New Site Layouts

We’ll be experimenting with different layouts over coming days and weeks, so don’t be surprised if the site’s appearance varies from one day to the next.

The old theme was beginning to show its age and in recent weeks had given up almost completely in its struggle to keep abreast of technological developments.  It was gasping and creaking.  People were complaining about the abysmally slow speed.

For now, at least, the slowness problem is fixed but there will probably be quite a bit of sorting and rearranging before we settle on a new layout.  I might also introduce a few new ideas and play around with a few more.  We”ll see.


18 thoughts on “New Site Layouts

  1. No bother Bock, when i look in the mirror I always see room for improvement. Course doing something about it is another story. The site looks good enough to eat Bock.

  2. Looking good Bock.
    I did like the section with the recent comments though. If you could possibly keep that, would be handy.

  3. much faster and nicely laid out although I must confess the layout of the comments is a bit hard on my poor old brain – hard to determine the order of comments when using the reply link.

  4. Wondering if the ‘ADD YOURS’ comment link could be a different colour (or underlined) making it more obvious?

    Other than that the layout is good on the eye.

  5. Jesus I dont know where I’m going!
    But I do know where I’VE been.
    Love change in general though. This old pirate will get used to the new layout, if it kills me.
    As Magwa Brawn the old limerick philosopher once said and I quote ‘Verily I say unto ye, dont get too hung up on the details of the layout. Otherwise ye will end up picking pepper from flies shit’

  6. Not gone on this layout but I’ll get used to it. It’s back up to speed, which is great though.

  7. Perhaps (and this is just a suggestion) if the comments were displayed in strict order of posting, but maintained anchors i.e. “In reply to Post 23” so that you can read the conversation as it happens but can also quickly jump back to the referenced post?
    Then you could also have a section at the bottom of each comment that listed anchors to the replies, if you see what I mean?
    Better yet, and I’m not sure how much custom code you can put on this site, but a bit of AJAX would allow you show up the “In reply to” comment text in a popup panel without having to jump to it.

  8. Looking at all those things. It’s early yet, but at least we got the site back up to speed, which was the No 1 objective.

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