Dylan Hartley Feels the Bite

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Apr 122011

What kind of a meathead is Dylan Hartley?

Answer : a very funny one.  Hartley gave us the best laugh of any sporting event all year when he tried to push his forearm down Pedrie Wannenburg’s throat and then complained to the ref when he got bitten.

What a tosser.

Watch this clip from the Northampton-Ulster game have a laugh


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    What a pussy.


    What a tosser


    I never knew biting was allowed. Can he do that now then ? Have the laws changed ?


    Of course not, but come on, Russ. Dylan Hartley, a man attending anger-management classes, with a dreadful history of volatility, complains about being bitten while trying to push a guy’s nose up into his skull. Dylan Hartley, of all people!


    I appreciate what you’re saying Bock. The anger management was three years ago though, I guess that’s half the problem. It’s difficult to cast off the tarnish once it’s on. Trying to pull somebody out of a rolling maul (who was in there illegally incidentally. POC wouldn’t have stood and watched would he ?) by the face doesn’t do him justice and it’s a shame that it’s that and not his play which makes you comment about him.


    Russ — Like almost everyone else, I just thought it was funny. No-one was hurt and Dylan looked a bit silly complaining to the ref, that’s all.

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