Rupert Murdoch Abused By Family and Staff

Innocent old man forced into firing line by unscrupulous underlings

Poor Rupert Murdoch.  As I watched his evidence today, it became obvious that this man of eighty has been the victim of appalling elder abuse at the hands of his family, his employees and his friends.

Nobody told old Rupert that his reporters were committing crimes left, right and centre.  Nobody told him about police investigations.  Nobody saw fit to tell him about court cases involving his senior editorial staff.  Nobody told him about phone hacking.

Not his son.  Not the darling girl he regards as another daughter, much to the rage of his real daughter.  Not his editors, for although we hear he might easily phone them three times a day, we now learn from Rupert that they only chatted about sports coverage or maybe about how much news there is this week.

G’day, Andy, he used to say.  This is old uncle Rupert callin’ ya from Oz.  Howya doin’, cobber?

Hello Rupert.  And how are we today?  I hope you’ve taken your medication.  You know how angry Nurse gets when we forget our pills.

So, Andy.  I hope you’re not doing anything illegal in the News of the World?

Don’t be silly, Rupert.  Nothing but tits over here.  Tits, tits, tits and more tits.  Oh, and vicars.  Naughty, naughty, evil vicars.

Good, Andy.  Very good.  That’s the way to keep it.  Now, what about sport?  Did Ash really ask for nude pics from his saucy Yank temptress after he begged Cheryl to take him back?

Yes, Rupert.  He did.  Now, if you wouldn’t mind letting me —

And is it true that a plucky British iguana saved its master from evil French muggers?

Yes.  It is.  Now go away.

And, and, and is it true that a have-a-go-hero transvestite weight-loss champion was sacked for flashing too much cleavage?

Rupert, fuck off.

Oh, all right.  No need to be like that, Sport.  I’m only trying to be helpful.  Nothing illegal, then?

No, Rupert.  Nothing.  Isn’t it time for your Complan?

Oh right.  Maybe it is.  Thanks Andy.

Go to bed, Rupert.  Nothing to worry about here.

No worries, Andy.  Thanks.

Poor old Rupert.  Surrounded by people with no respect for old folks.


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Yip, thats exactlly what happened. If i’ve learned one thing in my 32 years on this planet, it’s that you’ve got to trust people especially your elders and your “socially” betters.

And may i add, isn’t it heartening and life affirming, to see such family unity, even if it is in a courtroom setting and said adams family are facing some of the most profound and serious charges immaginable.

What i meant to say was courtroom like setting. I realise the differince between charges and allegations.

If it’s not a courtroom and there are no charges it must be a tribunal ! Bet it’s not costing a gazziolion euros though !

Say what you like about Murdoch but he has got a bloody good wife.She certainly knocked the shine off of that guys protest yesterday.

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, if it turned out that the custard pie in the face stunt was set up by the Murdoch’s themselves. That whole family crawled out of a swamp in Aus if you ask me. And as for that Rebecca Brooks fuck talking about the “Free Press” that really sickened my shit.
The whole lot of them in cahoots with leading politicians and top ranking police men trying desperately to keep a lid on this whole affair for the last few years and nearly got away with it. In fact they still might get away with it. I don’t see any of these shits spending an hour in a jail cell.
As I said in a previous comment over 300 journalist have died since 2007 trying to bring the truth to us.
These people have shit on these journalist grave stones. British free press my arse!

Don’t be blamin’ Aus swamp’s for this shite !…closer to home, I’d say ….be goin on for a while now, eh ?

The swamp reference was to the Family only. But I guess you knew that already. These activities were/are a direct attack on democracy itself , if it turns out that heads of the Police force along with Senior Politicians and the Murdoch scum collective, were actively involved in the suppression of evidence regarding phone hacking of individuals and police payments/bribes

Regardless of the fact that your man here is probably due everything coming to him thanks to his operating codes of practice, he is an oul man. I didn’t find it amusing to watch and cheer on the young fella when he assaulted your man, an elderly man, a fecker of an oul man, but still an oul man.

See me? I don’t have the same power as RM, but I guarantee, had it have been me, the pie thrower would be gently lapping a shoreline facedown somewhere with the little fishies swimming in and out of a big hole in his forehead courteousy of my own boys, had I been in my senior years and not physically able to fight back.

Justice yes, bullying… no.

I missed the pie throwing incident, but watching Murdoch in the earlier part of the appearance before the committee, I remembered Nixon at the time of his impeachment in 1974 and having a strange sense of sympathy for this haggard looking man. Murdoch is old and will not be indicted of any offence nor suffer any great loss – the corporation having such diverse interests – perhaps the greatest punishment for him is that he has become an object of pity.

Jimmy B, He’s an old man leave him alone. Are you serious? You didn’t fall for that sad face and puppy dog eyes did you? And please don’t tell me that he didn’t know what was going on. The business culture (how the business is run) comes from the top down. Not throw a pie at him? Id give him a boot in the bollocks if I ever came face to face with him. Fishes or no fishes.

I’m deadly serious, not to mention seriously fucking deadly when it comes to plastic hard men who advocate violence against anyone who cannae fight back. The point, which you very clearly missed, is that young fellas do not score points for picking on those too auld and physically unable to retaliate. Bullying, not business, can you see the difference? Murdoch’s business culture has nothing to do with my original comment.

Perhaps the booting of oul man bollocks makes you the big man in your local bar. That’s fine. Just dinnae ever wander into mine.

Jimmy – Plastic hard men, What’s that?
Did you not hear the latest news? Two former senior executives in the News of the world including the head of legal affairs have stated that Murdoch junior was advised that the phone hacking problem was not confined to one individual but was wide spread in the organisation and you mean to tell me that Daddy wasn’t informed?
Oh and by the way, I’ll drink in any pub I want to. I don’t take kindly to idle threats.

Yes Bock you are absolutely right
This post is not about Jimmy or I, and I for one apologise for all this OK corral nonsense.
Its a post about the abuses committed by a news paper owned and controlled by the Murdoch family, where the phone of a murdered child was hacked into, while the parents desperately tried to make contact with their daughter – Just one example of the abuse.
I am sure that Milly Dowler’s Father would do a lot more then kick Murdoch in the balls, if he every came face to face with the bastard.

Bock – Did you watch dispatches last night. It would appear that I was being too kind to Murdoch senior. What a spineless megalomaniac, fuck he really is. As an infamous Irish political prick once said On mature reflection a boot in the bollocks would be too good for this cunt. Don’t think I was far off when I suggested that his was an attack on the very fabric that makes up democracy itself.

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