Apr 132011

The Haughey family have decided to donate the yacht Celtic Mist to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.

Well done, the Haughey family.  It’s a start.

Now, maybe they’d consider giving back all the money that Charlie Haughey stole over the years.

Perhaps they’d consider donating the family home, a house whose value Haughey corruptly inflated by intimidating Dublin Corporation until it ran a sewer pipe through his lands.  Perhaps they’d consider handing back all the money in bribes Haughey took over the years, donations which ensured that his children had a privileged upbringing, even though they knew nothing about their father’s dishonesty.  Perhaps they’d consider apologising to those who went without when Haughey decided to divert funds to Dingle marina so that he could behave like the ridiculous little Half-Sir he was.  Maybe they’d refund the ESB for the wind-powered generation plant they installed on Haughey’s island as an experiment.

Maybe the Haughey family would consider refunding some of the €11.6 million stolen from the taxpayer by Charlie, according to the Moriarty Tribunal.

They might not be aware of his crookery, but they sure as hell benefited from the proceeds of his crimes.

Give it back, folks, and get used to living like the rest of us do : broke.


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    Ven de Germans eventually take possession of this naval wessel, Celtic Mist, takes on a new meaning. Irish shite.


    I didn’t want to say that when I wrote the post but yes, you’re right.


    can’t you see that I have done the state some service?

    oh christ, those little people always had difficulty with my initatives.



    “14 1/2 in a charvet”

    thanks big fella


    Didn’t know about their father’s dishonesty”? Beg to differ. At best it was a case of classic Irish ”Don’t ask, don’t telll”’. Nothing so hard as to make someone see that which their continued income and five star lifstyle depends on their not seeing. Recall reading in Phoenix back in 1991 or thereabouts – sometime round the time Freddy Mercury died anyway and I was living in a flat on Pembroke Road not ver helpful I know – that the Haghey children had some trust Laurel Investments think it was, that hadn’t filed a return as required under the Companies Act for several years.

    [Ed note — Some of this comment had to be deleted for legal reasons. John, feel free to publish these assertions on a site owned and operated by yourself, where you carry the can.]


    (I’d just come back to delete it Ed. Realised few mins after I sent it twas a bit unfair. You can delete it all. I accept it is at least as possible that they did not know as that they did know their old man was – in my opinion – using their names to evade future justice. Had a guy forge my name on a company director’s form once and him a partner I’d known 8 years an thought I could trust. So. Mea culpa and noted for future ref Bock. I tend to write as I think not the wisest course of action confession being good for the soul but bad for the reputation etc sorry bout that will think before pulling the sumit trigger again)


    Thank you.


    NP. Sorry it happened at all.

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