Haye to Meet Klitschko in Heavyweight Showdown

English boxer faces giant Ukrainian in grudge fight

Andy Lee’s coach Joey Gamache, a former two-weight World champ, was in Limerick last year and he had a concise caution for English heavyweight David Haye.

USA-born Gamache, who claimed World lightweight and light-welter titles in 1995/96, warned Haye to stay away from the Klitschko brothers, Wladimir and Vitali – unless he’s developed a sudden taste for intensive care units.

But the Londoner wouldn’t listen, would he?

In fact, not only didn’t Haye listen, he ended up taunting the Ukrainian siblings by wearing a T-shirt with their two decapitated heads emblazoned on the front. As attention seeking goes he hit the target as the Klitschkos took the bait and flipped a coin between themselves to decide which one would have the opportunity to put manners on the English upstart.

Wladimir, nicknamed Dr Steelhammer, won the toss. Likewise, he’ll now put his WBO, IBO and IBF belts on the line against Haye, the current WBA champ, in a no-love-lost clash at the Imtech Arena in Hamburg on Saturday night.

Undaunted by the fact that Klitschko wants to tear him a new arsehole, Haye was back taunting his opponent yesterday, claiming that he’s going to make the robot, which he often calls the Klitschkos, malfunction.

Wladimir responded by vowing to give Haye a lesson in life and predicting that he will be having an excursion to a “reality rehab clinic” at the weekend.

“My name is Dr Klitschko, I am a therapist and on July 2 I am going to give you treatment,” he warned Haye, as he was glaring down on the Londoner with that expression you reserve for a zit on the end of your nose.

It’s all very entertaining and reminiscent of the uproar Ali used to cause when that part of his mind reserved for the creation of Superman cartoons featuring himself in the lead role was given free access to a microphone.

There’s only one difference – Ali was the greatest heavyweight of all time.

Meantime, Klitschko is trained by Andy Lee’s coach Emanuel Steward.  Lee often spars the 6ft 6in power-puncher if he’s meeting a southpaw.

The Kiev-native has a formidable record going into Saturday’s duel, having won 55 of his 58 fights, 49 by way of KO. One of his sparring partners admitted recently that the tweety birds were still circling around his head three days after he walked into a right hook from Klitschko in training.

“I thought I had a fucking stroke,” was his take on that incident.

Haye, who reckons his hand speed will see him through Saturday’s showdown, has quieted down a bit over the last few days. Bravado is not uncommon when the guns are in the distance. However, as the cannon roar increases in intensity fighters usually stop thinking out loud.

Unless, of course, they happen to be Ali, who continued insulting his opponents, their immediate and extended family, right up to the toll of the opening bell.

I’m not convinced by Haye. He’s added some colour to the preamble, I’ll give him that, and whilst that puts bums on seats ultimately it’s just talk. I don’t even think he’s a true heavyweight. Cruiserweight appears to be his natural domain and he’ll be giving away three inches in height and reach to Klitschko on Saturday.

The British papers are claiming that Haye became their first heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis when he beat Nikolai *The Beast from the East” Valuev for the WBA title in 2009.

This is the same Lewis who won an Olympic gold medal for Canada in 1988 – if they can walk and chew gum at the same time our neighbours will claim they’re Brits.

Valuev, meantime, was an embarrassing ogre. Some of his punches were so long in transit they could have been timed with a sun dial. The last time I saw him trade leather I was half expecting to see him to leave the ring with his two arms outstretched in front of him.

All Valuev is short is a bolt running through his neck. One of the crew working his corner even looks like Igor. Having said that, Klitschko’s recent opponents wouldn’t exactly have you waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat either.

Haye successfully defended his title against John Ruiz and retained the belt again after stopping the woefully inept Audley Harrison in Manchester last November.

Given his inactivity – he hardly threw a punch – Harrison, who was booed going into, inside, and coming out of the ring, was lucky not to have had his purse withheld.

“Pacifism is an honourable creed but a man’s public pubic espousal of it looks less than noble when he has just inked a lucrative contract to go to war,” to paraphrase the great boxing scribe Hugh McIlvanney.

Haye believes his hand speed and greater mobility will see him emerge victorious, that he’s going to snaffle Klitschko.  I don’t think it’s going to happen. You can run but you can’t hide in the squared circle and sooner or later the man from the Ukraine will corner his prey.

A snaffle on the day might not keep this doctor away.

30 thoughts on “Haye to Meet Klitschko in Heavyweight Showdown

  1. ‘if they can walk and chew gum at the same time our neighbours will claim they’re Brits.
    Thats a little tongue in cheek, ain’t it mate, whats the selection criteria used for the Republic Football squad ?

  2. JayU considering that the English rugby union world cup squad has 15 overseas players on it, glasshouses and stones comes to mind. Considering that England has the greatest number of registered rugby players in the world it doesn’t much say about the much vaunted Aviva Premiership..

    I see that Rory McIllroy is now British, despite being born in Northern Ireland which is in the UK not GB. Brittania is the old Roman term for England and Wales, Scotland was Caledonia and Ireland was Hibernia. There is no ethnicity “British” much like there is no European ethnicity but French, Spanish etc.

  3. The selection criterion for the Irish football squad is if they have a grandfather that owns a greyhound from Cavan, they’re in – or if they can drink a pint of the black stuff in one straight go, line him out in midfield.

  4. Bock…. very good, touche.

    Seconds out….. I thought it was tongue in cheek, my gran-dad has a jack russell but I’m not sure if the dog is from Cavan and I can’t drink a pint of guinness in one straight go but I can drink several of them one straight after the other, on the plus side my nan is from Limerick so if I was any good any football it appears possible I could still get that call from Senor Trap.

    No.8 ……Thank you very very much for the really really interesting lesson in anglo/hibernian/roman/calendonian anthropology………….that is also tongue in cheek…just so you know.
    And by the way, did Rory Mcllroy say he was British or was it the Sun newspaper ?

  5. JayU always happy to educate the ill informed. You’ll have to decide if that’s tongue in cheek or not.

    You’re calling the sun a newspaper, see my first point.

  6. Is anyone in here going to call this fight – or are y’all going to wait around until the result comes and sneer at me cause I nailed my colours to the mast – hindsight is a great thing, so y’all can fuck right off.

    Klitschko inside the distance for me. The Sun is the best paper in the land No 8, bar none

  7. “Is anyone in here going to call this fight “.. all right so. Ten boxes to two to the winner.
    “The Sun is the best paper in the land”.. one page (Pg. 3) does not make a newspaper Seconds.

  8. I wonder if one is from Northern Ireland would they ever refer to themselves are UK-ish.

  9. A pint on with JayU – Brit passports don;t hole much value round here, but we love ya anyway – 8th round Paulie, have you inside info? Heard irish bookies were spooked with bets on Irish middleweight – and he is fucking Irish you Brits – MatthewMacklin to stop Sturm in the 4th in Germany last week last week. Germany-born Sturm won on a split decision, disgraceful.

    Here is some of the reaction from same.

    Lennox Lewis – Former World Heavyweight Champion

    “Highway Robbery! One of the worst decisions I’ve seen. Macklin won that fight hands down.”

    Lou DiBella – Promoter of WBC Middleweight Champion, Sergio Martinez

    “GREAT JOB Matthew Macklin. Team Martinez respects your performance and your heart, CHAMP. Sergio Martinez will not go to Germany for Sturm!”

    Thomas Hauser – Muhammad Ali’s biographer and award winning boxing writer

    “Macklin fought a better fight. He clearly won eight of the twelve rounds. Two more were close.”

    Dan Rafael – ESPN.com boxing writer and television commentator

    “Terrific fight too but bad decision. Macklin robbed. I had it 117-111 for Matthew on the EPIX broadcast.”

    Carl Froch – Current WBC Super Middleweight champion and upcoming super six finalist

    “Just got home and watched Macklin beat Sturm 116-112 at least. Jim WATT was you watching?!”

    Joe Calzaghe – Former World Super Middleweight Champion

    “Thought Macklin won! But not surprised he didn’t get decision. Predictable home town decision!”

  10. A pint it is then mate, not sure about the value of a British passport, loads of Irish people seem to have one.

    I didn’t see the Macklin fight, I’m trying to track it down on line, so it seems Haye will most certainly have to stop or knock out the giant ex-soviet, a tall order but it can be done, mines a pint of best British ale by the way.

  11. John Ruiz,Audley Harrison? These guys are around longer than myself. I think Haye is about to learn a hard lesson on Saturday night.

  12. In Northern Ireland you can apply for either a British Citizen Passport or Irish.
    There is no Northern Irish / English / Welsh / Scottish individual identity passport.

  13. It’s an interesting discussion but not particularly relevant to this topic. We might come back to it another time.

  14. Very true mate, not quite sure what I started.
    On topic, I think the shorter, much more mouthy British bloke will beat the giant slav doctor and the Seconds Out chap will owe me a pint by sunday morning.

  15. Dream on JayU – Wlad The Impaler inside the distance – mines a Guinness

  16. Just a quick observation. I don’t know if it is anything to do with Andy Lee or not, but Klitchko has a Limerick man in his corner, head of nutrition and security, odd combination I know, Gerry Flynn. He used to do security in the Theatre Royal a few years back when his brother owned it.

  17. I think the fairest way to settle the pints, is to defer the wager until the Euro’s next in Poland/Ukraine at which point I would like to resume the bet by putting several pints on England to go into the tournament with false hope and then play mediocre football and be bounced out in the group stage…………….wha about that mate, take that bet at your peril.

  18. Right I’ll go with that one JayU – the Klitschko bros hold all the belts now, all the ones that matter anyway. Haye was very disappointing – Kiltschko fought the correct fight. Andy Lee’s coach Manny Steward, a wily old fox, let the ref know exactly what he thought of his decision to give Wlad a public warning between frames. Steward was right. Haye, unable to get inside Klitschko’s jab, was lunging forward and losing balance. When Klitschko, who is entitled to stand his ground, then leaned on him – and Klitschko is two stone heavier – he was going to fall. Maybe Haye got it into his head that he could win by picking up points from the ref. That’s why he kept going to ground. He must have went down about ten times. The ref finally got annoyed with him and handed him a standing count late on when he went down again even thought Klitschko didn’t really punch him.

    Meantime, George Foreman had the fight level around the 10th, an opinion which only served to emphasise that the fact that dear old George left most of his marbles back in Kinshasa, Zaire when Alit extracted the ogre out of him in 1974.

    Spud, Steward is Lee’s coach and manager, that’s the connection with Flynn I reckon. Meantime, Ireland’s Joe Ward would drop and stop Haye, and he’s only 17.

  19. Haye’s pre-fight trash talk definitely didn’t work; neither with the Klitschko fans nor his own supporters. Haye not only disguised his trepidation with foul-mouthed insults, but according to Klitschko’s team underestimated Klitschko as a one-dimensional fighting monster from some Soviet laboratory. He was wrong.
    Haye’s pre fighting trash-talk is supposed to be modeled after his idol Muhammad Ali, but Ali was never a trash-talking ghetto boy with a sewer for a mind.
    Emanuel Stewart was witty and diplomatic about it in his response after the fight while speaking to German reporters by simply stating that “Haye was not as aggressive as was expected”. Guess it’s generally expected to “walk it like you talk it”.
    The pre-fight trash-talking Haye quickly turned into a post-fight whiner. Interviewed immediately after the fight Haye stated that he didn’t perform at his best due to a foot injury and that there was some kind of problem with one of his hands as well. I think that’s called a sore loser.
    At least Klitschko admitted that Haye has speed and endurance and therefore couldn’t deliver his pre-fight promise of providing the crowd with his 50th KO.
    Haye is out of Klitschko’s league. As stated by somebody last night “David Haye was a cruiserweight trying to beat a bigger man and he just couldn’t do it.”

  20. Ah boys, Haye broke his toe 6 weeks ago and so was unable to get a running kick at that big c*&%.

    I’m not really a boxing man but it does seem that the heavyweight division doesn’t have the sparkle and excitement it once had.

    I did finally see the Macklin fight and the man was just plain robbed.

  21. I was surprised by the hand speed of Klitschko last night – Haye, talking nonsense claimed he was too slow. However, he beat Haye to the draw on numerous occasions, was hooking of the left jab a lot also.
    Overall, Klitschko commanded the centre of the ring, brought the fight to Haye and was much more accurate. By round eight, Klitschko had landed 61 punches as opposed to Haye’s 21, a really poor return at that stage of a World title fight.

    Haye needed to burrow his way in under that left jab to have had any hope of winning, but he was rattled when he tried this around mid-way and got clattered with a big right on the ropes. After that he was just waiting for Klitschko to slip up and land his big right, but Klitschko was never going to get suckered into making that mistake, not with Steward in his corner anyway. The message going down the final stretch was why risk anything.

    It was an almost flawless performance from Klitschko, although I reckon that if he had stepped it up and thrown a few more big rights he would have finished Haye off.

    As for Haye. Did he really think he was going to walk out of Hamburg with four belts around his waist after producing twelve rounds of shadow boxing and diving?

    As said above, post 25, Haye has no business mixing it with the heavy artillery. He’s just a cruiserweight, and an average one at that. Haye will probably call for a rematch. I doubt if Wlad will give one – maybe his elder brother will take it.

    As for Haye’s injured toe – I know an Irish boxer who had most of his ribs and jaw broken in the first round against an ogre from Bulgaria and he still fought on – and won.

  22. “I know an Irish boxer who had most of his ribs and jaw broken in the first round against an ogre from Bulgaria and he still fought on “.. such violence. I think boxing should be banned.
    Tis only for bruts.

  23. FME, if Paul O’Connell catches “aholt” of you galloping down the wing he won’t be enquiring about your health either – the ball is just a metaphor on these occasions.

    Meantime, if you don’t like boxing then don’t watch it.

  24. Oh my, Paul O’Connell catching a holt of ya..
    Stop with that kind of talk would you seconds, I have work to do.

    And I don’t watch boxing, but it’s still brutal.

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