Gardai Clamp Down on Illegal Brothels

According to the local rag, Gardai have clamped down on illegal brothels (as opposed to the legal ones, one can only presume).

By a curious coincidence, the reporter, Mike Dwane, was the man who recorded Willie O Dea making injudicious comments about politicians running brothels, a story which exploded into national significance and marked the end of Willie’s meteoric rise without trace.  After all sorts of embarrassing retractions and apologies to the High Court for submitting untrue affidavits, Willie went from his position as Minister For Sending Helicopters  to the All-Blacks Game, and resumed  his customary position as ex-Minister for Telling You He’ll Get The Road Fixed Even Though He Knows Damn Well He Can’t.

History doesn’t record if Dwane was appointed official brothel correspondent as a result of the scandal, but according to the Leader, Willie recently “lashed” Facebook for its treatment of poor JP McManus, the world’s most oppressed billionaire.

Here’s Mike Dwane anyway, reporting on raids by our intrepid guardians of public morals who questioned two Polish, two Czech and two Romanian women.  I don’t know what sort of questions they asked, but I hope they kept it clean.

According to Gardai, the women were not suspected of street-walking, but of advertising their favours on the internet.  The interesting line for me occurs at the end of the report : There was no early indication that the women had been trafficked or coerced into prostitution.

I don’t find this surprising.  A solicitor friend was telling me recently about a foreign student he represented.  The lady had decided to earn a few extra euros over the summer by a little free-market enterprise.  All sides agreed there was no pimp involved, no coercion and no trafficking.  The lady was simply trying to make some money  and was genuinely puzzled to discover that in Ireland, one can’t legally provide sexual favours for material gain.

Now, to my mind, this rules out all sorts of carry-on, like marrying rich old guys.  Or coming across after a slap-up feed in a classy nosh-joint.  Or in return for a fancy bracelet.  Or to get a promotion.  Or to win a part in a movie.

To put it another way, in the absence of coercion, where’s the line between being a prostitute and merely a gold-digger?

And will the Gardai be raiding every wedding between a healthy young lady and a doddery old millionaire?

I think we should be told.



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“There was no early indication that the women had been trafficked or coerced into prostitution”

Here’s the thing, how d’you know? The trafficking racket usually works in a way that’s extremely difficult to detect:
In the most common trafficking model,- the girl is simply told that she ‘owes’ the cost of smuggling her, and has to ‘work’ to pay it back.
As she works, she is repeatedly ‘fined’ for minor infractions and charged for clothing/board and food so that the ‘debt’ never actually disappears. She is told that if she attempts to break away before ‘paying off her debt’ her people in her home country will be targeted by the same gang that brought her here in the first place, and if she contacts the authorities she will eventually be repatriated back and subject to mafia vengeance there. -So when the police in this country pick up a young woman who has been trafficked, of course she will name nobody and explain nothing, and claim to be self-employed.

I’ve no idea if that’s what’s happening here, but as that’s what’s been going on all over Europe,— I can’t see why Limerick would be any different.

Fair enough. However, can you ever imagine a situation where somebody decides to make a bit of money without being pimped or trafficked?

Yes, and I’m sure it goes on, ‘oldest profession in the world’ and all that,
but I do reckon that when it’s a young girl from a foreign country… well, it’s an extremely suspect situation.

Well of all the brothels that have been raided and its quite a lot, is there any figures for “trafficked” as opposed to volunteer prostitutes.I suspect most of this “trafficking” stuff is just media bullshit.

I cant understand why prostitution is not legalised in Ireland as it is in much of the rest of the world.Then it can be properly controlled and the girls get regular health checks and proper employment rights etc.But Ireland as usual has to take the stupid backward option of keeping it illegal.Oh well I suppose it keeps our blue suited oafs from having to do real work.

Here’s the point. In Australia, for instance, they have licensed brothels in some states, and the sky doesn’t fall in. If the Gardai were after traffickers or pimps, I’d be all in favour, but they seem to be simply chasing people who advertise sex for money.

I wonder how many Gardai are employed surfing sex sites on the internet all day to catch those girls.I hope we are not paying for man size tissues for them as well.

Anyone see that it is all men who are chasing the women as protitutes, punters, gardai etc, or am i being a little paranoid?

……….”History doesn’t record if Dwane was appointed official brothel correspondent as a result of the scandal, but according to the Leader, Willie recently “lashed” Facebook for its treatment of poor JP McManus, the world’s most oppressed billionaire.”……..Made me fugging larf…….thanks

If this sort of thing can bring in a few bob in tax receipts, I say legalise it! The country could do with the money. Apparently there’s huge hourly rates at the higher end of this thing.

The only problem would be that they’d try to get the rate for services at 12.5%, but if you marked it as a consultancy service you could charge the full rate of 21% instead.

I totally agree OMF,perhaps we could call it “The Ministry of Poncery and Pimpery”,and there is not a man alive better suited as The Minister for Poncery and Pimpery,than are very own Mr Willie O’Gee,he would make the country a fortune ……(I can see the slogans now …”Vote for O’Dea….If you want Gee “)….I would vote for him!!!!

“The Ministry of Poncery and Pimpery.” haha
Or the Minister for the old, ugly, saggy balled, balding, smellbags what can’t get any.

Get to the gym. Get some hair plugs. Get a ball lift. Go to charm school.
That’s my recommendation.

FME You are funny, hehheeee you got that right. Darren Maher so did you, it is so widespread and little old Limerick is not excluded from trafficking. Maybe these girls will realise that it is better to starve than to sell their bodies, so the ministry of poncery and pimpery may have done them a favour.

well there is and was a contingent in Henry Street that spent ridiculous resources and time schtaking local prostitutes and brothels out. At one point they brought packed lunches …… and schtaked the place out for a week! (is and was because O’Neill was promoted in January 2010 to the County, the surrounds of Newcastlewest, so they must be on the ‘beat’ out there now *cough* no pun intended!!), and Nagle was left to her own devices. It sort of all started here…

Darwin, while I can only commend the positive attitude in your link, I do reckon that it aint right to infer (as I feel that article does) that any discussion or mention of trafficking in relation to prostitution is merely disempowering. This shit goes on, and when it does it’s slavery:also relevant.

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