Jun 252011

Sometimes, rarely, every now and then, an utterly absurd thing drifts across your plane of vision, but few things are as absurd, demented, bizarre and just plain mad as Crystal Swing.

Will I admit something?

I still think these people are joking.  There, I’ve said it.  I think Crystal Swing is a huge piss-take, and I have to admire them for it.  But I also think they’ve made a profound artistic statement.

Let’s be straight.  How many families would adapt to reality by defining a new artistic trope of  brother and sister having the hots for each other while a demented mother looks on, with everyone singing along to some derivative country ‘n’ western shite?

It’s a challenging and difficult body of output.

Here are two of their seminal works, Tequila and Eclipse.  Please study them and share your response.

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    Jaysus H,
    That total eclipse remix is priceless Boss,
    Mind you that young wan is hot
    Demented, But hot :-)


    Yeah, but the mother is kinda … ah never mind.


    The man in the gold lame looks like he could do with a good meal. Apart from that,Im genuinely lost for words.


    They’re a great wind-up. I hope they make a fortune out of this. They deserve it.


    Crystal Swing is like the Irish relatives of the Adams Family. I wonder if there’s an Irish Uncle Fester and Thing as well…. creepy shit.


    It could be useful to get some under cover camera footage of their day to day lives,just to see if they really are as bizarre,as they seem.And if they are,they have the makings of a great cult reality T.V. show.


    I always thought (hoped!) it was supposed to be second degree. Dear god, can you imagine if it wasn’t….


    “Here are two of their seminal works, Tequila and Eclipse. Please study them and share your response.” Thanks but no thanks there Bock.. I don’t want to have to ‘adapt to their reality’.

    They could probably be best selling artists in Germany.. They should get with David Hasslehoff for tips on that one. They even love Chris De Burgh out around those parts. They’re both taking the piss too aren’t they?.. Definitely.. have to be.


    Seeing as that Poison Dwarf inspired creation known as Jedward seem to have cracked the German market, why not?

    Kitschy as fuck with just a hint of incest lust thrown in and Cougar momma playing a wedding band organ, they’ll be the hottest thing to hit the Reeperbahn before you can say ‘since der Beatles ja!’

    For some reason I can see them making it in Nashville.

    …….but……… it’s an act…..isn’t it? say it’s so, they’re actors right?


    I just see them as an entertaining act, but every one else is seeing them as brother sister incest ,cougar mother etc.Jesus only people in Ireland could look at something harmless and see all kinds of weirdness and sexual perversion to it.Is there something subconcious and repressed going on here!!


    No feckin’ comment!


    From the first time I saw them I thought this crowd should go down the comedy route. Good to see my advice was passed down.

    Anyone else thing the Ma looks like Ron Perlman?


    Did you know they have already appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show? Well there you go!


    This band is very good and very very versatile. Their version of Hucklebuck and Time to Swing are excellent and you should check them out. Crystal Swing are great to see live on their own as part of Showband Show.


    Thanks Mick.. but I’d prefer to listen to Freddy Krugar singing me a lullabye than listen to them.
    Thanks all the same.
    And the mother has a freaky look about her. Like she’s a serial killer or something.

    Saw them on Ellen show too that time. Ellen had a bit of a perplexed look on her face through out their performance of ‘She drinks Tequila, he talks dirty in Spanish’.


    Bizarre LOL


    The partridge Family meets Meatloaf!
    Good laugh though. You’re right though, weird and incestuous [ish].


    Wow… that is quare demented alright. Does wonders for our image overseas…


    I’d put them in the same boat as Jedward or at least thats what my bandmates think

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