Woman Dies After Sex With Dog

Tabloid beastliness

What the fuck kind of headline is this?

Woman Dies After Sex With Dog.


This is a dreadful case where a woman contacted somebody on a bestiality website looking for a dog to have sex with.  The woman subsequently died due to an alergic reaction.

It defeats the imagination.  What on earth was motivating this woman?

I suppose in some ways it’s so shocking because normally men are the ones portrayed as deviant.

It reminds me of a story I told here a few years back — a story that bears re-telling.

Wandering around a slightly dodgy part of a foreign city, looking for novelties to bring back to my female friends (as opposed to girlfriends), I saw vibrators that were shaped like a tongue and I thought it was just a great idea. They were covered with sticky tongue-like stuff, and when it wore out (for whatever reason) you could buy more tongue-like stuff to slide over the vibrator and make it like new again. I thought this was great. I thought this was the best idea ever.

And then I thought, why not make it better than the best idea ever?

What I thought was this. Why not fit the tongue-like vibrator into a dummy head? What a good idea. Go to a factory in China and have thousands of these things made.  Millions of them!

A dummy head like you see in shop windows all over the country. But of course, that wasn’t my genius idea. No. I was thinking that maybe you could have latex masks of celebrities to slip over the dummy head. George Clooney. Brad Pitt. Justin Timberlake. Robbie Williams. Sean Connery. Something for every taste, so to speak. Enda Kenny. Ger Loughnane. Mother Teresa, for the minority market.

I mentioned this to my dear friend, Warrior Princess.

I was thinking maybe Jackie Healy-Rae, or Paidi O Se

Great, says Warrior Princess, or maybe an Alsatian?



21 thoughts on “Woman Dies After Sex With Dog

  1. Enda Kenny? mmmm. Oh my. You could have the little recordings of the dummy head too, as you tell it to shut the hell up….
    Oh that’s bad.
    I have to say you sound like a great friend though Bock.

  2. Would the Healy-Rae versions come with a Kerrieeeah caipín to prevent the glow, or worse still comb-over spoiling the moment? Not to mention enhance d’authenticiteeah.

    For some reason I always imagined the Warrior Princess’ preferred animal to be a bit more of the feline jungle variety, jaguar…..cougar perhaps! and definitely on a lead with studded collar (same for the cat).

  3. For a tabloid like that, what’s wrong with the headline?

    I think that one bizarre sex story would have been enough for this post. I came wanting (?) to know about the dog (and the poor woman, of course), and was 20%-ly more offended with vibratored dummy heads! Should have been more careful…

    But you didn’t tell us that this happened in Limerick! Or that Alsatian is the breed of dog.


    I guess that everyone knew about this story already before you posted this.

    Here’s more on the actual story, which is even more bizarre (consensual, life sentence):



  4. It says the dog has been held in custody since…must be popular with the Ban Gardai then.Probably make a good guard dog though..can you imagine the state the burglar would be in going out and the look on his face haha.

  5. Clearly the Star felt it a matter of some urgency that its readers realize they could die from having sex with dogs.

    I also love the fact that the story above it is headlined “Murdoch Closes Disgraced Sunday Rag.”

    You couldn’t make it up! (c) R. Littlejohn

  6. I’m telling ye now -Women of Ireland – If ye so much as look sideways at my Parrot, I’ll have the head clean off ye!

  7. Gives a very literal meaning to the terms “Doggy style” and “Dogging”.Anyhow a salutary warning to all Dog lovers (of the non platonic kind).

  8. Three dogs are chatting at the vets. Dog one says to dog two, “What’re you in here for?” Dog two says, “I bit the bollix who shoves the paper stuff through the door so they’re giving me the oul lethal injection”. Dog two says, “I bit the fucker who delivers that while liquid stuff and they say they’re putting me to sleep too. What are you in here for, Dog three?” “Well my owner was bending over to put in a dvd and I got a mad horn on my so I mounted her and gave her an oul shag”. “And they’re putting you down for that?” “Nah, I’m in here to get my nails clipped”

  9. Bock,

    However bad the NOTW is/was Ger Colleran and the Star is worse IMO. I can’t think of any “paper” that has done more to drag jounalism deeper down into the gutter. Not even the Sindo, and we all know how bad that shite is.

  10. Dear Sir, You have too much time on your hands. Better to focus on matters of greater importance, the exploitation of people, abortion, etc etc

  11. Richard
    If a day ever comes when you decide what goes on this site, I’ll close it down for good.

  12. Paper has never refused ink. And a tabloid editor would never let a tale like this go unwagged i mean unreported.
    Dont call them news hounds for nothin !

  13. This woman wanted to get her kink on , not knowing for one minute that it was going to be the last thrill she would ever have, honestly I feel bad for her kids that are going to be kicked around for the rest of their lives , teased that their mom got shagged to death by a dog…how honorable could that be..?

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