Coronas Play Limerick’s Milk Market

New venue for live music

I must confess, I wasn’t sure how the Milk Market would work out as a music venue, but that’s because I know nothing about organising bands or putting on shows, unlike the proprietors of Dolans Warehouse.  They’ve been doing it since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I’ve been attending their events since I was a small child.

So when Mick Dolan said he’d put on the Coronas in Limerick’s award-winning Milk Market, he already knew it would be a success.  That’s the really annoying thing about people who know what they’re doing.

They know what they”re doing.

I didn’t know much about the Coronas.  They’re one of those bands who somehow slipped under my radar, but as the night went on I realised I knew most of their stuff  in a subliminal kind of way.  There was nothing subliminal about the reaction of the capacity crowd, though, as they sang along with every word.  I think the guys in the band might have been a little bit surprised by enthusiasm and knowledge of their Limerick followers.  They were certainly impressed by the venue, as I was myself, and indeed, as everyone else was  — apart from Mick Dolan, who already knew it was good.

Here’s a few pictures.





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