Our Lady of Liveline

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Jun 182011

What would you think if you were listening to a radio phone-in show, and every time the presenter mentioned Muhammad, he said peace be upon him?

You’d draw inevitable conclusions, wouldn’t you, about the presenter’s religious convictions?

Nothing wrong with that, you might say, if you happen to be listening to a religious radio station, and I’d completely agree with you.   Private funding means independence.  But suppose you tuned in to a State broadcaster such as, for instance the BBC.  If one of their presenters continually used the phrase Muhammad, peace be upon him, maybe you’d start to ask yourself if this was appropriate for a station funded out of public money, paid by people of all religions and none.

And you might think the same about RTÉ, which is supported by a licence fee that comes from all inhabitants of the land, whether they happen to be Catholics, Jews, Muslims or atheists.

What if a radio presenter continually referred to Buddha as the enlightened one?  Speaking for myself, I’d find that a bit creepy, and more than a bit objectionable.

So what about Joe Duffy constantly talking about Our Lady?

We know what he means : the Virgin Mary, but that’s not the point.  Our Lady is a phrase uniquely belonging to Catholics.  Our lady.  Not theirs.  Our lady.  An expression that automatically excludes people who don’t consider this person to be their lady.  That would include Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, Mormons and anyone else who doesn’t happen to be a traditional Irish Catholic.

When someone says Our Lady, they are automatically inviting their audience to buy into the concept, which is fine when one Catholic is talking to another.  But when speaking to the audience that pays your substantial salary, it’s necessary to be slightly more professional, and to ask yourself whether Our Lady is a term all of them would use, or even understand.  Not all of them are Catholics, and therefore would never use this term to describe the biblical character.  Even if they were, not all of them would use an expression like Our Lady which would be perceived as coming from Cardinal Cullen’s book of childish Irish Catholic clichés.

To assume that the listeners would identify with an expression like Our Lady is to offer them an insult — something Joe Duffy is no stranger to, admittedly.  It means that the speaker is unaware  is unaware of the diversity of opinion in Irish society.  Or else it means he’s so arrogant he doesn’t care.

I doubt if most people are that ill-informed, but for Joe Duffy, I’d make an exception.

The Virgin Mary is a name universally recognised, by people of faith and also non-believers.  It carries no overtones or connotations, and it conveys precisely the meaning intended.  Unfortunately, this is not enough for Joe Duffy, who prefers the vaguely infantile Our Lady, thereby alienating many of his listeners, though not the maniac who said that it should be a crime to be a non-believer.

I’m still not sure whether Duffy uses the term Our Lady because he wants to assert his fervent belief in traditional  Irish Catholicism (which has been such a force for good over the last century) or because he’s too ignorant to understand the significance of his words.

I’m inclined to think he’s just too thick.  You can pretend to be a student radical all you want, but in my opinion, once a gobshite, always a gobshite.

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    Our Joe who art employed
    Hollowed be thy fame


    Joe Duffy is, IMHO, an ignorant populist eegit.


    Joe Duffy is just an Altar licking Communist.

    Of course that’s impossible.

    But this is Ireland.

    And as far as Joe is concerned Ireland is on a path to true Communism and Catholicism.

    He is just helping Ireland achieve its goal.

    That is why he is convinced that he is worth €500,000 a year.

    It’s for the good of the people.

    Even if they don’t know it.


    I do hope that you don`t think I`m being picky Bock. But! Why did you leave the A in Atheist in small case and all the religious first letters in large case? Was it delibrate? Or are you teasing Joe Duffy?


    Because all except “atheist” are proper nouns.


    Our gobshite, Joe.

    Is he really on €500,000 a year? No fucking way.
    That’s fucking scandalous.

    You couldn’t pay me to listen to him.

    He says terms like ‘our lady’ to give off a good upstanding citizen image, most likely.
    Nevermind that he’s living off our backs on his exorbitant salary.
    I bet he does a great job at empathising with the unemployed and barely surviving listeners too.. yeah.


    Up there in mega-salary land with the rest of his confused Left-I’m all Right bearded friends!


    This is the same Joe that works for an organisation which broadcasts the catholic call to arms, in case we cant remember what time it is or we cannot tell the time ourselves. A serious strong hard look needs to be taken in relation to the public finances made available to RTE to broadcast this catholic propaganda. Just think how much that prime time slot before the 6 oclock news is worth to advertisers. And they are going to have a shortfall this year…….



    “m still not sure whether Duffy uses the term Our Lady because he wants to assert his fervent belief … or because he’s too ignorant to understand the significance of his words.”

    There’s a third option. He’s cynically pandering to his listeners.


    Students like the bearded one are gadarene like in their haste to shake off the radical cocoon when the folding stuff is produced. Monsignor Wishy Washy Duffy.


    I’m thinking that the Joe Duffy you are referring to is not the same Joe Duffy who runs the wee Post Office in Milngavie, so I’ll just sit here and say fuck all if that’s okay?


    I’d love to hear that you had visited the Joe Duffy of whom I speak. And not in a good way.


    Visits can be arranged Mr Bock. Just ask a certain Mr Nolan in what used to be Dick Devanes, or The Mucky Duck as I now believe it to be.


    Mr Bastard, you never cease to amaze me. I am so glad we became internetty associates.


    Interesting stuff but small stuff that is hardly likely to
    save the country Bock.
    This is the ‘socialist’ who is earning 500k a year and
    who tried to woo the nation to vote for James Connolly
    as the The Greatest ever Irishman
    That’s Ireland for you. Mental.


    Ah well, we can’t always be trying to save the country.


    “The Virgin Mary is a name universally recognised, by people of faith and also non-believers. It carries no overtones or connotations, and it conveys precisely the meaning intended. “

    I thought protestants didn’t consider her a virgin and didn’t believe the whole immaculate conception? Surely it’s offensive (or not) to them?


    The immaculate conception doctrine is not related to the lady’s supposed virginity.


    Protestants do believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, (but do not use the term ‘Our Lady’, it being a title used for prayers to Mary, something contrary to Protestant belief).

    The Immaculate Conception is something entirely different; it is a claim that Mary herself was immaculately conceived)


    can anyone say if its possible to get to heaven on a 747?


    I think he’s pandering to all the oul ones, whether they be young or old
    who used cry buckets over his show and then turn on anyone near them
    who were having a rough time.

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