David Norris and the Troll

What happens when small minds grapple with big ideas

Trolls are interesting creatures, aren’t they?  In internet language, a troll is someone who, among other things, tries to disrupt discussion on certain topics, and we’ve had our fair share of such people  on this site.  Of course, as everyone knows, the word Troll comes from Scandinavian folklore, as does the word Berserk and I thought this was an interesting  commonality, which I’ll come to in a little while.

Probably the most pathetic of the trolls, in hindsight, is the young lad who recently posted material on his blog leading to the derailment of David Norris’s presidential campaign.  He commented here quite a lot as well, whenever I wrote anything about Israeli policy, and I tolerated him for far longer than my reputation might suggest, even to the extent that I gave him space last year to write a post all of his own, defending the Israeli attack on Gaza.  At that time, I described his contributions as “decent and courteous”, overlooking his tactic of disrupting conversations using any opportunity available to him.

While I offered him space to express his views, he failed to respect that courtesy, just as he failed to respect all other commenters on this site, leading me to conclude eventually that I was dealing with a boy who lacked the normal boundaries by which we show respect to our fellow men and women.

I banned him, and I was right, but I failed to grasp the extent of his vindictiveness.

You see, although I suspected that the young fellow using the clumsy handle “thesystemworks” was a bit of a fantasist, I didn’t comprehend the full extent of his role-playing.  I didn’t grasp that a nineteen-year-old Irish lad from Sligo really was convinced he was an Israeli operative in the field.  And so, when he re-emerged as the source for the information that has undermined David Norris’s presidential campaign, I was a little taken aback.

I was even more surprised when he boasted on Twitter about his involvement, even though he later attempted to downplay his role.

Coming so soon after the Anders Behring Breivik incident in Norway, I was struck by the similarity between the circumstances of the two fellows, even though one is a grown man while the other is still a boy.  Both of these characters had persuaded themselves that they operate on behalf of a greater power.  Both are convinced that they have a significant role in changing the world.  Both are grossly intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them.  Both are prepared to take extreme action in support of their ideology. Both are cowards.  Neither has any shame.

Obviously there is a difference.  “Thesystemworks” hasn’t killed anyone directly, although he has no difficulty defending the murder of civilians, but I would be worried about this lad.  From what we’ve seen through history, adherence to ideology, combined with a delusion of being a secret agent, can have an unsettling effect on the mind.

My advice to our trolling friend would be simple.  You have little experience of life, and sometimes the overpowering certainty that comes with youth can unbalance the psyche.  We don’t want to see another Anders Behring Breivik, and you’ve already boasted about your achievements in overturning the presidential campaign of a good, if foolish, man.  You haven’t killed anyone but you’ve already politically assassinated someone who will always be more of a man than you are.

As even Cromwell said, Think it possible you might be mistaken.  After all, and ironically, such certainty as yours gave us the Holocaust.

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  1. Senator Norris now down to 12 nominees very sad and a high price to pay for a foolhardy appeal, regardless though, Senator Norris’s contribution to human rights will be respected and discussed for generations, and this debacle will be remembered as having being perpetrated by ” some blogger “.

  2. well said, Bock.

    I wonder would John Connolly, a.k.a. thesystemsworks be prepared to undergo a psychiatric examination?

  3. There was another one there called…idf.soldiergirl..seemed to do a kind of a duet with Connolly and seemed to vanish around the same time.Jesus I always wondered why this site was so full of Israeli soldiers and Mossad operatives!!

  4. Well said there Bock. The fanaticism and arrogance of this young man is a little scary.
    Maybe he’s grow out of it, before he pisses the wrong people off.
    I saw this comment on his blog earlier: “congrats on breaking a story but seeing that you’re following it with twitter updates about ‘serious dirt on Obama’s mother’ coming soon makes me despair that an investigative mind is just going to become another trashy journo who’s crock of gold is any shit they can find on famous people’s relatives.”
    I certainly don’t give a fiddlers about “dirt on Obama’s mother”.
    And this little troll far from possesses an investigative mind. An irrational, irritating mind more like.

    In his last post on the matter, he’s making reference to his source on the Norris letter as a trade unionist.
    That he felt betrayed by him for some reason, as he felt this person is a Michael D. Higgins supporter.
    Is the weasel blaming his source now?

    The lad is clearly a liability and he’ll get himself into serious trouble if he doesn’t get help for himself quick.

  5. A number of years ago the former cabinet’s class clown, Dermot Ahern TD, was making representations to his own department on behalf of a Real IRA prisoner who had lost perks in Portlaoise prison. The governor of the prison received official ‘form the desk of Dermot Ahern TD’ letters bemoaning the fact that this man had lost out on privileges. Meanwhile the same governor was having to deal with an official policy led by his ultimate boss (the Minister for Justice, Dermot Ahern) designed to get tough on the Omagh bombers in the country’s most secure jail. Ahern’s excuse – that he always passes on representations on behalf of his constituents – made him look like a fool.

    Norris isn’t a fool. Obviously realising that that a foreign judge is going to have to take notice when a parliamentarian in a far away country makes representations to them during a somewhat routine case, he chose to send that letter from his office, on official paper, and signed it Senator Norris, in the hope that his influence would get his erstwhile partner a better sentence than would normally accrue. That is cronyism, and that’s why I will no longer be supporting Norris for president.

  6. The copy of the letter I’m looking at has ‘Seanad Eireann’ on the letterhead. Whether this is ‘official’ or not is surely splitting hairs … to the untrained eye it looks official enough

    Just saying ….

  7. This quote that a deceased friend of mine used often use, sums up this boys agenda,

    The Truth When Told With Bad Intent,
    Beats All The Lies, One Can Invent!

  8. I have a suspicion the blogger alluded to Labour as a possible source in an attempt to also damage the Michael D. campaign (although not to the same degree). Just a thought, maybe I’m paranoid.

  9. Israelis and Palestinians are terribly unlucky in their respective “supporters “.

  10. In the letter Norris claims to be a supporter of Israel as well.He seems to be running with both the hounds and the Hare.

  11. There’s no contradiction. All Israeli citizens are supporters of Israel, yet some of them disagree with policy regarding Palestinians.

  12. Very interesting post . I like your blog.

    Yeah, I also would be a little concerned after reading through the ‘Sligo Man’s ‘ blog.

    Mr. Norris might be somewhat foolish but his behavior pales beside ‘thesystemworks’. A whacko, as some might say here in Brooklyn.

  13. Is it my imagination or is David Norris being defended because of the gay thing. Pedastry peado poofter ffs if he was a priest defending another priest he would be hung up by the goolies! Move on everybody it seems to me there is enough about David Norris to at least question his fitness for the big house!

  14. Judging by the hours at which young John Connolly is surfing the Net – ‘the systemworks’ as a moniker rather stands out on Woopra – he would appear to lack a significant other. Does this indicate perhaps a degree of frustration in his personality?

  15. John Connolly is singing a very particular song from a very particular hymn sheet. He knows the words but not the music. Psycho.

  16. We’re now comparing anti-Norris bloggers to Anders Breivik? This is what Norris supporters are reduced to? No wonder he’s withdrawing.

  17. Whatever you think about him and his opinions, the comparison to Breivik is beyond ridiculous.
    In any case, he has done us some service.

  18. The comment at 11.34 was mine as was the first. The comment at 12.08 was not. If i comment further I will use John M.

  19. I think the comparison to Breivik is spot on –
    An arrogant fanatic and a person who’s clearly unbalanced.

  20. You can’t pin the entire Norris campaign failure on one loan blogger. Thesystemworks posted the initial story, but others picked it up and ran with it. There was an apparatus in place, ready to spread any scandal about David Norris at short notice. That same apparatus is not in place for scandals involving other people in this country.

    The evidence is clear. Consider the banking crisis over the last three years. Despite all the criminal activity, lies, and mismanagement at the banks, no-one has been scrutinised in any real sense. Bloggers and newspapers have posted countless stories, but no-one has ran with any of them. There is a conspiracy of silence in the media on some topics, and a conspiracy of gossip on others.

    Once again, our media has let us down.

  21. Bock,

    I don’t know where you got the Sligo thing from? Didn’t the indo say he grew up in Bantry? http://www.independent.ie/national-news/blogger-who-lifted-the-lid-on-rape-conviction-deluged-with-hate-mail-2836390.html. Of course it’s the indo so they could be wrong.

    M’eh anyway.

    But as Obsessivemathsfreak says this kind of scrutiny wouldn’t have happened to something important like corruption in the banks, civil service, government etc. The establishment has it’s priorities.

    For the record I don’t know whether I would have voted for Norris, but the whole setup denying citizens the chance to vote for anyone not allied to any of the major parties is so undemocratic it stinks. We’ve lost two candidates that would have put it up to the establishment, Norris and Niall O’Dowd, the latter more than the former but it’s a moot point now. The system doesn’t work (unless you want to stifle democracy that is).

    And that’s not even mentioning the fact that Mary McAleese was appointed for a second term without any election! What properly functioning democracy would allow that to happen without so much as even a murmur? I can’t think of any.

  22. He is from Bantry according to his facebook page. Does anyone know if he’s related to the FG councillor and Mayor of Bantry also called John Connolly?

  23. I think it’s fair to compare him with Anders Beiring Breivik. In the bloggers own words he expresses an empathy with the ideals of the Norwegian, fails to condemn his actions, and does not state any sympathy for the victims.

    Looking at this guy, appears he’s got his head buried in books about capitalism and zionism, and his social circle is probably of the same ilk. A kid who’s enjoying the attention and looking to impress his peers and others around him.

    Definitely not a patriot given that he’s labelled the majority of the Irish nation (unless you’re a PD supporter apparently) as having no brain.

  24. It also includes Lucinda Creighton, John McGuirk (two very right wing TD’s), Shane Ross and Darragh O’Brien (the FF senator who had suggested the his party back Norris for the nomination).

  25. Hello, I am an Irish blogger of no special note, and I have spent the day defending my blog on David Norris and my own personal opinons, I trust you’ll find that it can be a tiring experience. I do however want to say Bock, I share your concerns about this young man. Clearly he has an intelligent mind, but he is a complete fantasist, he boasts his abiity at bringing down a polition. What happens next though, who will he go after next, and what extent will he go to, to realise his own fanatical dreams. He will have to be watched closely.

  26. http://www.bebo.com/thesystemworks

    Our boy is afraid of the disadvantaged …

    “Scared Of
    Fire, assasination attempts, random zombie attacks a la the ‘Forbidden Siren’ video game, Garrison Keillor, the presenter of TV’s ‘Questions and Answers’ John Bowman, the so-called disadvantaged, bias in mid-east reporting (hate you, Irish Times)” …

    “In fact, my secret shame is that I once went to an Andy Williams concert, and enjoyed it. That guy has a falsetto to die for… I have an obsession with Leonard Cohen that borders on homosexual.”

    God bless him, he needs to get out more.

  27. John Connolly is in fact 22, and from Cork. 19 and from Sligo – where did you get that from? But then again I could ask you the same about the rest of your disgusting post that is just brimming with what can only be called defamation of character.

    Comparing Connolly to ABB is very distasteful. – Let’s weigh up the two here. On one hand, you’ve a blogger who broke out a factual story, and had he the same information for any other candidate he’d have broke those stories too. On the other hand, you’ve Breivik who went off and murdered children.
    I mean, I’m sorry, I just don’t quite get the comparison.

    The only link you seem to make is that both considered they were acting for the greater good. So in other words, any person acting out of [what the perceive as] good intentions is instantly comparable to a child killer? Come off it. And even, at that, transparency is a perfectly noble pursuit.

    As for intolerance, you label a man (and yes, man, I think 22 is old enough not to be described as a “boy”) who broke a story on somebody you had sympathies with as a troll. You compare him to a mass child murderer. You try to reduce him to nothing but a child. Despite the fact he’s continued blogging on this after being treated like this you call him a “coward”?

    This man had the courage to step up to the plate, where our media failed, and unlike Bock, had the courage to post without anonymity. You tell me Bock who is the coward. You hide behind your pseudo name and you take cheap pot shots at the innocent. Who is the real coward?

  28. I’m inclined to agree with Cillian. Repeatedly referring to the guy as a boy and a lad is patronising. Saying that he “hasn’t killed anyone directly” is just ridiculous, unless he has indirectly killed someone somehow, whatever that might mean. I think you started out with an idea that you could link him with ABB, but in order to give the linkage any veneer of plausibility, you had to write a contrived piece. It would have been more honest of you just to say you thought he was a nasty bollox for doing what he did.

  29. Condoning and defending the attack on Gaza was quite a significant act of support for the murders that took place there and in my view, anything that gave comfort to those dropping the bombs must have assisted their efforts.

    As for ABB, I started out with no such idea, but with the notion, based on TSW’s own public statements, that he cared nothing for the Irish presidency but wanted to stop Norris being elected because of his opposition to Israeli policy. Think about that. His sole purpose was to derail Norris, not because he believed he was unfit but because it served to further Israeli government policy. This is somebody who sees the world through a very narrow lens, and that’s why the analogy with the circumstances of ABB emerged. Check the wording: circumstances.

    As for calling him a lad, in his disgraceful behaviour attempting to disrupt discussion on this site, he displayed no sign of maturity that I could discern, even though I gave him much benefit of the doubt, even, as I said, giving him a slot of his own to express his views. How intolerant of me was that?

  30. You did refer to their circumstances Bock, but then immediately went on to compare them as people. I think your defence of saying that he “hadn’t killed anyone directly”, – namely that he would have assisted them by providing comfort in defending their actions- is pretty weak. If it was Barrack Obama, somebody influential on the word stage, fair enough, but this guy? I didn’t realise however the mentality re the furthering of Israaeli govt. policy, if this is indeed his mentality, and his focus is this narrow as you say, I can see why your thoughts might have gone in this direction, but the indirect killing thing is way over egging the pudding.

    As for the lad thing, I didn’t really follow that particular episode where you gave him a slot, so I’ll make no further comment on it other than to say fair dues. I never said you were intolerant though, I don’t think tolerance has much to do with it.

  31. By definition, all propagandists for the disgraceful Operation Cast Lead assisted in the slaughter of innocent people in Gaza, whether directly or indirectly. This fellow worked night and day to disrupt criticism of the IDF’s actions.

    I think it would be useful if you did a search for thesystemworks, to see how he behaved on this site.

    On a more general note, I’d be very interested to see what sources people are relying on for their information about Nawi’s trial. In particular, I’d like to know why the Israeli high court was so derelict in its duty that it sentenced a man to only three months for rape.

    If those people would kindly produce their links to a first-hand account of the trial, rather than newspaper reports, it might enable us to have a discussion based on common ground.

    In particular, I would very much like to see evidence regarding the youth’s age, and by evidence, I don’t mean a newspaper. If it was possible to translate Norris’s letter from Hebrew, it must surely be possible to come up with the rest of the transcript.

    Is that an unreasonable thing to ask?

  32. I’ve been to this chap John Connelly’s blog and while I can appreciate that his views wouldn’t be to everybodies taste I see nothing there which warrants the type of defamatory copy written about him here. If anybody needs their heads examined it’s the person who runs and writes this blog. This guy might be a mere 22 but I’ll say something for his blog, it’s got information. Defamation aside I see nothing of any value here. Just in case young Mr. Connelly should do as I would and seek to discover the identity of the person hiding behind the name Bock I’ve taken screen shots of this article and I intend to keep them in a safe place. The content of this piece has described Mr. C in such terms as would render him unemployable and, moreover liable to harassment or worse. This is both irresponsible and dangerous behavior and I’d be happy to support Mr. Connolly in any action he’s, surely, being advised to take.

  33. By the logic employed here I presume that anyone who gives aid to Hamas is also complicit in their crimes. And since their political creed runs from stupid through venemous to murderous it’s unlikely that those doing so can be believed to be doing so out of any humanitarian concern for either the people of Gaza or the people of the region in general. So TSW , a bore rather than anything sinister, is being held to a standard created specially for him it seems to me.

  34. No. I think anyone who approves of murder gives succour to murderers, including people who support the activities of Hamas. Are you setting up straw men by any chance?

  35. No I’m not setting up a strawman. I’m saying that the arguments of Connelly and his detractors both lack intellectual rigor and depend on a kind of wishy washy ” concern ” for the human rights of those they support for their dissemination. The protagonists must love this stuff.

  36. I was basing that reply on your remark:

    By the logic employed here I presume that anyone who gives aid to Hamas is also complicit in their crimes.

    That would be correct, in my opinion. Anyone who gives aid to Hamas is complicit in their crimes.

  37. RE: comment 47.
    I’d imagine there are a lot of supporters of this blog too.
    If Mr. Connolly isn’t already employed, and he doesn’t get a job anytime soon, I’d say the fault of that lies solely with himself.

    As far as I’m concerned, he’s been vindictive and arrogant in the extreme.
    Examples of this from him:

    “The Israeli embassy had no interest in this until I broke the story to them. Screw you.”

    “Right now I am working on getting more information from Israeli sources on Nawi’s activities and his relationship with Norris. This matter isn’t over by a long shot.
    I have my theories on the other skeletons but will have to keep quiet until I know more (to avoid a lawsuit and all”

    I’m wondering myself would a lawsuit be forthcoming for Mr. Connolly for defamation. He even alludes to it himself and I’d say he has a fair few skeletons.

    “Working with Israel sources”. Who are his sources?
    The Israeli embassy have had to distance themselves from him. As has Michael D Higgins.
    Seems to me, both doing so due to his reference to them – on his own blog and twitter.

  38. I did a bit of reading about this young man. He is an extremist to say it plainly. There is no difference between him and the extemist muslims.

    He seems clever so he is able to argue his extremism very well, under the guise of a persecuted jew.

    What I dont understand is if he is actually jewish, he looks pretty Irish, in the sense that I would imagine Jews in Ireland are not as Irish he looks.

    Anyway I asked him on his blog but he wouldn’t put my post up. He doesn’t put up posts he doesn’t want to, and edits others as he sees fit. In fact his blog is pure zioninst propaganda, its disgusting.

    As everyone here is not anti semite, I am not even anti zionist. I believe they should have a home in Israel but just not at the loss of Palistinians lives and rights. At this stage land swaps with neighbouring countries looks like the only option with 2 party state, but not herer to discuss Israel.

    This kid is lost, I would almost say he has mental health issues but thats a bit mean. I really don’t know his back ground or up brining or if he is even jewish..

    He gives real jews a bad name anyway, the jews that seek peace. His blog like i was saying is full of propaganda. One you tube clip which is ddesigned to inform us that the palistinians get 3 billion in foreign aid but dont account for it. It has a pic of a guy they claim gets 2K a month and killed 20 israelis, but i googled him and he is in jail for years…But anyway I asked him what about the 6 billion the israelis get and spend 3 billion on weapons from the US and what happens to the other 3 billion, seems like the deck is stacked against the palistinans.

    Anyway had to post, this shit maeks me sick. Cant believe he had a part in this Norris thing. I told him that whoever gave him the letters used him like Ezra used the 15 year old, seems like a good comparison, both young and naive thinking they are something special to some older more powerful man no doubt.

    Norris is an idiot for sending letters and trying to give these men who slept with younger men a reference. But I am not gay and may be Norris’s experience in Catholic Ireland has influenced his decsision to support other Gay men who had consensual sex with a teen or statutory raped them, whatever your preference. But to be honest I am hoping another independent comes out lol

  39. He’s not Jewish and he’s not Israeli. To the best of my information he’s Irish, from a catholic background, but he considers himself a committted Zionist.

    There is no evidence that he has mental health issues but as I have already warned, becoming immersed in these kind of causes can sometimes result in problems.

    I have warned him of the dangers and urged him to desist. I hope he will.

  40. the important thing is that that paedo lover Norris has been shown up for what he is. A good man? A good fucking man? Anyone who sees nothing wrong with child rape is not a good man

  41. At last, someone who has access to the details of the trial. Peadar, would you please post a link to the court’s decision because I have been unable to find it anywhere.

  42. But I am not gay and may be Norris’s experience in Catholic Ireland has influenced his decsision to support other Gay men who had consensual sex with a teen.

    so the church is to blame for the fact that Norris sees nothing wrong with child rape?

  43. Child rape or teen rape, where did children come from, what did i miss?

    No but it was a different era in Ireland going from the 80s back wards, I mean literally back wards, Ireland was syuch a small village, and I am sure being Gay was a million times harder than..

    Is it the general consensus that Norris condones Pedos? I cant believe he does, he would be booted out of the country by now…

  44. Here is something for you guys to read, it seems Norris supports ephebophiles not pedos…


    If Jackson did fall outside the norm in his “erotic age orientation”—and we may never know if he did—he was almost certainly what’s called a hebephile, a newly proposed diagnostic classification in which people display a sexual preference for children at the cusp of puberty, between the ages of, roughly, 11 to 14 years of age. Pedophiles, in contrast, show a sexual preference for clearly prepubescent children. There are also ephebophiles (from ephebos, meaning “one arrived at puberty” in Greek), who are mostly attracted to 15- to 16-year-olds; teleiophiles (from teleios, meaning, “full grown” in Greek), who prefer those 17 years of age or older); and even the very rare gerontophile (from gerontos, meaning “old man” in Greek), someone whose sexual preference is for the elderly. So although child sex offenders are often lumped into the single classification of pedophilia, biologically speaking it’s a rather complicated affair. Some have even proposed an additional subcategory of pedophilia, “infantophilia,” to distinguish those individuals most intensely attracted to children below six years of age.

    All a bit mental really lol

    Anyways, I wasnt meant to be talking aobut Norris, but this guy ‘the system works’. Anyone know who the source was?

  45. Ah forget about this shit. I’m not interested. A 40-year-old man having sex with anyone in their teens is creepy as far as I’m concerned, but this is about law not about my personal feelings.

  46. Amazing how many people use the term paedophilia without knowing the definition. I am not condoning what happened, but those who use the term in this case instantly discredit their own argument.

    As far as the blogger in question is concerned, i believe he had no particular interest in the under-age aspect. His motive was simply to undermine a candidate who foreign policy views were opposed to his own. The blogger’s article, apart from repeating information already in the public domain, is misleading and incorrect in certain aspects.

    I also believe he was aware of further informatiom that would have affected the perspective, but he chose not to communicate it in case there was a chance of it softening public opinion.

    He may have derailed a presidential candidate (and yes, the Irish press could have investigaed the background more intensively themselves), but i doubt if he has anything to feel personally proud of.

    Maybe the pat on the back he has probably got from those around him is enough though.

  47. if a dirty old man laid a finger on my teenage nieces or nephews I’d cuts his balls off and let someone else worry about whether he’s a pedophile or a hebephile or whatever other title you want to give it.

    Are all teenagers children? Argueably yes, but I think it’s fair to be guided by the legal age of consent.
    And in my opinion it’s worse in the case of a gay teenage boy, who would still be coming to terms with the fact that he’s gay.

  48. Some people who might consider themselves quasi-lawyers have also exposed their lack of analytic abilities by failing to grasp certain essential definitions. Not that I’m surprised.

  49. Ah forget about this shit. I’m not interested. A 40-year-old man having sex with anyone in their teens is creepy as far as I’m concerned, but this is about law not about my personal feelings.

    I agree, it is creepy. And I’m not defending or supporting the blogger in question. But it’s a good thing that Norris’s dodgy views (to say the least) have been aired and that he has withdrawn from the race. Ireland is supposed to be moving away from this kind of crap

  50. Do you know that Israel had two different ages of consent at that time — one for gays and one for straights?

  51. You cud debate this age of consent thing for years. Its a bullshit debate…Grown men had their chance as far as i am concerned…Teens will always sleep with teens, laws or no laws, and thats part of growing up. A grown man looking fro sex with a teen is dodgy, but its not as bad as a child, and teens are not all children. But may be the older you get the younger people seem. I know I grew up pretty quickly. I was having sex at a young age, with girls my age, and thats the way it shud be. I dreamed of sleeping with an older girl in her late teens and early twenties when i was in my early teens, but I dont think any normal teen dreams of a 40/ 50 etc year old man/woman.

    I think Norris is being honest about his personal feelings about wanting an older man to take him under his wing. As I said I wud imagine it was fkd up being gay in ireland in the past. May be he wished he had someone to tell him it was alright and normal etc.. I think he is wrong to think that can apply to others

    Anyway less of this sexual deviant shit, your man intimates to the identity of the ‘source’ of the letters, seems it was an ex labour TD, anyone have a clue

  52. Peadar,

    The age for heterosexuals was 16 and for homosexuals was 18. Therefore the definition of a minor had two meanings in Israel at the time.

    Furthermore, Nawi was not convicted of rape.

    The same as you, I don’t like the idea of adults abusing kids, but I do like the idea of logic, and this story is surrounded by too much dishonesty for my taste.

  53. Its an obvious dirty trick from the main political parties, and all this sht calling him a pedo is a disgrace. Shame on every1 here calling him a pedo lover etc. That is just you being used by the main parties like fiana fail and fine gael. I am sure one day he will get to have his say on this and all this pedo hysteria will go away.

    Its pathetic that we are like sheep being manipulated by the elite in the parliamentary system. I hope that out of all this nonsense, and thats all it is, another independent will get elected and show these parties like labour that we wont be used and manipulated.

    The issue of pedo is just a smoke screen, and see how I started talking about thesystemworks and how this thread has just gone on and on about child abuse. Stupid. Do you guys really think Norris condones pedos, ur acting like hysteric sheep

  54. According to the Indo this morning,
    Nawi was prosecuted and convicted in ’92, after a series of appeals he was jailed in nov ’97 and released after 3 months.
    What i find strange is that , whereas Nawi did not join Ta’ayush ( Jewish/Arab activist group ) until 2000 and nobody in that group were aware of the ” Statutory rape ” conviction until last week.
    As stated in above article, ” The original prosecution was not widely reported in Israel ” .
    I think DN acted with an incredible lack of judgement, clarity and wisdom but i find it very disturbing that the revelations about all of this are heavily peppered with very serious inconsistencies backtracking and vague allusions to ” unamed sources “, It looks increasingly unlikely that any of this was discovered via a ” search engine ” unless that ” search engine ” was full of arrows and pointed fingers .

  55. Norma, there is no doubt that John Connolly was directed, the question is, by whom?

  56. As far as I can establish, Nawi was not convicted of statutory rape, although many people commenting here have claimed otherwise. This is about establishing the facts behind the case, and not what I or anyone else might find offensive about his behaviour. Too many people here have tried, for their own purposes, to spin the facts of this case.

    People might say that Nawi’s behaviour was disgraceful whether it was rape or not, and I would agree, if he committed a sexual asssault on a minor. However, it serves no purpose to change the meaning of the word rape, which is a hard-won concept that had to be fought for both in Ireland and elsewhere. To call indecent assault rape is to devalue the experience of rape victims.

  57. Islandbank. By whom ? well i don’t have an answer but if we rule out the ” misdirections ” such as ” Ooops i can’t believe what i discovered on Google ! ” because that did’nt happen, Then the entire Michael D story which JC aka TSW alludes to, because that I believe holds no water either Then the ” Dear loyal trusted friend ” became ” Contributer on blog ” the relationship between source and reporter went from total trust to ” feelings of betrayal ” .
    One thing i am fairly certain of is that now that DN has bowed out the attention will turn to ” the source ” What or who will gain through this ? It looks to me that JC’s thought process is fantastical enough and his ego big enough to have believed this ” revelation ” would catapult him into some journo stratosphere where his rantings would be in demand by all, Looks like he may well become the biggest scapegoat of this scenario yet..
    Basically, if we look beyond all the smoke and mirrors in this , the democratic process of our Presidential pathway has been disrupted while lacking full and total disclosure by all involved, The lack of awareness and objectivity displayed by DN was enough for me to reconsider my vote for him but i really detest the sense of manipulation regarding the process.

  58. Bock

    I think you have been very unfair to John Connolly. He was entitled to break the story. Mr Nawi’s crime was a documented crime. If he didn’t break the story someone else would have.”A Presidential candidate pleads for leniancy for his former lover who has been convicted of having sex with a minor”, such a scandal would end the campaign of any candidate, in any country, even Holland.

    Let me ask you, if you became aware that, let’s say Gay Mitchell had written a letter to an Irish court pleading for leniancy for a Priest that had done something similar, would you have sat on the story, so as not to smear the good name of Mr Mitchell. Of course you wouldn’t, and you would be right.

    And by the way I like Norris and think its a shame he is out of the race. But politics is a tough game. Only he is to blame for his bad judgement, nobody else.


  59. If the publication had been based on a desire to ensure that unsuitable candidate was knocked out of the race, I would have respect for it, but the blogger has openly stated that his only motive was to remove a critic of Israel from the equation. That, in my view, is disgraceful.

    What’s equally disgraceful is the fact that anyone who questions the details of the case is being portrayed as somehow soft on child abuse. I think people with all sorts of other agendas have jumped on this bandwagon, sensing an opportunity to score points.

    Have you a view on why people are so resistant to the idea that the court proceedings should be made public?

  60. The motivation for providing valuable information to the public regarding a person who is asking the public to entrust them with the responsibility for representing a nation is entirely irrelevant. This person has performed a public service.

    For me someone who condones the murder and maiming of thousands for any reason would have been enough for me to rule him out for any position of public responsibility. He and all of his ilk,( and I do not speak of homosexuality) who know not of what they speak deserve to live for awhile under a Hamas regime. Without his status he wouldn’t last a day.

  61. Do not understand why the focus is switching to the ‘source ‘ of the Norris revelations or to the motives of the ‘source’! Surely what matters are the disclosures themselves and the questions they raise about the suitabllity of a man to be President of Ireland who (a) does not believe there should be an ‘ age of consent.
    (b) believes that homosexuals should be treated differently before a Court than heterosexuals (see his letter to the Israeli court) (c) continues to harbour a convicted child abuser (well if he was a priest that is the description we would have) for a number of years after the conviction and by so doing allowing him the opportunity to abuse other children. (s) brazenly using the position of Senator (to which he was elected by a small elite in TCD) to gain mercy for a man already with a number of convictions without declaring his relationship. Why would his own election team be the first to resign ? If his praetorian guard abandon him why should anyone else retain any confidence or belief in him ?

  62. Margaret, there is a possibility that the information was selectively released, i.e. that we are not seeing the full picture. It may be significant that there is no information in the public domain pertaining to the trial or conviction other than Norris’ letter to Nawi’s solicitor.

  63. “Why would his own election team be the first to resign ?”
    Possibly for the same reasons as yourself Margaret.
    I’d say quick to condemn without knowing the facts.

    And I can’t believe anyone is that naive to suggest we shouldn’t be trying to find the source/s of the smear campaign against Norris.

  64. “There is no evidence that he has mental health issues but as I have already warned, becoming immersed in these kind of causes can sometimes result in problems.

    I have warned him of the dangers and urged him to desist. I hope he will.”

    How unbelieveably arrogant can you get? Banning people from your site who disagree with your views is hardly conducive to good mental health either.

    I must admit that I was no Norris supporter – I believe he is a narcissistic nincompoop – I mean listen to his speech on his withdrawal from the race…
    “..the place from where all my great journeys began” eh? and from his letter to the judges “.. I am a person of some consequence”. And anybody ever listen to his interviews on Newstalk which invariably had him wax lyrical about himself.
    I agree John Connolly has performed some service. There was an actual danger, if the op polls are anything to go by, that this idiot could have been our president. Dustin the turkey would have made a better candidate.

    BTW the indo has some more on the trials. Apparently the kid was 15 and Nawi claimed he told him he was 16. The court believed him which meant he got only a 6 month sentence – and was released after 3.


  65. Norris admitted that Nawi pleaded guilty to statutory rape, i’ve softened on this, the fact that there is no information pertaning to the trial, ANYWHERE is worrying.

  66. “On a more general note, I’d be very interested to see what sources people are relying on for their information about Nawi’s trial. In particular, I’d like to know why the Israeli high court was so derelict in its duty that it sentenced a man to only three months for rape.”

    Just a thought but maybe they went easy on the guy because of the pleas for leniency by foreign politicians????

  67. I have been reading through comments…It seems most ppl are still talkn about Norris’s actions. I would be more interested in the source of this nob ends letter about Norris.

    I am coming to the conclusion that it is definitley from Israel, whether from one of his new zionist friends who got it from someone else…But it makes sense, connolly is trying to say it comes from someone from the west of ireland, who was a labour party member. This just seems like connolly who definitley fancies himself as very intelligent as do most nerds..Some are intelligent but some are just nerds…

    My reasoned guess, is that it is from a Israel. I think connolly talks to much, and stating the source is from the west of ireland is just him thinking he is really clever, and part of the buzz of all the attention hes getting.

    He is just dragging out his 15 minutes.

    This source is probably the most important factor in all this. Not what Norris did or even what your man Ezra did. Both pathetic, but irrelevant at this point, as both have been punished for their stupidity.

    But as an Irish man it is sickening that Israel may have messed with our political process, or any country. It really is sad, because I am anit Jewish conspiracies, and some of my heros are Jewish, so this guy Connolly and his website have made me look at these extremist jews in a different light.

    Going through his blog last night, the propaganda was everywhere, I can only liken it to the conspiracy sites that say jews are the worlds problem, both dangerous and both sick.

    People shoudl let the gay, pedo shit go, and be more sickened by the idea of the israelis interfering in another countries political system, what do you think would happen if Ireland got involved with Israels system…

    If anyone disagrees and thinks some old man from the west of ireland who used to be in labour, wild goose chase is the truth, then why would this genius connolly point that way…

    If it is the case that the irish elite of labour and FG leaked this then I wish people got over their repulsion of Norris’s stupidity and he became president, because i am sick of these cunts leading us around like muppets, from the banks to property/water tax. They had the cheek to tell us that the property tax was just a small tax to pay for raods and parks, but thats what are income tax shud pay for. Instead its paying off some bankers…

    It is sad that these fkrs will do anything to get into power, but i cant see a connection between labour and this muppet lost kid connolly, but there are obvious connections with him and israel. May be his web page was noticed by labour of FG members who said he was a great clown to use. Whoever used him, is no different than Ezra using the other kid, their both young and dumb in awe of this attention and power..

    But my point is that we should really be demanding where this came from..Its a crime to interfere in other countries political systems..It was a dirty trick that has worked its hysterical magic on the masses..

  68. Finally a voice of reason. Let’s forget that a member of our government decided to plead clemency for someone that apparently had an inappropriate relationship with a 15yr old man and lets find out where a 22yr old lad (kid) got information from.

  69. Jesus mr concerned – is that rambling nonsense representative of the conspiracy theorists normal thought processes? Certainly fills a lot of space.

  70. Silverfox — Get your facts straight. Thesystemworks was banned for failing to respect the other commenters on this site.

    And by the way, nobody has an absolute right to put a comment here or on any other site.

  71. Yes David Norris and his ex are doyens of human rigths but it’s okay for them to fuck children/adolescents.
    Catholic Irish morons always related homosexuality with buggering little boys because that was what their priest/brother bastards did. Norris is just supporting that incorrect view.

  72. I reckon there are a few trolls here, still trying to go back to the weird stuff, instead of moving on and realising that Israel has used a lost kid to corrupt our political system. May be thesystemworks is using other names here to troll.

    Ezra did an interview on RTE radio news at one, state Israel was definitely behind the leak, Thats quite sickening to me…

    Most likely our govt had or has knowledge but it serves their ends…

    It makes me sick as it should do everyone because FG/Labour have touted themselves as whiter than white and accountable and not corrupt etc..I know their not but that’s what they stood for…

  73. Concerned, you say you don’t like Jewish conspiracy theories but are the one pushing them here without a single piece of evidence. Nawi doesn’t have a clue either. He said it was definately Israel but probably not the Embassy. In other words he doesn’t know anything or he would have some real sense of where the leak came from. Judging by the articles on him it seems Nawi has a persecution complex, e.g. he was fretting about Israel victimising him with a court case in 2009 when he got a one month sentence and was fined a few $100. Oh and his business was er… audited! Wow what a victim of state oppression. Those folks forcefed salt in China don’t know how easy they have it.

    Is it not intensely hypocitical for Bock to be giving out about SystemWorks being mean to other posters when he put up a post attacking this chap in a very personal way in an obvious attempt to vilify him?

    It is a poor show to compare Systemworks with the perpetuators of the Holocaust and question his sanity. Bock is essentially excusing Norris’ actions by claiming he was a good but “foolish” man, whilst mean System Works politically assassinated him. That won’t change the truth. Norris fucked up and was on borrowed time after the Magill issue. He couldn’t survive both since they were related to a highly emotive issue. Haaretz reported the statutory rape case in an article two years ago so it was bound to come out when people looked into Norris’ life more.

    There is one and only one source of blame here. Blaming anyone else for Norris’ genuine misconduct is mere petulance. In fact Systemworks would be genuinely blameworthy if he decided to sit on the story. Is that not what his critics really wanted?

  74. “. In fact Systemworks would be genuinely blameworthy if he decided to sit on the story.”
    I have to say I hadn’t thought about it in that way but it is a great point. Does anyone think he should have sat on the story?

  75. There has ben a lot of discussion of finding the Nawi trial transcript to establish the full facts as if, even at this remove, some forensic examination of the transcript could exhonerate Nawi or confirm some stitch up of him by the government of Israel. Perhaps the Irish intellect is more suited to the analysis of such intricate and delicate sexual matters. Maybe there might be room for a mental reservation!

    Yesterday RTE news at one. Nawi said “he was under age, no doubt about it…… I have not denied it…I have paid my debt to society etc”. That’s it then. The police had a complaint, investigated, brought charges and the accused admitted his guilt and was sentenced. I don’t think it is much of a defence by Nawi to say “he phoned me…etc”

    The letter from David Norris was ill judged and as he says himself he did not display enough compassion or empathy for the young boy involved. Mr. Norris knew he had to withdraw from the Presidential race, and despite my earlier post did so with as much humility as he could muster.

  76. Rob… ‘In fact Systemworks would be genuinely blameworthy if he decided to sit on the story.
    I have to say I hadn’t thought about it in that way but it is a great point. Does anyone think he should have sat on the story?’

    It’s a fair question but it misses a key point….

    SystemWorks chose to wrap his version up in opinion and emotive language, and (I believe) held back further facts about the story that would have balanced it somewhat differently.

    The motive wasn’t to present the facts to the Irish public, but to plant a grenade in DNs presidential campaign. We know why SW wanted to do this, and understand why DN subsequently had to step down, but clearly SW wasn’t thinking about the benefit to the Irish people or the state.

  77. Mick, it is a point in itself to ask whether those attacking SystemWorks would have preferred him to sit on the story. I think they would have. He is 22 years of age and found a story that the fawning shitty mainstream liberal Irish media didn’t – give him a biscuit for fuck sake. Imagine the international embarassment if Norry was elected and then the story came out so whether you like SW’s politics or not he did the nation a service.

    Lets get real about this. The reality is that journalism in many circles is based on the advocacy model. Few hacks approach any story in an impartial way these days. It is wrong to judge him by a higher standard than professional journalists. He runs a blog so there is no reason why he should not offer his opinion. He disliked Norris, there is no reason why he should like Norris who I also consider to be an elitist windbag of the highest order. Kudos that he didn’t hide his feelings on the man. He didn’t have a pretend agenda which is surely a positive. The only legitimate reason to criticise him would be if he fabricated the story to harm Norris. He did no such thing so his motivation is effectively a non-issue.

  78. We should be grateful to Israel for being so concerned
    All due respect but that kind of evades the point doesn’t it?

  79. No. That’s the whole point. The blogger was used by a foreign government to sink a candidate in an Irish election.

    As I already said, and as has been stated by the individual in question, he had no interest in the Irish election, but he wanted to scupper a candidate critical of Israeli policy. No surprise then that he tried to associate the leaking of the story with Michael D Higgins, another candidate who has opposed Israel’s actions.

    This is much bigger than Norris. If the story had emerged after he became president, it would not have been the end of the world. Presidents have resigned before. However, what this represents is a successful attempt by Israel to manipulate an Irish election.

  80. Which Irish Presidents have resigned? Does Israel really give a shite about the President of Ireland?

  81. Bock you really need to make more of an effort before you sling mud, although in fairness thats probably the norm in Vincent Brown country. SystemWorks said he was alarmed when he heard the person that gave him a tip-off was sympathetic to Michael D. The media then ran with that but he then stated clearly on his blog and elsewhere that he didn’t believe that it was anything to do with Michael D. Its a stupid idea to suggest that Israel would have issues with an Irish president whose role is 99% ceremonial, when many important politicians in far more important countries are anti-Israel. If Israel really wanted to destroy Norris they would have leaked the letters after his election. Its time to show us actual proof Israel is involved unless you are also a “fantasist”. Many said Israel leaked the letters. In actual fact it was Norris who issued them mainly for the Sunday Indo. He said so himself!

  82. Two things to state, firstly to say that I am pushing out a conspiracy theory is just a sound bite so to speak. when I said I am anti jewish conspiracy theories, I am talking about the Rothschilds conspiracies, and 911 crap..To say the idea that Israel leaked this story is a reasoned guess. To say its a conspiracy theory is nonsense, the files were in Israel, The question is how does your average 22 year old get those documents? …..So stop the trolling here…

    Secondly to congratulate this misguided attention seeker for ‘not sitting on the story’ shows how little you guys can grasp the bigger picture…If this kid didnt break the story it would have been broken by someone else, or anonymously..There was a guiding force behind this kids expose…To call it a source actually glorifies this kid, as if he is a genuine, respected and professional journalist…

    But at least your debating the more important issues…

  83. Its funny how the word “trolling” is used so often to diminish the views of opponents. Maybe trolls have cottoned on to the tactic, and if so that makes you a troll. I didn’t say you were pushing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories but the fact remains that those who do so typically involve Israel, e.g. Mossad and 9/11, and now Mossad and Norway. It’s a conspiracy theory if it’s a covert plan, and you seriously sound like a conspiracist.

    Furthermore it is not a reasoned guess to say it is Israel. Of course it’s fair enough to suggest the possibility but you treated it as genuine fact, e.g. in post 98 where you also accused others of trolling who disagreed! There is not a single piece of evidence that proves or even clearly suggests Israel were behind this, merely an enthusiastic pro-Israel advocate where a good bit of the info was online already. Ever heard of Occams Razor? However, for you there is a spooky “guiding force behind this kids expose” and you even seem to implicate the Fein Gael/Labour coalition! Thats paranoia to the point of being pretty loopy. Judging by this carry on it wouldn’t surprise me if you also believe in ghosts and fairies.

  84. I don’t believe in ghosts and fairies but I do believe there’s a very strong possibility that the information on the Norris letter came from Israel. In fact, Nawi thinks so too.
    “Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One, Mr Nawi claimed Israeli sources were involved in leaking the story.”

    The blogger in question said he felt betrayed by the fact that his source was a Michael D Higgins supporter.
    Why would be feel betrayed by that? Not very discreet of him in any event.
    And if there was no suggestion that Labour were implicated with that statement then Higgins wouldn’t have had to deny being involved.

  85. FME, its odd that the earlier version of that article about the RTE interview, and repeated elsewhere like in the Times http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2011/0805/breaking44.html has Nawi saying there was no question it was Israel but probably not the Embassy. In other words he doesn’t know anything or he would have some real sense of where the leak came from. If one has a read over the articles about him over the years it seems Nawi was been in trouble for smuggling people into Israel, drugs, weapons offences and assault but has never spent more than a few months in prison. With his well publicised court case in 2009 he kept going on about Israel victimising him to punish him. He then got a one month sentence and was fined a few hundred dollars, which is a slap on the wrist for assault. He even cited his business being audited as an example of Israel hassling him. He must have a persecution complex.

    The only documents to actually come out as far as I know are Norry’s letters – he said he issued them himself. They first appeared in the Sindo. Nawi probably knows that since he said he spoke to Norris. It seems nothing came from Israel itself other than a report from Haaretz two years ago http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/relations-with-ezra-nawi-threaten-to-derail-norris-irish-presidential-hopes-1.376165 which mentioned Nawi’s conviction.

    It’s a pity Bock banned SystemWorks as he could speak for himself but System initially said he felt betrayed by the source because he thought he was used to leak the story to help Michael D.’s campaign by a supporter. After all with Norry out of the picture he would harvest up Norry’s lib votes that he needed. He was a distant third at the time, probably cause he has all the personal appeal of vinegar. Soon after that SystemWorks said Micky D. definitely wasn’t behind it, and criticised the media’s suggestion it was Micheal D. It’s stated on one of his latest blog posts.

  86. ” Its stated there on one of his latest posts on his blog.”
    Thanks Rob. But I’m not clicking on his blog again.

    Norris released the letter after the information about them was leaked.

    I would say Nawi has been victimised by the Israelis all right and just because he doesn’t know who exactly leaked the information of the letters, doesn’t mean he’s wrong about them being leaked by sources in Israel.

    A lot of people have had to distance themselves due to ‘Systemworks’ statements.
    Michael D. Higgins. The Israeli embassy.

  87. Clarification:

    SystemWorks is responsible for his own banning by his repeated refusal to respect other commenters on this site. If he had been able to comply with simple requests to behave courteously, he would not have been banned.

  88. FME, don’t hate the system lol but in case you doubt what I said its there to see. BTW he actually backed up Micky D.

    Yeah Norris released the letters after the info came out. It first came out on Fri about the resignations which mentioned the letters but their content wasn’t known about then except that they were on behalf of Nawi for the statutory rape case. He issued them when he made a statement to the Sindo two days later http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0731/norrisd.html as mentioned here.

    If you think Nawi was victimised by Israel then fair enough. I think he must be pretty paranoid to think a few light sentences (some of the stuff he did he didn’t deny BTW) are proof he is being victimised. He might be right about Israel leaking it but my point is that he has no real knowledge of it if he has no real idea of the actual source beyond generic “Israel” so I can’t take him seriously.

  89. This is funny, Rob2 is defo thesystemworks, but thats fine, every1 is anon here, but its funny to see him defend himself and his misguided beliefs in the third person. I am not wasting time trying to debate the views/beliefs of Rob2 or systemworks..They are propaganda and extremist beliefs, Ithink that is why JC or systemworks is compared to Anders Breivik, because it is the same denial of reality.

    The really sad thing is that its the exact same shit the Nazis pulled on the German people that thesystemworks is trying to pull on others…

    Rob2 says I am a conspiracy theorist, but everyone reading my posts can see I said I am not, I simply believe Israel is behind this leak in some way, I mean at government level.

    That is not worthy of the conspiracy theory write off, at the same time you said I am not pushing out a Conspiracy theory but I sound like a conspiracy theorist. So no one is allowed use their brain to critize the Fatherland, Israel.

    If the extremists in Israel think that this is the way forward then it will only end in tears for everyone…

    The reason Ezra Nawi is being taken care of by Israeli SS is because he has tried to stand up for Palistinians rights. The systemworks does not turn someone on to side with Israel, in fact the more I read of his blog, and here muppets defend the propaganda the more disgusted I get with the state of affairs in Israel

    Here is a very eye opening map for anyone interested in facts about Israel and Palistine. If this was Ireland the IRA would be bombing left right and centre..I really hope that muppets like connolly do not incite any more people and the israelis and palistinians who want to live in peace get their chance..


  90. There is no evidence at present that Rob2 and Thesystemworks are the same person. However, for the record, the reason Anders Breivik appeared in this post was something written on TSW’s blog, and I think I should quote it in full.

    Decide for yourself what to make of it.

    I personally feel somewhat unnerved: there is much in Breivik’s manifesto I agree with. I am not a supporter of mass Muslim immigration, particularly when there exists an extensive welfare state. Breivik rightly characterizes leftist Oslo anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s aim to “deconstruct the majority…and do it thoroughly, so that it can never be called the majority any longer” as genocidal hate speech. Breivik could certainly string an argument together. Then I get to the part where he says he has to kill people. A man like Breivik makes the Oslo killings a lot more scary than if it had been some lone, barely literate nut. No, this man is brutally logical and idealistic. The fact that he did not direct his wrath at an Islamic center or mosque, against the people a white nationalist would most naturally hate, is fascinating. He went for the leftists, the people he knew were enabling the excesses of multiculturalism.

  91. Concerned, very well done. You are so paranoid that I knew you would pull some shit like that. For some reason you accept your paranoid daydreams as truth when others see them as just daydreams. Your grip on reality is seriously compromised. The fact you could pull shit like that merely discredits you all the more. People are entitled to disagree with you without being treated like this. You were even questioning whether SystemWorks is Jewish which is fucked up, as if anyone who supports Israel has to be Jewish. Question: is anyone who supports the Palestinians a Palestinian too?

    You are a conspiracist because you believe covert plans are behind the deligitimisation of a man who was in all likelyhood going to be the president. Like any conspiracist worth his salt, you require no evidence whatsoever to come to rock solid conclusions. You do more than believe, you assert it as truth and attack others like myself who disagree as “trolls”. That’s pathetic. Others disagree so get over yourself. I have asked a few times to provide some significant pointers to suggest your contention has any merit. Not even proof which might be tough to obtain, just a few reasonable pointers. All you said were documents came from Israel. To date none have. The only documents we have are from Norris.

    I said you were not pushing out a normal anti-Semitic conspiracy theory but you still sound like a conspiracist, the tin hatted brigade. If that is upsetting then just write me off as Systemworks again.

    Criticise Israel all you want. Don’t fucking project on me. No country should be above criticism. I have criticised Israel, e.g. I’ve been fighting with a guy over Lebanon 1982 for ages now. However I quite like folks like SystemWorks and Gubu World because they speak up for the other side when everyone else in Ireland defends Palestinians, hates Israel and by inference accept terror as legitimate resistance to occupation. If they don’t then why are there so many Hamas/Hizzy flags on demos? You pretend you support peace there but you demonise Israel with the nazi references. Oh yeah poor Nawi was sentenced by SS Israel to one month in 2009. If that’s oppression then get a reality check. Blaming one side whilst defending the other as you do is not the route to peace. The truth is that Hamas/PA/PLO/Hizbullah are just as bad or worse. All sides need a good fucking talking to in order to achieve peace. Your map is seen at every Pali demo in Dublin. Its incorrect as it ascribes publicly owned land that made up most of the region to Palestinians when no one owned it under the Ottomans.

    Your talk about denial of reality is comical when your own grasp of reality is weak. Keep name calling if you like but abuse won’t strengthen your argument. Back the ghosts and fairies buddy…

  92. I was in college with Connolly in Cork.
    The chap is totally delusional.
    You couldn’t possibly imagine.
    Once claimed his father was a russian mobster.

  93. I have information from an undisclosed source that a story is going to break that Gay Byrne has a love child for a 17 year old heroin addicted prostitute. He also has a serious drug problem himself. It will also come to light that he has starred in a couple of home made sex tapes, one of which was made as recently as last year and also stars Twink and Nell McCafferty . Allegedly.

  94. Seth, do you care to elaborate…That was a bit of a tease…Anything said will be taken with a pinch of salt, add a disclaimer to cover yourself lol…Seth you can act as our ‘source’ from the West and break the truth about this upstart…

    As for Gay Byrne, it would be ironic that a gay got burned for another to rise from the ashes. Would love to see gayboy get the job and stick it to the establishment. Got a good giggle from your post peadar

  95. Excuse me? Unless you posted something under a different name, it wasn’t deleted.

    This topic has a tendency to induce paranoia. Not to mention delusions of importance.

  96. My previous rant of a post says waiting for approval or moderation? It appeared agian with that note when i posted tonight…

  97. Rob2, you just seemed determined to keep calling me a conspiracy theorist, that is just a cheap trick to discredit someone. Thats nearly as over used as calling some one who disagrees with a Jew an anti-semite.

    To say someone is a conspiracy theorist because they believe that Israel had a part to play in the leaking of the Norris letters is a weak reply..If thats the case then every garda or detective solving a case is a conspiracy theorist just because he believes a crime has been committed by a number of players..

    You state that “All you said were documents came from Israel. To date none have. The only documents we have are from Norris.” So Norris handed over the documents to this kid Connolly?

    How did the letters get from the Israeli court records to this kid connolly? The letters were sent by Norris to Israel, how did they to connolly after this time. Its reasonable to suggest Israel had a part in it, if I said it was the Britts who did it, then you could say I was one of those conspiracy nuts, who blame the same people for everything and build up a story around this to suit the theory…

    Also the fact remains that Ezra is an enemey of the Israeli state..He has consistently protested against his own state for Palistinian rights..


    I know its wiki but fk it, if you saw the stuff on connollys site!!

    Ezra Nawi, born 1952, in Basra,[1] Iraq, is an Israeli human rights activist, pacifist and exponent of Gandhian civil disobedience[2] who came to international attention after being convicted in 2007 of participating in a riot and allegedly assaulting two police officers, in connection with the demolition of an Arab home in the West Bank by Israeli border police.[3][4] An editorial in The Guardian has called him ‘a rarity, even among that most endangered of species, the Israeli peace activist.’[5]

    Nawi threw himself before the bulldozers, and had to be dragged from their path to allow the demolition order to be executed. Though much of the incident was captured on video, the police testified later that, after they caught up with him inside a half-demolished shack, he raised his hands against them and resisted arrest[18] in some 20 seconds not caught on video.[19]

    I mean this guy is most likely hated by the israeli powers..I couldnt give a fuck about the man to be honest, but i hate to see one side of an argument thrown out their and the other side not like you state…

    “Criticise Israel all you want. Don’t fucking project on me. No country should be above criticism. I have criticised Israel, e.g. I’ve been fighting with a guy over Lebanon 1982 for ages now. However I quite like folks like SystemWorks and Gubu World because they speak up for the other side when everyone else in Ireland defends Palestinians, hates Israel and by inference accept terror as legitimate resistance to occupation”

    I am critising extremism that leads to incitement of hatred by either side..As I said I am all for an Israel, but through land swaps and a two state policy. I looked into the Israel problem and went way back, I dont see a problem giving the ‘Holy Land’ the the Jews, but when I see there are people like connolly spewing out this horrible shit that leads to anger and hatred then it pisses me off.

    I dont believe God gave the holy land to the Jews, but they do, so for the sake of preventing a nuclear war and possible WW3 I would love for a compromise to be made. The life of a Muslim is no less than a Christians or Jews in my mind. All forms of extremism should not be tolerated. So the approach that connolly et al are taking is no different to the Nazis, that is fact. Propaganda is easy for anyone with a brain to spot and shouldn’t be tolerated. We will agree to disagree, you can admire connolly’s work, I will despise all forms of propaganda designed to incite hatred of another race or religion…So fkn what if he is standing up for Israel, do it ethically and honestly.

    As for questioning if connolly is jewish, it is relevant to his state of mind..or his motivation, whats driving this guy. I am done talking about this kid, i have no doubt he will pop up in some other controversy, he will need something to fill the void after this is gone..

    I will leave you with some postive jewish messages and hope for israel, that only highlight the tragedy of this Irish kid…




  98. Concerned, no offense but long messages back and forth can be tiresome. Its clear we won’t agree so I’ll reply to your last post and leave it at that. I called you a conspiracist for a few reasons. You turn your speculations into fact, and it seems like you try to delegitimise those that disagree. You speculated about SystemWorks’ identity to the point that it sounded dubious by asking if he is Jewish. His surname is Connolly not Cohen! it sounds dodgy when people pull that stuff out of the air for no reason. His motivation is not really relevant unless he actually spread lies. You also implicated the Irish government which is strange. It’s a feature of conspiracists to want to see malign plans go to the top. Believe me I know. I’ve been fighting with 9/11 troofers for ages. These guys also believe Pearl harbour was a hoax etc. etc. The list of their false flag incidents is astonishing.

    Nawi’s wiki entry almost sounds like he wrote it cause it protests his innocence even in the intro. I read on another article about the Norris issue that content about his abuse was deleted last week. A similar thing happened to Norris’ page. Wiki’s open source character is one of the reasons why it is often treated negatively as a source.

    You say Nawi is hated by Israeli powers. Maybe but many of the people in areas he protests against claim that he has done a lot of damage and the authorities haven’t acted, e.g. he was implicated in the burning of ten acres of land. Amongst some Nawi is described as a latter day saint. For others he is a violent destructive individual. Its difficult to say one way or another but he bitches a lot about being fitted up by Israel which I don’t find plausible because at most he has only received slaps on the wrist.

    It could be argued the sites you linked are just as propagandistic as SystemWorks. I try to read both sides and weigh up the truth as best I can. Its fair enough for you to hate Israel if you do. That’s Ok. It’s your right but I get the impression your real issue with SystemWorks is that he supports the place, and not so much for his actions with Norry. I personally can’t find any fault with what he did although I think ideally that he should have handed the info to a professional journalist who wouldn’t be for or against Norris because it was such a serious story IMO. BTW he was only the catalyst. It was Norris’ team, the media and then his political supporters that undid him. The Sunday Times just ran with a story saying his staff didn’t resign over the letters but over other content.

  99. Lets hear more from Seth about this guy you revere so much…Rob2, no real substance to your arguments, just mixing up my argument to fit yours, not much point in even replying to it, cos u keep changing things around to suit you self..I don’t think anyone else is reading this but if they are, they can make up their own minds about connolly and his blog etc…I never heard of spreading peace in this manner as propaganda, your going to sound like a right plonker if you tell me there is a conspiracy behind Jews for Peace! You seem to know a lot about connolly??? If he is not Jewish whats his major malfunction…No need to reply..Its rhetorical..Thanks Bock for indulging my opinions, been very bored this week..

  100. I wasn’t going to reply but have to add that what you say is rubbish. I replied to every one of your points in a straightforward manner. I don’t “revere” the guy, I just don’t think he should be lambasted for issuing the story. That’s why I posted here. He should have been roasted if he lied but he didn’t. I think it sets a bad precedent if bloggers that bring unwelcome but accurate news are attacked so much. My point was not that he is or isn’t Jewish but that its wrong to speculate about race in the context of obvious animosity which you evidently feel for this chap. His opinions should stand or fall on their own merit like mine or yours. His name is Connolly which is a classic Irish name so I just assumed he isn’t Jewish as there was never a big Jewish population in Ireland. AFAIK most in Ireland that are mildly to strongly pro-Israel in public life are not Jewish. I never said there was any conspiracy about Jews for whatever. That’s you strawmanning again. Anyway (hopefully) thats me done!! As always YMMV.

  101. Oh my God, I knew this blogger also. I lived right across from him and his housemates in a cul de sac when I was in college. They were an odd bunch. They brewed their own beer in the attic of their house and gave some to all the neighbours. I only spoke to him a couple of times. Seemed like a nice guy, very interesting he was. If a bit off the wall.

    Well wouldn’t you know he moved away but we happened to end up working near eachother on Leeson Street. I was always running into him. He had a flat close by and invited me up once. . He ranted about gun rights. The flat was strange. No TV or radio, but he had crates full of old magazines from the Rhodesian Special Forces or some shit. He’s definitely a Jew. I don’t think ‘John Connolly’ is even his real name. He doesn’t seem Irish. He’s got a thick New York or New England accent, and he was living with a stunning Israeli bird who didn’t want me around at all. They acted like an old married couple. He had several passports and IDs he was always carrying around. I think they kept kosher or something because all the plates and cups in the house were made of paper. I don’t know about Mosad or the CIA, but this fella was smart. Like an encyclopedia. Very bronzed he was too, said he had been in Israel not long before. Something fishy there for sure.

    BTW he wont let me comment on his own blog. I think this fella could fit the profile of comic supervillian. Mad genius. Poor lad, should just be out getting wasted like the rest of us.

  102. D.Cowan @ 130.

    Brilliant. Flesh that out a bit and Dan Brown’s out of a job.

  103. I had asked earlier if anyone knew if he was Jewish, as I was looking for his motivation to be such a zionist..

    I was given out to for asking by Rob2 who thinks his motivation is irrelevant or that whether he is jewish or not is irrelevant because there are lots of zioninsts in Ireland that are catholic/ Protestant or muslims? Anyways Cowen, your story sounds like your messing but it would show motivation, if he is Jewish or he is in love with a jewish girl. I think that would take away the Anders Bretvik correlation as he is motivated through his religion or love of a woman.. To be honest I dont htink your talking about the same guy, i dont think this connolly guy has a girlfriend let alone a stunning one. Thats not a slag just an observation from his bebo web page. Some of the girls look uncomfortable with him in the pictures?

  104. I exchanged a few conversations with thesystemworks. He takes a conservative Jewish stance on interfaith matters (and dislikes Christian claims to share the same heritage as Jews). This was one comment (it’s very technical, but indicates an unmistakeable religious viewpoint that would have a logical corollary in attempting to undermine anyone of a liberal persuasion and anyone critical of a theocratic understanding of Israel):

    ‘I’ve never accepted this supposed ‘Judeo-Christian’ heritage that ‘progressive’ members of both our religions are always talking about. Rosenweig and Buber were incorrect. I agree with Yeshayahu Liebowitz that it would have been better for all of us had the Marcionite heresy gained the upper hand. Jewish-Christian relations would have been less frought, as the self-styled ‘heir’ would have no reason to resent a ‘testator’ that is still alive. Christianity exists in an entirely different mileu and paradigm – we just share the origin narratives. If the Pauline epistles mark the real founding of Christianity, then we are just two completely different religions and in no way is Christianity an offspring of Judaism. Supressionist problem solved’.

    He purports to be an adherent of the views of Milton Friedman (which have an integrity, even if one disagrees), but Friedman’s advocacy of a market solution to political problems would make a nonsense of Western policy towards Israel.

  105. He definitely knows his stuff, he is interesting or we wouldnt be talking about him, but is he interesting for the right reasons? The reason I mentioned the Bebo and seemed to be disrespectful was because I don’t think he is the type of guy that was portrayed be another poster. He was protrayedd as an almost international man of mystery with his beautiful exotic lady. Having looked at his bebo, he is just another joe soap looking Irish gent. I have no problem saying this because he has made himself a public figure, he is not just a private person now…

    He could be a Howard Marks of the Zionist Movement lol.

    As far as the economy Israel is doing very well, their central banker is stanley fisher ( Very accomplished economist) and followed the Keynesian school of economics. I would like Austrian economics personally to be adopted, it would have prevented the bank bail outs, and is the real liberal market form of economics. Not sure if it would work but it may stop governements and corporations becoming symbitotic.


    Milton Friedman has changed his views over the years.. So what did he like? Probably just a Keynesian..which advocates government intervention in the economy, hence the government bank bail outs..etc..Friedman moved away from his views on govt intervention and regulation, so applying that to Israel would mean USA would not give Israel 6 billion a year in aid..

    I agree with a lot of critism against Christianity, just reading through the history of the church and Rome makes me realise it became an institution of great power as opposed to a religious order. Where popes were kings. So I have no issues with him critising early days of Christianity right up to today…

    But two things that i find interesting in all this, is how he became such a zionist…and who was his source.

    If it was from Ireland, then hopefully Gay Byrne will bring the Karma to those interested parties, if it was the Isreali Govt, then this should be made public. They have stolen Irish citizens passports in the past to carry out assasinations, and this is just another interference with our country..

    If you are a Christian or Muslim, it could easily be argued were just mutations of the one true religion Judaism..I would be inclined to agree that Judasim has more legitamacy to it than other Abrahamic religions. So I dont really see anything wrong with some one arguing that case.

    I jsut disagree like I said with this guys extremism..

  106. I don’t find him interesting. He’d be irrelevant if he hadn’t been used to release damaging information about David Norris. This is the internet, folks. We don’t know anything about people on websites, so I wouldn’t be rushing to believe he looks like any photo, or uses any particular name. Nor would I be rushing to believe any of the helpful comments posted in relation to the troll.

  107. I found it difficult to reconcile his comments on various religious matters with the youth who appeared in reports. There was a comment on the launch of Friedman’s ‘Free to Choose’ in Israel – a book that was first published in 1980 – that noted the incorporation of a particular detail into the cover design.

    Perhaps he is a composite. The style of comment changed complete early this year, as did the email address.

  108. Somebody might like to analyse all the comments placed here under the name “thesystemworks”. Perhaps they might reveal further information.

  109. Bock, are you saying that the pictures of him on bebo are not him…

    I disagree, I think he is interesting because he is an irish zionist and full on propagandist, with who has ruined the chances of a man who was arguably going to be next Irish President, therefore has changed the course of history, may be lol..I agree he would be irrelevant without the norris controveresy…But his views are interesting to me…Although I dont agree, I would like to understand how he came to these viewpoints..

    What was the detail in the cover of Friedmans book Ian? Going to have alook at that on you tube..Says Friedman argues with Donal Rumsfeld on Free market theory..

  110. I’m saying I don’t know who the person in the pictures is.

    I’m not saying he isn’t interesting in the absolute, because that would be an absurd concept. I don’t find him interesting, that’s all.

  111. Bock August 11th, 2011 7:23 pm
    Did Bebo accidentally break through? I thought we had developed a more respectful kind of debate here.

    I think that boat sailed when you compare a mass murderer with an inconsequential blogger that happend upon information that caused an inconsequential candidate to withdraw from an election that raelly doesn’t change the life of a single person on this tiny island!!!

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