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Silliness From the O’Malleys at Nancy’s

A night of fun and silliness from the silliest and funniest band in Ireland at Nancy’s.

Here’s Dave, looking relaxed.  Why? Well, at a guess, I’d say the O’Malleys are probably more chilled than Van the Man, but that’s only my opinion.

Here.  Click on the pic for a bit of a gallery.




6 replies on “Silliness From the O’Malleys at Nancy’s”

Hard to beat an afternoon of the ‘ O Malley’s’ and there particular blend of lunacy, top shelf stuff…glad they’re still goin’ strong….near the top of the list for thing’s I miss !… Good one.

Wish I had been there.
Why am I missing all the good fun?
Will put it top of my list to visit The O’Malleys.
Is there always music there?

Excellent photographs as ever BOCK.
The postcard viewer is new to me, took me a minute to figure out how to get it to respond to key board, still learning, but it is an interesting piece of software.

Where’s Tom Cronin ? His version of Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile was incredible.
One of the best Irish guitarists ever !!!

I agree with you Freddy !! Fuc***g incredible.
Does anyone remember when he played Bass with the Limerick Jazz Quartet ?
The notes just flowed from his head to that fretboard and he made it look so simple.
I do remember the local bass players drooling into their pints. lol

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