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Tech announcement

The techie guys will be doing some shit later.  I don’t really understand it, but the site might go a bit flaky or even disappear altogether for a little while. I don’t know.

I don’t understand this shit, but it has something to do with a change to something called Number Five.  I don’t know, so there’s no point asking what that means.   I don’t know.

The site has been running slowly for the last while because of this shit and we’re hoping to fix that now, but as far as I’m concerned, we might as well be talking ancient Chaldaean.

This is a matter for the geeks.

We’ll do our best not to cause too much disruption, and by WE, of course, I mean THEY.

Anyway, if the site goes down on you, just give thanks and enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Site Maintenance

  1. Ah yes,number 5, well duh; The positronic widgets obviously need de-funging. Any fule from teh internetz kno that.
    Now, if you were talking about 6, or maybe 6.4 or 6.61 then you would only need to reboot the phalanges, co-route the hyperports and reverse the polarity. Unless of course it was Tuesday, for obvious reasons.

    Come on Bock, it’s simple, at least make an effort ;)

  2. No – not Number Five! Anything but that!!

    Is that also going to fix the comment editing and new comment notice functions?

  3. “Anyway, if the site goes down on you, just give thanks and enjoy it.” mmmm
    haha.. The site has some abilities all together.

    A change to something called number five.. hmm. Not sure what that could be.
    Maybe an update to powerpath.. that’s at 5.3 at the moment though.

  4. Maintenance? Slow maintenance more like. For the love of all things holy, I could have built a fecking block of flats by now. I’m coming over.

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