Renaming Anglo


They took down all the Anglo signs on all the banks in the country yesterday, but they haven’t yet decided what to put up instead.

I have an idea.  Since they can’t afford a pot to piss in, why don’t they re-use the existing letters of Anglo Irish Bank and save money?

Here’s a few suggestions for what they could call the bank.


Bailing No Shark

Oh Banking Liars

Anal Kibosh Ring

Hi, Barking Loans

Bah Loaning Risk

Gonna Shirk Bail


Alternatively, they could set up a place of musical punishment for all the bank executives and board members.  Hobnail Ska Ring



7 thoughts on “Renaming Anglo

  1. i thought they are merging with another bank .would you then not have even more letters to us?

  2. Why not just call it AIB? Arses In Bondage. Suitable to describe us all I think.

  3. How about “Fuck The Taxpayers Bank” in watercolour on paper? It won’t last that long anyway.

  4. How about Anglo’s Ashes? I know I’m suggesting one that was published in a newspaper a few months back but still……..I like it, it fits.

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