David Norris on the Campaign Trail at Limerick’s Milk Market

Go for it, Senator!!

What the hell is this? I grunted, as I crammed the last of the delicious lamb Rogan Josh down my throat.  I was only wandering around the market as part of my weekly ritual in anticipation of an enjoyable day at Thomond Park when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed — what?  That’s right.  A well-known, flamboyant Presidential candidate.  On the stump.

Here, David, I said, shaking his hand.  Go for it, kid!

I wish him well, and I hope he makes it.  Here’s a few pics and a little video.

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23 thoughts on “David Norris on the Campaign Trail at Limerick’s Milk Market

  1. It was great to see him there. Hopefully Limerick will get behind his campaign.

  2. Apropos the internet and the advent of broadband.Mr. Norris used to say in his voce pulcherrima “I particularly like the way the information super highway comes right through my drawing room”. Seems such a long time ago.

  3. Mr. Norris will be getting my vote, he appears the only candidate with a touch of class about him, someone who would seem at home in the role of president.

    We are told that as a nation we matured during the playing of God Save the Queen at Croker and also during the recent visit of QE2. We are overly harsh on ourselves. We are the only country in the world to have elected women as head of state in successive elections. Also if Mr.Norris makes it we will be the only country to elect an openly gay man (I believe, open to correction). How mature is that!!

  4. No. 8. I believe this fellow is gay also.
    ‘ In 1987, he became the second openly gay member of the House of Representatives’.

    Personally, I think a person’s sexuality should be neither here nor there.
    As in, it’s not even worth a mention. If he’s the right man for the job, that’s all that matters.

  5. Agreed FME. As I said he gets my vote because I believe that he is the best candidate.. His sexuality has never been raised in any discussion I’ve about the presedential election. I only mentioned it because of the “now we’re mature” brigade.

  6. Ah yeah, I know what you mean No.8..
    I was thinking of times when I’ve heard people from my parent’s generation say, “do you know he’s gay?”. That kind of thing. I’m thinking, ‘so what?’

  7. Even though most people will recognise the hatchet job for what it is, the county councillors will be scared off. I think Helen Lucy-Burke has slipped the knife between his ribs.

  8. Mel Drew…”the bastards are slinging the shit already” Yeah and Norris gave them the shit to sling.But what the hell we have elected every kind of shady characters in Ireland so why not a sexual deviant as well!.

  9. Read his comments its all there….older men introducing younger men to sexual “realities” etc…for fucks sake!!

  10. William — I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but older men having sex with younger men is not a crime.

    Older men having sex with children is.

    I think your distaste for homosexuality is getting the better of you.

  11. Who brought up the old quote? Was it Fionnán Sheehan? As a political correspondent I’d rate him somewhere between Barney and the Tellytubbies, yet for some reason he is one of the foremost political hacks in the country. The mind boggles.

  12. I think that Helen L Burke needs to be looked at in relation as to why she has done as she did, who pointed her in Davids direction.

    Not really into conspiracy stuff but if she did not think he was the real thing, why not go after him each time he went for the seanad? This stinks!

  13. I thought the IT would give this (Mr Drew link) a wide berth on account of the Gary Sliothar affair, that case where one of their, oh, nevermind, nevermind.

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