Limerick Catdig 2011

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May 142011

Catdig continues in great fettle despite the occasional shower.  Here’s a few pictures, and I’ll try to keep updating them, time and Guinness permitting.


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    Nice – but which is a picture of you? Don’t tell me the white triangle face, or the guy reading the newspaper.

    And could you explain, for us foreigners, what exactly a catdig is? Where’s the cat? Closest they have at Wiki is CatDog (see – Wiki isn’t good for everything after all).


    Oops – I didn’t look far enough down the search results. No cats (officially):


    Crossed in transit. Thanks.


    I should have included a link


    Are you the guy with the cane (7)? Or the frustrated guy in the yellow car (12 & 13)? Or maybe the bald guy dancing with the girl (16)? Or the girl dancing with the bald guy? I know – you’re under the table with the whiskey bottle on it…

    And what’s with all the white ghost masks, anyway?


    Who’s taking Old Jock for a walk, and where is he going?


    For a walk around the block.

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