Enda Kenny Disrespecting the Holy See

Taoiseach fails to show proper obedience to Church guidance

It was with great pain that I listened to our Taoiseach’s speech in Dáil Éireann yesterday as he launched a treacherous attack on our very way of life here in Ireland.  Little did I think to see such an assault coming from a man so steeped in Irish culture, tradition and faith.

All Taoisigh, of every political hue, have shown due respect to the Holy Father and to those Cardinals with whom he chooses to confer on matters of faith and morals.

Mr Cowen showed such respect when he defended Dr Leanza in our national parliament after the Ferns commission of inquiry had the impertinence to question the Nuncio’s word.

Mr Ahern before him was, and remains, a fervent adherent of the faith that saw our forefathers through good and ill over the centuries.  It was he who protected the religious congregations from penury when it was proposed to distrain their property in order to pay off those who might bring false claims against them.

Mr Cosgrave, as we know, voted with his conscience, when he crossed the floor of the chamber to strike down his own party’s motion that would have opened the floodgates to contraception and all manner of moral decay in our land.

Mr Haughey likewise was a staunch defender of Catholic values who fought all his life against the twin evils of artificial birth control and divorce.  Even when non-believers brought false witness againt him in tribunal and in court, Mr Haughey stood firm in his defence of morality.

Mr Corish, leader of the Labour party declared himself to be a Catholic first and then an Irishman.  Bravo, Mr Corish!

Obedience to hierarchy  was the order of the day for John A Costello and for Dr Noel Browne.

The great Eamon deValera himself was not above bending the knee to the Archbishop, and he was a better man for it.

Yet despite all this great tradition, the upstart Kenny has chosen to offer disrespect — nay! a brazen insult — to the very heart of the great world movement that is Catholicism.  The one true church.

Meanwhile, Mr Kenny’s partners in crime, the Communist Labour Party are seeking to remove control of the schools from the Catholic hierarchy.  I think they will have a long wait.  Ha ha.  The Catholic church will still be in Ireland long after they and their ilk have vanished.

As for Mr Charles Flanagan calling for the expulsion of the Papal Legate, I must confess that I am flabbergasted.  I myself was present in 1978 when his late father, Oliver J Flanagan was conferred with a Papal Knighthood for his staunch defence of the Faith in Ireland.   I knew Oliver J personally and I can say without fear of contradiction that he would be hanging his head in shame if he could see what has become of the Fine Gael party that he loved.

I am still reeling with the shock of it, that a Taoiseach, an Irishman and a Catholic takes it upon himself to question not only the Irish bishops, but even the Apostolic Nuncio.

What on earth has this country come to?

29 thoughts on “Enda Kenny Disrespecting the Holy See

  1. Faader, Faader, tis great to hear a bit of wisdom and common sense at last. I nearly lost my life when I saw Enda the heretic blaspheming and insulting our beautiful German pope in de dail. We mightn’t be able to burn him at the stake these days Faader. But he’ll get a right good arse burning in the bowels of hell, eh Faader? Hee Hee Hee

  2. In my years in Limerick, I often pondered on the wisdom of a nation building it’s Achilles’ heel into the foundation of it’s identity.

  3. I know it’s satire and all that, but please do not include Noel Browne in that list … what he tried to do at the time was really courageous

  4. I can confirm this. Dr Browne stated as follows: “I, as a Catholic, accept unequivocally and unreservedly the views of the hierarchy on this matter”.

    He was truly a good and obedient Catholic, unlike our current so-called representatives.

  5. You mean Ireland in the 50s where Priests had full rein to abuse children under the protection of the Catholic Church unlike modern day Ireland, where…….oh wait..

  6. Apologies, I wasn’t very clear … what I meant was that what Noel Browne tried to do was very courageous at the time. The fact that he was forced to bend the knee should be seen in the context of 50s Ireland, when the Church really did rule with an iron fist … a few equivalents of Stalinist ‘forced confessions’ would not have been that difficult. That’s all …

    Comparing him in the article with weasles such as Ahern is an insult to his legacy

  7. You know I’ve been trying for ages to rise Father Fitz. But he just won’t take the bait.
    Your a dangerous man Fitzy.

  8. I applaud Dr Browne for acknowledging that his sacred duty as a Catholic came before all other considerations.

  9. Father
    Your time is up. Your days are numbered. Your church’s are empty and your schools will soon belong to the state.We don’t want your kind on this Island anymore interfering in our lives with your Jesus mumbo Jumbo. And a good number of your mates interfering – no raping our children with impunity.
    Why don’t you do the right thing and hitch a ride back to Rome on the Nuncios’ boat.

  10. “What on earth has this country come to?” Hopefully, a fully secular 21st century self governing Republic free from interference from aul hypocritcal windbags from Rome who need to get laid.

    Did I get it right Faader? ha.

  11. As Fr Lombardi pointed out on behalf of the Holy Father, in his response to Mr Kenny’s outburst, there is a need for objectivity in discussing these matters.

    I continue to offer up my prayers that those who rush to condemnation will find pause, and set aside their wrath. After all, none but the Divine Lord has the right to pass judgement. I also pray that God, through the intercession of his Holy Mother, always held in veneration by the Catholic People of Ireland, will remind those who seek to undermine the authority of the Holy See that they are challenging the spiritual authority of the One True Church. No-one, from the humblest working man to the highest power in the land, is entitled to show such disrespect to the position of the Holy Father as Mr Kenny did during his disgraceful tirade in Dáil Éireann. When the time comes for a general election, I feel confident that the people of Ireland will rise up and remind him that this is still a Catholic country.

  12. Fitz you have some cheek. Yes continue by all means to say your prayers to your mumbo jumbo Jesus, his Father and the talking Dove.
    All I am asking you to do, is stay inside with the door locked. Keep yourself to yourself. Say your prayers. Or shag off back to rome you auld ejit.

  13. Father, bit personal here now, apologies in advance.. but I wonder do priests take “pause” when having the odd aul hand shandy. You know, the five knuckle shuffle. After all, these things are good for ones health.

  14. Editorial statement — While I welcome contributions, if I feel the conversation is becoming too patheticallly parochial, as in the case of Islandbank’s last comment, I reserve the right to simply delete certain comments, without further apology. Let’s try not to be too small-minded folks. Ok? We’re bigger than small-town shit, or at least, some of us are. Right?

  15. I’ve always thought the site was very much focused on national affairs Bock.
    Besides the odd post about our fabulous city.. and those are great to read too of course. It’s nice when you get people from all over the world telling us the place looks great.
    Not exactly what you’re referring to but just thought I’d mention it.

  16. Some people might think this is a local Limerick discussion board.

    It is not. A site already exists for that.

  17. I have recently returned from Somalia, where I have spent 34 years bringing the word of Our Lord God and His blessed Mother to the children there and I can’t believe how low Ireland has fallen in terms of our faith. The birch has been lost to most of you, lest you forget that our great church leaders formed and shaped the Ireland we see today. To think that some of you can just pooh-pooh our church in such a flippant manner, causes great pain in me. You haven’t seen hardship yet you castigate the church for the failings of one or two of its members. For shame mother Ireland. FOR SHAME!!

  18. I’m only after watching that Kenny fella’s speech now. I’ll tell you I’m flipping mad now. Where will you faithless people go when times are tough? Ye’ll all go to the pub that’s where ye’ll go. Ye’ll corrupt yourselves with drink and fags and drugs and flipping gay sex! Oh but when your time comes you’ll all pray to the almighty. I am in full agreement with Father Fitz on this topic. I tell you all, I’m flipping angry at this country and the way we’ve strayed from the path of faith. If I had my way, you’d all be directed back onto the path with the sternest possible measures.

  19. Is Alphonsus part of the satire? Just switch the Alphon for Je, and See what you get…

  20. “sternest possible measures”.. oh my Fonny. Stop that talk. You’ll only corrupt me.

  21. Alphonsus, there’s room on the boat for you too, you auld shite. What position did you hold as a missionary? Or to put it simply. What was your missionary position? Were you a curate? a parish priest? or Buddha forbid, a Bishop with a big helmet on the top of your head! If you don’t like the Ireland of today, why don’t you buy a little house on the outskirts of Rome.
    Surely you’ve a few bob stashed away after all those years abroad.

  22. Well Long John Silver indeed. If you had to barter with the actual pirates I had to barter with during my time in Somalia, you may not be so flippant about your faith. I suppose you might just shout shiver me timbers before being shot with an AK47! Oh it’s all laughs for you, isn’t it. You must bring sex into everything. If half of you had practiced restraint and the rhythm method, as espoused by my brethren all those years ago, there might not be as many feckless children running around the place.

  23. Being restrained while practicing the rhythm method.
    That’s a bit kinky of you there Fonny! Good man yourself.

  24. I should expect such smutty reactions from the denizens and harlots who obviously read this blog. Our Lord will forgive you all nonetheless but I doubt you’ll see the full glory of his Kingdom.

  25. So now you know, FME.

    You’re a harlot.

    I like harlots, Foncy. They brighten the place up a little. May I be regarded as a denizen?

  26. I’ve been called worse Boldpilot.. I’ll get over it.
    Besides tis Fonny who keeps bringing up the kinky stuff, inadvertent as it may be.

    You may indeed be regarded as a denizen.. but according to Fonny above you may not see the glory of the kingdom if you are.. he knows these things it seems. He might be ‘in’ with the big man above.

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