Back in Business

Admin ended.

Well, that’s gremlins for you.  We do this about every year and a half for fun, just to keep everyone on their toes, and also to completely piss off the readers.

This year’s fuck-up didn’t last as long as the others, but it was annoying, I thought, though not a classic.

I won’t bother trying to tell you what we’ve been up to except that it involved an update of the software this thing runs on, which is normally a routine job involving a few clicks of the mouse, four or five crossed fingers, closed eyes and a brief, though terrifying, pause.

Not this time, however, because we also had to upgrade the database, and I know you’re simply riveted with interest as I tell you this.  Me too.

Jesus Christ!

Anyway, it’s finally done, thanks in large part to The Geek, and also to the infinite patience of the service providers.  Bless them.

Ok.  Enough of this shite.  Back to running a website.


2 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. Yiz are a Big Girl’s Blouse. What are ya?

    It only takes five minutes to change a database, but yiz have to make a meal out of it?

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