Old Limerick Pictures

Images of times past

Browsing through the archive of the Limerick City museum, I came across a few pictures that you might like to see.

Here they are, in no particular order.










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  1. The museum probably owns the copyright, but I’m sure they won’t mind too much if I put them up here.

  2. Wonderful aren’t they?!
    I hadn’t realised The Stella had been around so long.

    I don’t suppose the museum will mind. One day in the future someone will be ‘posting’ holograms by some fecker called ‘Bock’! :¬)

  3. Can someone tell me the location of # 2 (horse and trap/kids) and # 11 (old timer on horse and trap)?

    Love these old snaps of the town, but makes me lament the balls they made of the place (e.g. Patrick Street/Arthur’s Quay Shopping Center).

  4. Pic 10 down of George Hotel, I must have been really young but i remember that shop Leverette and Frye ! It had the most amazing smells, It was a Jewish Deli im fairly sure, All kinds of interesting things hanging from the ceiling and Grapes in big Barrels full of cork.

  5. Absolutely brilliant photo’s, wonderful to see these, brings back great memories, thanks.

  6. Can someone tell me the location of # 2 (horse and trap/kids) and # 11 (old timer on horse and trap)?

    I think No.2 is in the area to the south of Clare St. Possibly Little Clare St. (long gone) or St. Lelia Street. I’ve seen this photograph before, but can’t remember where.

    No. 11 looks like the (toll?) house on the left as you head out over the bridge to Shannon Banks.

    Link to Google Streetview

  7. What’s the story with the goat…wonder does it have anyhting to do with Young Munster(fusilliers)

  8. Jimmy — I’d be interested to read your words.

    BP I’ll check the first one. The other is the toll house at Corbaly.

    Paul — It’s the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and their mascot.

  9. Great pictures. The first one brings to mind that Python sketch, “so, do you have something better to do than marching up and down the square”.

  10. Would’nt know that Huron.
    It was such an Architecturally important City, I agree with Paulie, They made such a ball’s of it.
    Interestingly it had a lot of Tobacconist shops for a small city.

  11. Love the shot of the helicopter over Todd’s after the fire. The man in it was the late Councillor Paddy Sheehy from Ballysteen, who lived in Cloncagh for the latter part of his long and interesting life. Paddy was the demolition contractor. He often told me about the helicopter flight. Cromer’s jewellers were next door to Todd’s, and they were agents for Rolex watches which were a big deal then, as now. Cromer’s asked Paddy to take a Rolex up in the helicopter and drop it from a great height to test its durability, as a promotioonal stunt. This he duly did, and the watch was retrieved and was still ticking, to the great amazement of the assembled multitudes.
    The Todd’s fire was one of the biggest fires in the Country around that period, and fire brigades from all over munster were sent for to try to help extinguish it. Limerick County Council sold an old Commer petrol-engined fire appliance from Foynes fire station yard only in the past five or six years, it went for scrap value at about fifty euros. That Commer was the last still-working fire engine left that had been at the Todd’s fire.


  12. great pic’s love photos of the old place lets us get an idea where we have come from thanks Dave but wow have they made such a mess of the city the only good photos we could get now are at night anything with any style has been made rubble and replaced by soulless steel Asimof’s town council a life form with two or more legs and no brain

  13. Thanks Bock and BoldPilot, I was pretty sure that was the Shannon Banks toll house alright – good to have it confirmed.

    Just take a look at the 2nd last photo with Penny’s etc. It’s hard to believe that Limerick wasn’t bombed to the ground in World War 2 when you see the fucking shit they made of the town’s architectural gems. Take a look at Penny’s today and it looks as cheap as……the boobtubes that congregate outside it really. Then they go and fill the Georgian vaults on William Street with concrete just last week. Nothing has changed in 100 years. On a local scale it is heartbreaking, and on an international one, embarrassing.

  14. I’m curious about picture No. 5 – showing Thomond Bridge and the Treaty Stone. It looks like something from the civil war, and yet there are no troops to be seen (apart from one person – possibly a sentry?). The photograph appears to have a “texture” from an earlier era, however.

  15. great pictures….some really beautiful architecture especially the building where pennies now is!! why oh why did they have to be knocked!!!

  16. BoldPilot that looks like a british soldier I have seen a similar photo of wesley bridge with a tank on it.
    If I can find it I will send it on.

  17. I have seen the photo of the soldiers marching on military road outside souths. its in the barbers off little cathrine street. he thinks its the black watch.

  18. Hi there
    I would hazard a guess that the gate at Thomond bridge was during the limerick lock out.(1914?) when a permit was required to cross the bridge to Clare.

  19. Really fantastic photos really enjoyed them – my mam was one of the multitude outside Todds during the fire she remembers it like yesterday, as said it was a huge event of the time.
    The buildings were so beautiful especially what I remember as Cannocks now Pennys and what an eyesore it is now :(

  20. It’s a small world it would seem Bock. I happened to show your post to a relative visiting us here in Glasgow from over your side, who in turn passed the link on to her neighbour to take a swatch at the photies. The one with the helcopter in it, a sign for Sean Hanley (Civil Engineers) is visible. It turns out that her pal Mirette Fitzgerald was once married to Mr Hanley. The memories flooded back and wonderful tales were relived to my delight, all be it over the phone.

    Your post brought a lot of smiles to some very interesting people indeed.

  21. The same Sean Hanley built a considerable number of houses around Limerick: very often using gardens in the names of his estates (Ballinacurra Gardens, Lifford Gardens, Vereker Gardens and many others). His parents had a shop in William Street, roughly where the Roma was and next door to Harris’

  22. The pics of the barricades are from the limerick Soviet period 15th -27th april 1919, the soldiers marching are the 3rd battalion welsh fusiliers staioned in limerick from 1917 onwards and were billeted in tents on the island field. it is reputed that the people from st marys park made them tea and sandwiches and it is from this the legend of shannon supporters feeding the black and tans derived.
    Notice the boy drummers in the front rank, child soldiers are not a new phenomenon.

  23. wow ..i agree with a lot of your follow up on comments..i grew up in limk..n when i return now its all changed..plastic and neon..town planners have a lot to answer for..no civic pride.

  24. I agree with Mike Mac. I also grew up in Limerick and it has destroyed it georgian heritage, just look at William St and Partick St. But lets face it Limerick has a track record of making a balls of things- Look what they did with Walls of Limerick (built houses next them)and that awful thing attached to King Johns castle. the sad thing now the money is gone they will probably bulldoze whats left. Bock – organise a campaign to save Patrick St and William St. This is not sentimental rubbish its building for the future and make Limerick a place to attact people instead of €uroShops.

  25. I don’t really have the power to organise any campaign. All I can do is throw in my tuppenceworth, and if it strikes a chord with anyone, all to the good. I do feel, however, that any city administration needs people at high levels who grew up in the place and have a strong emotional attachment to its heritage.

  26. Great pics and some memories somewhere in the depths.

    I also grew up in Limerick and though it still has many Georgian elements, the pricks in the council and the developers have destroyed much of it. Great to see some of the original buildings. Must visit the museum next time I’m down

    Bock, if you start a campaign, I’ll join or maybe I’ll start it with your help (plural referring to the other limerick yobos like meself who have commented)

    I have been researching family members who were Munster Fusiliers in the First World War (and Scots Guards in the Crimean War) but Irish and limerick true and true (some members of the family were home rule followers and joined the british army others became republicans). Some of my great granuncles and greatgrad-dads fought each other in the ciivl war.

    We have a rich and mad history. Let’s celebrate it .

  27. Did i read somewhere recently that a lot of the basements of the Georgian building are being filled in by the council.?

    something to do with the streets not being able to support the roads

    Great pics

  28. Bock,

    Would a facebook link for Limerickers or those interested be the way to go or a dedicated website ? I have little experience of setting these things up but willing to try.

    Maybe a link in facebook to Bock the Robber (as host?). Things such as the filling in of basements and the destruction of the city might be already covered by you (most ably) so it might have to be just for ‘mullahs’ which I believe is the name for Limerick people (Limerickers etc)

    Watch this space (or other ?) Any ideas ?

  29. All I can do is write a bit about what’s happening. If I tried to organise a campaign, I’d probably run it into the ground within days but I’ll be happy to help support it in any little way I can.

    I never heard of us being called mullahs, by the way.

  30. kinda difficult to start campaigning what with the toils of life (work, kids, making the dinner and such wonders we get involved in, some good, some bad but all absorbing)

    I’ll have to be content with reading your informed and passionate rants and dreaming………………….

    Not sure where I heard us called ‘Mullahs’ , just a vague memory. Must check it out

  31. Basil leave the herb alone! Nothing worse or more dangerous then a vague memory.

  32. Magnificent photos.
    Didn’t O Connell St look a lot better then.

    Sadhbh Lyons
    The Gallery
    Bedford Row

  33. The old buildings looked great in black and white anyways. Why oh why do we have disgusting building such as Penneys, Arthurs Quay, and the BT building…..

    Limerick city centre looks like a huge version of Roxboro shopping centre, another sh*tbox of a place….

  34. I left Limerick in 1969 and couldn’t wait to get out of it. Now forty four(44) years later I’m feeling very nostalgic, for the city I spent the first fifteen years of my life. However, I’m feeling very apprehensive about returning. I haven’t been back since 1989. I have been comparing photos of “Then and Now” Limerick. I’m not in the least bit impressed .”Tacky” comes to mind. It looks too much like the States. I know we have to go with the times, but, I don’t like the changes that has happened to the Limerick I grew up in:((((((((

  35. Great stuff Bock. Developed an interest in history in the last few years and its great to have this collection in one place. One thing that strikes about Limerick is the amount of churches in Limerick 22 in all although some are derelict or shops now. Anyway. Thanks a mill. Tim de seanachai

  36. Loved the old pics,My great great Grandfather was James O’Sullivan who built Clare St in Limerick and who was made a Freeman of the city..My father researched the family tree and James was a landowner of some renown..

  37. Picture number 9 is my grandfather John Cusack driving the wagon. My grandmother Katie O’Neill Cusack is sitting on his left. I have no other info on this picture. Anyone that can add info. IE location/year?

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