May 292011

Munster ran out comfortably in the end after a game that, for most of the 80 minutes, could have gone either way.  I thought one score would win it — a tough contest, where neither side dominated.

It’s a fair enough end to the season, with the Irish teams sharing the silverware, though Leinster would probably have hoped for a clean sweep.  Who wouldn’t?

Here’s a few pictures.

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    ” Magnifique ” !!! …nice one ‘Munster ‘ .


    Great match and win.Makes living in Limerick bearable!


    Bearable? I like living here.

    Try and keep your comments relevant to the game, there’s a good lad.


    Methinks Bruno may be a bit of a troll, best ignored.


    Felix Jones should have got Man of the Match. Brilliant tackler and probably to be left out of the WC squad.


    Damn right. That tackle on BOD was gigantic.


    made a liar outa me


    Of course they didn’t make a liar of you. Your opinion is better-informed than mine.


    seriously – couldn’t see beyond leinster – heaslop, o’brien, cullen, hynes – and when they picked the huge south african prop – how would marcus and the bull hold out ? blue power, athletisism and pace were impossible to ignore – driscoll and sexton at the very top of their games and that back three so fast and imaginative .

    there you go – the bruff man played as if 10 years younger and was more involved in this game than he has ever been , possibly. marcus, back from the dead, the origional scrapper and a bit of a tinker about him. the munster front 5, so strong and totallty committed , the others couldn’t breathe

    keith earls try was more than a classic – skill, talent, committment and brave beyond expectation, to take the ball and then sidestep and still get oevr with horgan hanging off him and driscoll horizonal in his direction, it’ll be while before i see another such.

    respect to yourself and the other die-hards who kept faith with munster and rallyed to support when needed when it seemed like it was leaving in droves


    You know yourself, Sniff. Every winning team has fair-weather support. Best of luck to the prawn-cocktail corporate model brigade. I expect they’ve moved to Leinster for the time being.

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