?

    You’re pretty spacey (Minowski, Hilbert, etc)! Which dimension are sossie sandwiches curled up in?

    That “archetype repositories” sentence – what a sentence! I wonder what you can come up with when you’re not hanging over (or maybe that’s the only time you can…). But why, in an unsupervised universe, would there be such repositories? Unless ETI are making them, which I think IS possible. But if so, so what?

    “radiation alone in Universes with no matter at all”: radiation is a form of matter, I thought (E=Mc2 and all).

    I know that they’re working on storing info on the atomic level, but what info can be stored in a Planck length?

    Post-singularity info download – another interesting idea! But why wait until then?

    This Ensofian (endless, for the kabalistically compromised) intelligence – it wouldn’t really be endless, having evolved to where it has become in a probably eternal although intelligence lacking universe, just like we have. No? (BTW tsimtsum = contraction, “crunch”…).

    What, pray tell, does “having the hair of a dog” mean?

    Why “bar the Eucharist” – just so you won’t be charged with blasphemy?

    Can one reassert their Irishness as easily as they renounced it?

    Not so much coffee – interferes with ones harmonic extention.

    To end off, a suggestion. I know that you’re freely and drunkily associating, but it would really be nice if you split it up into a few paragraphs. Otherwise, one might think that it’s a letter array with some secret code encoded in there somewhere…

  28. I’m gonnaneed a bigger screen than this nokia E72’s to reply Some1lovesyou. Though not responding immediately carries the risk of one’s later reply being somewhat contrived, if one has to think about what one sez. No I amn’t a physicist tho’ I work with a load of them every day. Crashed my Leavin Cert failing maths (the basics were bet outta me in primary school by a wee Donegal mon prone to psychosis the poor hoor he didn’t like kids with English accents either as I had then took me years to undo the damage to me maths gene but it can be done. There are some excellent books and you just have to overcome the Pavlovian tendency to shut down yer brain when confronted in later life with the subject, whatever it is, that was bet out of you in the Irish Murder Machine. The effort’s well worth it cos you also get over the anger and resentment and bitterness at the same time as you get into the subject previously denied you by poor unfortunate ignorant men and women let loose on the future of this country i.e. Kids by a traumatised State brutalised Herself into an absolute lack of compassion caring wisdom and decenc well maybe not all decency. Ireland was always very good to black babies whatever about white ones. Perhaps because the black babies were far enuf away in Africa not to really be considered a nusiance. Anyway. No I’m just a fan of Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman and Kip Thorne an Michi Kaku an the likes as a result of reading popular physics and science books an mags. The ideas above are a mmishmash amalgam of them as a result of spending too much time in me head thanks to various factors some entheogenic some not.

    There is a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them as we may to (proably mis-) quote the bard. I’ve seen too many instances of justice being served to the deserving by not man but events and likely lived in Asia too long but I believe in karma like I believe in this moile phone’s existence that I’m using to reply to you. More so even. For I doubt nearly everything, including this phone, but I don’t doubt karma.
    I think ure third para is a bit self-contradictory no? With the greatest respect in a Universe this big even God is possible surely? And agree with you maybe it is possible to report back from across that particular bourne from which no man is generally thought to return. I’ve had a few spooky experiences. So has my mum. and grandmother who saw her husband the nite he died in WW2. Only she was in Cork and he was in the North Atlantic. Quite literally. And also standing at the end of her bed, at the same time as it turned out. So has an old great uncle of mine (RIP) who was a good and decent priest, an Oblate lived all his life in poverty chastity an obedience an was a member of the minor order of exorcists to boot I understand. They’re kinda the Untouchables of the RCC, like leather workers in India. He once told me that he only once saw a case that was not psychiatric in origin. But once was enuf. Took him a long time to get over that.

    I guess I’m wondering how as a military atheist you can see the worst effects of combat and the worst behaviour of men without losing your mind entirely if you don’t believe in something greater is all?

    Have to keep scrolling back up this poxy little screen.

  29. Feckin lost a whole second reply there when the poxy little Nokia returned ”invalid index” so had to dig out the laptop. Bear with me.

  30. Anyway. Like was sayin. There’s ONE sossie sandwich I know about this morning curled up very small in my guts. As for the remainder of its particular journey thru’ time an space let’s just draw the merciful veil of oblivion across it hey? Only to add I’m glad there’s only one day in the year I don’t eat meat. Need the soakage.

    OK. So couldn’t a God be an ETI? Unless He is in the World and nowhere else, which wouldn’t be much of a God. Certainly Spinoza Einstein inter alios might agree with that. And going on AC Clarke’s definition of technology vs magic, anyway, a sufficiently advanced ETI would be indistinguishable from God. Isn’t there a fearful symmetry generally proliferating in nature, as Blake mentioned in context of his Tyger? Even when assymetric, lacking an internal symmetric plane, chiral, left handed and right handed molecules we’ve already found handy uses for and moreover these days can use super-twisted polarised light (green lasers most recently I understand) to manipulate their handedness. So if there is a natural symmettry like I said to Bock karma can be understood in context of Newton’s 3rd Law, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Which I suppose gave Jesus justification enow for His Golden Rule. Only makes sense really.

    I could try and box clever and say I meant ”Universes that don’t matter at all” :) but that would be dishonest. Of course light has weight, and photons can be seen as matter thusly, and moreover used to store information (c.f. photonics which is the next big quantum evolutionary leap in the chipset and processor biz). I imagine information has a tendency to seek out storage forms. The way that chemical vapour deposition no that’s a bad analogy …the way that even droplets of oil doped with oleic anhydride can seem to exhibit ‘lifelike’ behaviour and move about purposefully. There was a good article in the new Scientist about that a few months back.

  31. I the least qualified of all to speak on these subjects, certainly know nothing about what goes on at Planck levels, length or time. But I might speculate that just as things in the macro are ”smooth”, and then get foamy and lumpy before getting smooth again possibly down at Planck levels, there might be a whole rake of tiny Universes down there, with maybe just one containing an exact replica of this one, even unto exact copies of us all. Well if a fragment of a hologram can contain all the information that the entire hologram does, can easily imagine so likewise.

    Anyway, as I said in that lost post, post-Singularity information downloads. Question I’ve always wondered about is what’s beyond the c boundary? What’s ”OUTSIDE” of time and space, the edges of the Universe? Well perhaps God is wrapped around it all, a Being of infinite extent and duration. I think of the Universe as a growing embryo in God’s womb in that sense. Which won’t please all the misogynists heh. Chinese say ”Daughters are God taking Her revenge on men”. Yeah don’t I know that. Because as every father knows, all men are bastards. Or can be, Sorry ratholing here. OK. Well, assume that and you don’t have to assume a Big Crunch towards a single point c boundary wherein all the data that ever existed about everything, ourselves included, would be readily available to a sufficiently powerful ETI qua ‘God’ to use as It saw fit, perhaps to even recreate us all so It wouldn’t be lonely. Assume that God is all around the outside of the Universe and God can access all that info at any point wherever it is at any time. Assuming God cares. Which I for solipsistic reasons of me own presume is the case. Sparrows falling and hairs of heads being numbered and stuff.

  32. Evolution and God? Well why not? Everything else is subject to it. Evolution. And a quick look at God’s history as understood by us over the 14,000 or so years that we’ve been capable of conceiving of God and we see God, or God’s narrative, evolving. From the angry roaring smiting YHWH, the tetragrammaton, to ”His’ ‘Son’, the gentle, decent, kind, failed, Jesus. That’s an evolution of sorts. Clearly all the roaring and smiting and so forth wasn’t quite delivering the results hoped for. And that’s just the Judeo Christian narrative. There’s a lot more besides. We can go all the way back to poor oul Tiamat. But I’ve not got the time nor inclination this morning. Have places to go kids to see.

    ‘Hair of the dog’ that bit ya. Means curing a hangover with a touch more of the same poison that caused it. A homeopathic approach that works. Sorry Bock I know you don’t have much time for that. But I tell you one glass of Malbec last n I mean this morning (00:01 hrs) feckin did it for me and I enjoyed the Life of Brian til about 0300. Then conked out and slept the sleep of the just.

    ”Bar the Eucharist” because I choose to believe in it is all. C.f. my cock-eyed rationalisation of it re: superstrings and what not. Close enuf for government work close enuf for me. As for the rest of it, I read my own bible (have a copy in each of me jammers in exactly the same colour for tasteful matching purposes, a black one in me AMG, a blue one in me Jag and a red one in me Camry) so I don’t need bother with the first second or gospel readings. I’m always late for mass and these days there’s no way I’m goin to waste my time listening to some lad who’s probably never been further than Belcamp or Maynooth droning on from the pulpit trying to tell me how to live my life in his homily. It’s a question of moral authority, of Tao, and arrogant enough I am to think the RCC is somewhat Tao-challenged these days, so I dispense with it all and just nip in for the Consecration stand at the back go up and receive and then nip out again before the crowds. I might pick up a missal at the door just so’s I can check what the first and second and gospel readings were. Don’t bother with all that profession of faith stuff. That’s just corporate branding. One holy catholic and apostolic church indade. There might have been one once, but we live in an era of free markets and competition yer Holiness. Call me a fuckin syncretist then I don’t care. Take it as a compliment. Love the red socks you can get them in Next or Dunnes these days sure any oul hoor could wear them.
    No, one couldn’t. Not if one wasn’t born in Ireland but rather derived one’s citizenship from jus sanguinis, the law of blood, as opposed to jus solis, the law of where you were born. I’m in the former category, bein an Essex boy by birth. The 1956 Citizenship Act that provides for renunciation (generally so’s Irish people can get US passports not so’s they can protest against the betrayal of their country to cowardice inhumanity and rapine down Shannon Whoreport) does allow for Irish people who were born here to get their citizenship back thereafter (it’s a shnakey little way of defying US law that forbids foreign allegiances. You have to love anything that can defy US law and get away with it these days. Since the US lost the Tao in 2003) But it doesn’t work for those Irish who weren’t born here but get their Irishness from their mum and dad by descent. No. Under the law, once an Irish person not born here renounces their citizenship they lose it for ever. Wouldn’t ask for it back anyway. They’re still allowing foreign despots to drag their slaves across the Ho’Ly Ground down Shannon way. Making even the national anthem into a lie.

    Hey. I’ve worked for US multinationals for 20 years (yeah I know I’m an hypocrite but just like Shannon Warport it helps pay the bills). I’m a total coffee addict. 15 cups a day is actually quite good for me. Used to be around 30. I’ve cut down for the sake of me health cos the cardiologist told me to.

    I hope you like my paragraphs. :) L8er

  33. JOD, I thought you said you hadn’t been to mass on another thread since who was it? – Jerry McCabe’s funeral ? .. you shook his arm/hand.
    So you ” just nip in for the Consecration” now huh? Is that not attending, no?

    Interesting posts all the same. But you might try be a little consistent.
    And the paragraphs are lovely. :)

  34. My uncle’s funeral FME. Back around ’97 or ’98? Not Jerry McCabe’s. My uncle Bill’s. Try to keep up. :) And I do nip in for the consecration. If I happen to be in proximity/fully sober/in a good mood. I dunno. Isn’t mass supposed to be the whole deal? Or is it like something you can just check the box on? Nip in at the back stand around with all the other yokels muttherin about the price of store heifers/the match later in the day/how gee-eyed we were last night. Until we all drop to our knees as if shot when the bell rings and the ”This is the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world happy are those who are called to His supper Lord I am not worthy to receive thee &c.” starts? I dunno. Glad you like me paragraphs. It’s just a matter of remembering to hit the enter key.

    Now and then.

  35. Ah right that was it. Your uncle was a Garda Superintendent and knew Gerry.. or am I getting mixed up with the great uncle who was a nice priest.. but then again you did your leaving cert in 1983, so your great uncle mightn’t have been around to know Gerry.. and you failed maths in the leaving right.. but you went on to work for Ernst & Young? I suppose there aren’t the best with numbers themselves. :) What’s the movie with Tom Hanks? Where he lives what seem like ten lives.. Oh yes, Forrest Gump. Your posts remind me of that movie for some reason. :)
    I’d say if you’re in a good mood, why ruin it? Keep driving past the church in your ah.. camry?.or audi.. or dodge – no no that was sold in Montclair where you bought it right.. for 200 dollars more than you paid for it.. trying to keep up. Montclair is lovely. I visit old friends near there a few times a year.

  36. Yep. You got it all right there. Even with my bad paragraphing. Fair play. Worked for a whole lot more than E&Y. They don’t just do maths btw. Badly an all as recent events do show. Stoopid is as stoopid does as Forrest’s maw would say. Annyway maths is just one language. But tax law here is generally written in English, at least the tax law I know. Except for the Chinese tax law I know also. Which is written in Chinese as well. But fortunately there are translations available for those in the know. Not that that matters too much for in China nobody pays attention to fa zhi (official law) but rather ren zhi (people’s law i.e. local interpretations. As the local potentates during the Qing dynasty used say: ”It is true that the Emperor is the most powerful person in the Universe. But the mountains are high and the emperor is far far away”. Ye’ll realise that for yerselves here presently as Brussels and the unelected mandarins of the EU start becoming even more apparent or rather pervasive and your local satraps in the quaint relic called The Dail will be able to say the same thing as that long ago corrupt old Blue Button Mandarin. Ah. You know about my oul Audi 80 as well? My very first own car. Bought her from mum when I was 17. The lads used call her ”Christine” ‘cos they said i was possessed by her just like the kid in the Stephen King novel. The car not mum just to clarify. So you know about that hmm? You must be an Irish Times newpoll reader. :) Or rather. You must once have been. When there was an Irish Times news poll…sic transit gloria mundi.

  37. Whups. The Ford Falcon was sold for 200 bucks more than i paid for her. Which if I recall was in the region of 150 bucks. Rust thrown in for free. But Hammerite sorted out the tinworm. Just another ballashiteanisopon along the Damascus road of me life. I traded that green Dodge Dart for a Yamaha XS250 that I rode from Noo Joisey damn near up to Canada and back down to Pennsylvania to see e me uncle in 1985. November 1985. Where it gets colder than a witch’s tit. Stoopid is as stoopid does. Tch. Never really been cold since. What’s the topic on this thread again I forgotten sorry Bock I’ll shurrup for the day now. Got kids to entertain. Other than ye I mane. ;)

  38. Poor oul Christopher Hitchens even tho’ he supported the Attack on Iraq I felt a certain warming towards him when George Galloway attacked his alcoholism. And was never overly fond of Galloway since because of that. All a long time ago now. None of it matters now. Get well soon Mr Hitchens or vaya con Dios or whatever.

  39. No JOD, not an Irish Times news poll reader myself. That’s where they accused you of being a billy no mates, right? I just remember random, inane things peolpe say sometimes.. I don’t know you from anywhere else, I don’t think. I know E&Y don’t just do maths. I worked for an auditor/accountant who was once a partner with them and he had quite a few disparaging things to say about them also. Mind you, usually over his morning coffee with a bit of whiskey thrown in.. so who knows, but I tended to believe him.

    Might be a bit late for get well soon wishes for Mr. Hitchens, it seems.

  40. Thanks be to God for that. Always hoped nobody ever read it. Yirrah you never know there’s always miracles. No harm in wishing anyone well.

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