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The presidential election campaign seems to be coming off the rails for David Norris, but nobody has yet said exactly why, though there are hints that he may have written an inapproriate letter to Israeli authorities in 1992, requesting clemency for a former lover, Ezra Nawi, convicted of sex with an under-age youth.   Various members of his election team seem to have quit, either by text or on Twitter, but there’s almost no hard information. The article states that Nawi, an outspoken Jewish critic of Israeli policy in Gaza and the West Bank, was convicted of sex with a minor in 1992, but information on this conviction seems to be scant.  Norris broke up with Nawi due to his persistent infedilities.

I have been unable to find any details of this conviction on line, apart from a post on politics.ie by our old friend, TheSystemWorks, who was banned from this site for attempting to derail criticism of Israeli policy regarding Palestine.  This individual had a clear policy of promoting Israeli government policy, not just on this site, but on many others, and used many dishonest and disruptive tactics while he was allowed to take part in discussions here.  As I said, he is no longer tolerated, due to his disrespect for those who disagreed with his government’s actions.

This isn’t to say that reports of the conviction are invented, but the timing is certainly suspicious, to say the least.   I can’t find anything about the trial, but maybe some vigilant reader might be able to provide more details.

There is no suggestion that Norris had anything to do with Nawi’s actions, apart from seeking clemency in sentencing, but the campaign team seems to be disintegrating around him.

Maybe more information will emerge as time goes on but if this information has been leaked by the Israeli embassy, we’re looking at a clear interference in Irish affairs by an external agancy.





Our little friend, thesystemworks, posting as @mendingtheworld,  tweeted as follows:

The Israeli embassy had no interest in this until I broke the story to them. Screw you.

No change there, then.


More factoids emerge as the day wears on.  Some stories indicate that Norris wrote to the Israeli authorities on Oireachtas notepaper in 1992, requesting lenient treatment for Ezra Nawi, although it’s not yet clear if he wrote in respect of the sex offence or one of the political charges he faced for his opposition to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.  If so, Norris wouldn’t be the only Irish politician to lobby the Israeli government on its policy, but it raises another question.

Why did the Israeli authorities keep such a letter quiet until right now, nineteen years later, as Norris enters the last lap of his quest to secure a nomination?  It’s hard to escape the conclusion that they chose the moment to cause maximum damage.

It’s also hard to escape the conclusion that Israel used the letter tactically to influence an election in this State.




Text of Norris letters


While the letter to the high court is in parts cringe-inducing, it is not on Oireachtas stationery as charged.

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