John “Legend” Steele

Local axeman and songwriter John Steele is doing pretty well on the ReverbNation chart.

He’s currently in second place .

Click on this link and play the song, Superstar.  Every play boosts old Steele’s chances of getting to No 1.

Do it now.  Listen early, listen often.

Oh, and by the way, while you’re there, make sure to become a fan.


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Brill. Really great song. I have been listening to this all week and I love it. @Limericklass. maybe you should go back to your Daniel O’Donnell collection and leave music appreciation to those who know something about music. It amazes me how many pointless begrudgers are out there. Pathetic.

Is it not appropriate for me to comment if I don’t agree with all the other “music heads” here? Why post any articles here and invite people to leave a comment if you don’t like what they say? If you had put up the Jedward Eurovision entry here, I would also have said it was absolute rubbish.Does everybody’s opinion not count ? By the way, Daniel O’Donnell is not my cup of tea, if you pardon the pun

You said “Absolute rubbish”. What qualifies you to dismiss a talented musician so casually?

You could try to be positive about a local guy doing well instead of this begrudging crap, and failing that, just refrain from knocking for the sake of it. Typical negative small-town shite.

Wouldn’t be a fan of the song, but that’s simply because it’s not my taste in music.

But rubbish, it is most certainly *not*, the guy has talent, no doubt about it. I did dig the guitar sound, very distinctive.
More luck to him, I say!

One thing that irks me though:
“and leave music appreciation to those who know something about music.” I do know a lot about music Mel N, and I write it as well, and I still personally don’t think the song is brilliant. So does that make me ignorant or something? I really hate this “music appreciation” crap. Either you like a piece of music or you don’t, and you don’t need to be in some kind of special club that tells you what is good and what isn’t based on some arbitrary idea of what is “good” or “appriceable”.

Perhaps if we just could focus on the fact that this is a local lad who has talent and is using it to do what he loves, and wish him well, regardless of whether or not we personally “like” it?

@Steve. My point is that Limericklass simply said “absolute rubbish”. That is not musical appreciation. As you say the guy has talent and your entitled to your opinion on the song but you could not call it absolute rubbish. I think its different distinctive and thoroughly beautiful but your right. Thats my opinion. My reaction to LL is that you can’t call it absolute rubbish. That just isn’t true and isn’t musical appreciation. Is it so wrong to support your own.

That was my point. Nice little dig from LL comparing it to jedward. This is another stupid comparisson and only further proves that LL knows nothing about music. I think LL might be somebody that just doesn’t like John.

I absolutely agree and wasn’t at all having a go at you, Mel, and I do think that LL’s remark was absolute rubbish :) in that it could have at least quantified the statement.

Anyhow, I notice that John has moved up to number 2 since I read the article this morning. Excellent!

Oh I must have another listen and turn off the rubbish I’m listening to.. the dogs are howling outside from it. Is that quantitative enough Steve. haha

Jaysus Steele, you were always a fecken trouble maker. Now look what your after starten with your loud fecken guitar and you big rock gods fecken voice! Would ya not get a job in a fecken factory somewhere for gods sake!

Ahem……Great song though.

Fab song. Not so in to the fx on vocal but that is as I luv his voice but I am luvin this song and the others. Also I think he has his own sound and that is rare.

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