Logjams, Bottlenecks and Police

I was walking down the street today, minding my own business as much as I’m able to, when I noticed that the traffic wasn’t moving.  Up ahead, a car was stopped in a narrow part of the street and the side of it had a long scrape from headlight to tail.  Further on, an old German-registered van was stopped with its flashers blinking.  Through the rear window I could see blankets, pots and pans, framed pictures.  Somebody moving home.

That’s all you need, isn’t it?  To come the whole way from Germany in a beat-up old van only to run into trouble on the final lap.

Cars were backed up in both directions because nobody had bothered to put out warning triangles.  Drivers were getting tetchy.  Some people were leaning on the horn, as if that was going to help anything.

When a squad car appeared, everyone smartened up. Here’s the guards.

But no.  The two young policemen in the squad car, detecting the danger of work, overtook the line of traffic and darted off down a side street.  I thought they knew a clever cop-only way to get around to the other side of the snarl-up but that wasn’t it.  They just went away, never to be seen again.

People stood there looking at each other.  Oh. Right.

I didn’t hang around too long myself, so I don’t know how the traffic jam was finally untangled, but of course the difference between me and the two young lads in uniform is that I don’t get paid to sort out car crashes.

They do.

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I’m thinking they probably had to rush back to the station for their updates on facebook. As mentioned by the Erris dopes who inadvertently recorded themselves. The inadvertent dopes.

How do they get the cream of the crop to join the farce I wonder? What’s the advertisement?
Come join us, little education required. No work required upon completion of training.
Alls you have to ever say is ‘have ya drink taaaken’. You can eat as many donuts as you like and grunt at the public. No skills required, no personality preferred.
Are you a lazy bollix? This could be the perfect job for you.

I was at a party at the weekend, I was driving home later, so on the dry. One of the lads at the party, a copper, was slugging pints happily. It turned out, not only was he driving, but he was actually on duty. He was quite happy to divulge this too, which is interesting in itself. I don’t know if he has a facebook page.

Why is anyone surprised?

On St.Patricks Day the McDonalds on Cruises St. was vandalised by younsters, it took the Gardaí over an hour to respond.

Mnay years ago I was standing outside Cruised Hotel in the early morning waiting for a lift to Cork to play a match. The hotel door opened, out stepped a fine specimen of a Garda wiping the sleep from his face. It was obviously too cold for foot patrole the night before so he took shelter, poor crator.

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