Imelda May at Limerick Milk Market

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Here’s a few shots from the Imelda May concert at Limerick’s Milk Market, a venue shaping up to be among the best in the country.

Imelda was outstanding, and full marks to Mick Dolan for putting on another hugely successful show.  This is the second gig under the big top, and the second time a band has left the stage grinning ear to ear.

Full marks also to Imelda’s security consultant for the best stand-up comedy of the year.   Keep talking into that sleeve, kid.

4 thoughts on “Imelda May at Limerick Milk Market

  1. What a gig! I think the people on stage were actually more overwhelmed than the audience! Great gig, great band, great venue! (And you got ME in one of your pics!) :¬)

  2. think so aye. any future plans for more gigs to come there. Seems like it’s a great idea so far anyways…

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