A Day at the Seaside

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Jun 142011

Do you remember a day at the seaside?  I don’t know if people still bring their kids for a day at the seaside.   Do they?

A day at the seaside, by Jesus.  What an amazing experience.  When I was young, it involved a huge crowd of people forcing themselves into a small car, knowing that there would be at least one stop for children to puke.  What was that?  Why did kids throw up in cars? I don’t think that happens any more, though I could be completely wrong.   For all I know, children all over the country are projectile vomiting at the very thought of a weekend at  the seaside.

But I digress.  A day at the seaside involved stuffing a huge crowd of children, old people and harassed middle-agers into a small, smelly motor car for a two-hour trip to the coast that today would take perhaps twenty minutes.

It wasn’t easy, with all the puking and the fighting, and even when you arrived, there had to be another fight.  Where will we go?

There was a  magic to it.  The smell of the ocean.   The seaweed.  Shrimps in rock-pools.  Fishing nets. The rush of the Atlantic.  Getting turned upside-down by the waves.  Picking winkles.

Yep.  Even as I write, it all comes back.

And later, buying candy floss.  Maybe a go in the swing-boats to make you throw up again before getting back in the car.

Harassed parents.  Sandwiches.  Ham and butter and sand.  Flasks of tea.  Sun-shades.  Bad cameras.  Smile.

I was that child and I was that parent.

Can I tell you something? It was fun.

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    We still do it. And yes, it’s still great fun.
    The swingboats in Kilkee used to frighten the bejasus out of me.
    Stopping at Fanny O’Dea’s.
    Climbing George’s Head on our own.
    Chips. Dillisk.


    Trudging slowly over wet sand, back to the bench were my clothes were stolen – Morrissey wrote same about Kilkee


    Kilkee where i cut my teeth on Phoenix and Celebration beers,,the pollock holes,camping,no money for a roof,great to get a shift from a mott you fancied in limerick, on hols with parents in Kilkee,great memorys,,


    An hour to get through Ennis if there was a match on.
    Eating tatyos and Sandwiches in spanish point we still do to this day, after picking winkles on the rocks about a mile above white strand.


    Sun alway’s seemed to be out, too , most of the time !….. Pedalled there on occasion way back ( a day trip , one way , includin’ pub-stops ) …..never, ever pedalled back, though !


    Were the summers better back then? The Pollock Holes, Newfie, Burns’s Cove, Myles’s Creek, fishing for mackerel, camping in Animal Farm, drinking in the West Cliff, the smell from the bakery, the Mini Shop Camomile for the sunburn. An hour, maybe more, to walk the Strand Line “When did ye get down?” “When are ye going back?” Great days.

    Can’t stand the place now.


    Dunno, have’nt been there since the 80’s….doubt if the ould ‘ Westcliff ‘ would be happy to see me !!!….swim in ‘Pollock’s ‘ or ‘Byrnes ‘ or anywhere, would be good, though…and maybe a game of ‘Pitch n ‘ Putt , eh ?…or p’raps Golf, these day’s .


    I was a Ballybunnion child. Haven’t been back there since. All of those memories would be similar for all, regardless of the town. Smell of seaweed; chips drowned in vinegar; candy floss; motor oil from the bumpers; coin from the arcade; dogshit; sun tan lotion; sewage and/or rotting rubbish/winkles; jellyfish in a bucket, baking in the boot. Shoulders scalded by the sun and feet by the tarmac; (sand)wiches; bare skin stuck to leathery, sweaty car seats; sand stuck ‘tween toes for the day it took to get home. Ahhhhh…beautiful.

    In later years, as the taste of pints took hold, Lahinch became the resort of choice. Closer, and less messy than the other two big ‘uns. But the aromas are the same.


    @No. 8, nope, the summers were sh*te then as well!

    Did bags of chips tastes better when you were by the sea or was it just me? I also remember getting a 99 in Kilrush on the way down, or on the way back. What about bread in “The Pantry”, getting Shoot! or Match from the Irish House, people hitching to Kilkee, the AUGUST WEEKEND!!, the townies down one end of the town, the lawdee daws/alickadoos up the other end, racket ball..


    Sand everywhere, queuing for an ice cream/bag of chips/drink in a bar. 4000 people squeezed on to the beach at Ballybunnion, queuing when you arrive, queuing to leave, queuing to go through Ennis for Lahinch / Kilkee

    No thanks

    Kids maybe don’t puke as much as the queues are shorter, but the experience might be better.

    Don’t go myself for many of the reasons above, so don’t know

    Lovely on a quiet day, when the rest of Limerick is still in limerick working.

    Bray strand is lovely in the winter, a toilet in the summer, especially when the Northies arrive for their 2 week break from the marching.

    There’s a reason these places are in decline


    Lovely memories..my kids loved Kilkee, safe beach and safe people back then…I still love a walk in kilkee in the early morning along the strand…before the other day trippers….


    We spent 3 weeks in spanish point when we were kids, I was 9 yrs old and it was the first time out of london and coming from a council estate in east london this place seemed like the far side of the moon.
    At first we hated it but soon came round after a day playing in the crashing waves at the beach.
    Our cockney accents were taken for american several times so we just started telling everyone we were from new york.

    One thing that stands out in the memory is a pub on a hill looking back over the bay that my dad needed for a spot of afternoon refreshment.
    When we got there one day the field next to the pub had some swing boats and a small merry- go-round and we pestered for money to make our selves sick.
    The next day we went back and the field was empty, the publican told my dad that the nuns from across the street had picketed the pub until the bloke with the swing boats was made to move on.
    As kids we were mystified but reading some of the other pieces on your site seem to make more sense of it.


    Eating a cone quick before it melted. Bleddy wasps to be avoided.
    Half frozen but at the end of the day sunburned.
    No Leisureland. Not made of money you know!
    Sticks of Rock with Galway on them.
    Sand stuck to the sugary syrup on yoru hands
    No matter what y- leave at 5pm to get home for “the milking”.
    Mucksavages at the Seaside.


    Haha Yes I remember the day trips to the seaside. As a kid you didn’t give a feck about the sand you were traipsing into the car with you, and as an adult you were Almost putting serious thought into getting your own kids to run alongside your nearly new car all the way back home to keep the sand out. Perriwinkles. Dillisk.
    As a teenager…Motorbike or car lifts down. Pitching the 2 man tent that you hope is gonna turn into a 2 man + 2 women tent when you get back from the pub. The mighty music sessions where you learned new songs to play. Puking in the jacks. Shifting a bird who has an un-noticed piece of puke-carrot still stuck to her chin. Puking outside the tent flaps. Jaysus we had a mighty time.


    Good times


    ” Shifting a bird who has an un-noticed piece of puke-carrot still stuck to her chin”.. haha..
    Maybe it was a piece of wood. Woody woodpecker maybe.
    Shifting a fucking bird. What century are some of ye living in.


    Jaysus ‘paulo1eye’…maybe ya got a bad pint ! The messin’ was always better by the sea , though !
    Not being allowed in me parents Mobile unsupervised…. when I was 18,19 !
    Drinkin’ Irish whisky t’ill sunrise with an ould fisherman dude who rescued me and me mate from the cops, or as we called ’em, the ‘Breadmen’ , on account of there Renault 4 van !
    Shimming up the drainpipe’s of the ‘Marine’ for late evening rendevous’s with chicks staying there !
    Buying Cider ‘cos we arrived as pubs were shutting and barman sayin’ ” Jaysus lads, bit ould for Cider on the beach , are’nt yas !
    The woman who ran ‘Ketts’ chasing us down the street with a bar umbrella ( which we tried to borrow ) shouting..” If I catch yas I’ll shove this up your bloody arse’s ”
    Hidin’ under mobile homes following all in street brawls ( early evening Main street )
    Finding all the tent poles bent after chucking it over the cliff near the westcliff ( one of the dumber things we did ! )
    Being barred from the Westcliff, forever ! ( a long and sordid tale )
    Being told by local Kilrush types ” there’ll be no-one from Limerick gettin’ in here tonight ‘ at the Atlantic disco type thingy…we got in !
    …..and a million other memorable occurances , a few will recoqnise some of these !…probably a good thing I emigrated really !
    ….ah the seaside !


    B: There wasn’t a bad pint to be got in them there days. More of an intolerance to liquor methinks. Then again pints of Smithwicks does that to a lad. I’d puke profusely today if someone handed me one of those.
    FME: Seeing as we were in the reminiscing mode…”Shifting a bird” fits right in.
    As for Reality car-crash: “Nothing to see here now…move along like a good lad”


    ‘Smithwicks’ alway’s did and alway’s will taste bad !

    Apol’s for goin’ off Topic..!

    …Chip’s..etc…on the other hand alway’s did, and alway’s will…taste better by the sea…Tis the way of thing’s ! .

    …in my humble…’B’ .


    That’s not off-topic. What could be off-topic about a post called “A day at the seaside”?

    Well, all right. Many things could, but they’d have to be very weird.


    Kilkee does have crap waves , though…might account for an inrease in the messin’ factor !..for some .


    Sex on the beach.
    That’s the best thing about the beach.. fucking sand is annoying though.

    Reminds me of one time on my way into work of a Monday morning.. gettting dropped off by the boyfriend. Decided to take off to Spanish point for the day instead. It was a nice sunny day.. came back with a bit sunburn.. it hadn’t been nice over weekend. Tricky, explaining that one in work.
    Ah them were the days.. before erectile disfunctional and we broke up.


    TMI, FME


    KMA. Kiss my ass.
    I could have given a lot more informations than that now.. come on, I was good.
    Which reminds me I’m changing my moniker soon.
    Hoping that’s okay. I have one or two stalkers that I need to lose.


    Seems to me that everything was bigger when you were a kid.Except for the Atlantic coast.That fucking thing still mesmerises me every time.


    Looking out at the Atlantic dwarfs every other thought.

    (PC police, is it ok to say dwarfs?)


    I prefer dwarves myself…


    As long as nobody mentions a deep sea garden gnome I think we’ll be O.K.


    …or Octopuses !….beneath the sea…n’ all !….( is that too weird ? )


    Sigh! I had to settle for Corbally Baths, as we didn’t have a car.
    Sandy in Rosbrien was another place with water! Then when I was eleven I actually got to go to the beach in Spanish Point, haven’t stopped since, and I still get a thrill when I see the ocean these days.

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