Trespass — The Graffiti Dialogues

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Jun 012011

Perhaps you noticed the Facebook argument that erupted after I ridiculed a couple of taggers.  Perhaps you didn’t, and if so, I envy you.

My view on that kind of vandalism is fairly plain so I won’t labour it.  I think it’s trespass.  Others think it’s uncommissioned urban art.

I’ll make an offer.

Because the street is a contested space, it’s by no means clear that anyone has the right to impose themselves on it with spray paint or anything else.  However, for the avoidance of all doubt, and in case anyone thinks that I want to force my views on everyone else, I will arrange a mediated open forum where anybody  can have a say.

It will be available to everyone and all will be welcome, including taggers.  No names will be required.

Furthermore, I will arrange to have a qualified, independent mediator overseeing the discussion, along with a respected panel of contributors who are active in the area of graffiti and the arts.

I will negotiate access to a city-centre arts space for the event but I will have no say or involvement in the running of it.

If the event works out as I hope, it will involve people in all sorts of creative work sharing their views.

There’s the challenge.  Who’s up for an honest discussion about graffiti in the city?

Be there or not.  It’s entirely up to you.

More information will follow when the details become clearer.



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    Fair play to Bock for putting his money where his mouth is.


    That sounds really good. Well done. I’d just like to point out that I don’t really have a problem with what you said (I’m not a big fan of tagging myself) but rather the way in which you said it, and how you responded to those who disagree with you. One guy said “I’m a grafffiti artist” and your response was to ask him who decided he was an artist. Jesus. If we all waited to be declared artists, well, Paddy Kavanagh would’ve stayed in Monaghan rooting around in the dirt. That’s just one example of a litany of abuse you dished out. I think you need to reign it in so that proper conversation can take place without it descending into schoolyard tactics.

    Again, well done on setting up the forum.



    Off subject; that photograph is most interesting and; on subject, I would love to see such a forum activated. I like graffiti but dislike tagging greatly.


    Irrelevant comments, including my own replies to comments, have been removed. This thread is strictly about the organisation of an open forum for people to air their views. All argument about the rights and wrongs of graffiti can take place elsewhere


    I second what Lisa said there. Apologies for contributing to the bad air.

    Best of luck with the event.



    The forum would be good. At the same time, I somehow doubt that the taggers would show up. Real graffitti is good, IMHO. Tagging is just vandalism.


    The idea is to give them the opportunity. It’s up to them if they want to be there or not.


    Great idea. Fair play Bock!


    there, that’s construcitve, now i applaud you and hope i am able to attend.

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